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I Tried Playboy’s Most Popular Sex Toys and They Did Not Disappoint

Playboy has released its first (inevitable) sex toy line, Playboy Pleasure, in partnership with sex toy retailer Lovers. The line contains 34 toys, from classic rabbit vibes to more innovative oscillating butt plugs, as well as a plethora of playthings for men, including cock rings, prostate massagers, and strokes. 

Because Playboy is, at its core, a licensing business and because the trajectory of its stock has likely necessitated some late-night meetings, I was initially skeptical of the brand’s focus on quality. Sex toys have been, for other brands, a pure business play. Happily, I was proven wrong. Not only are the Playboy toys thoughtfully curated, they’re manufactured with an impressive focus on detail.

They’re also powerful. These are the old-fashioned American muscle cars of sex toys. Many brands cheap out on the motor. Playboy did not. I took a leg-shaking trip to O-town so quick it felt like a drag race.

All the toys I took on a test drive, including the Rapid Rabbit Vibrator, the Petal vibrator, the Palm clitoral vibrator, and the Hop To It rabbit vibrator came with helpful instructions. I felt comfortable driving them off the lot. And, more to the point, other women will as well. That feels very much like the point.                        

Courtesy of Playboy


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The most giftable of the four is definitely the Petal vibrator, which is a cool riff on the Tik-Tok viral rose clitoral stimulator. Unlike the air suction technology that I’ve seen on most rose toys, this surprising flower has a soft, fluttering nub that feels like a tongue on turbo speed. I also appreciate how soft the tongue is compared to some toys on the market with hard, plastic tongues that irritate more than they arouse.

It’s simple to use: place the center of the rose against the clit or perineum and play around with the nine different speed and vibrator patterns. Besides the flower’s “tongue,” the stem itself is perfect for those who love pin-pointed clitoral contact.

Image courtesy of Naima Karp
Courtesy of Playboy


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I’m biased when it comes to the Playboy Pleasure Rapid Rabbit vibrator, which is the star of the show and my favorite of all four toys. Like the brand’s three-way cock ring, its design creates many different possibilities for playtime, making it one of the most versatile sex toys I’ve ever used.

The sensations felt amazing underwater and out of the water, making this thruster a regular in my masturbation rotation these days. With a decadent, rumbly motor, this toy has three vibrating parts that work together (or separately) to bring you to new heights of pleasure. As someone who doesn’t love a girthy thruster, I found the size, curved shape and thrusting motion perfect — the Goldilocks of thrusters, if you will. A G-spot flapper can be added for additional intensity, either internally or externally. I brought this bad boy into the bath for some fun, and one of my favorite things about it is that I discover a new way to play every time I turn it on, making it a more memorable option than other single-use toys in my collection.

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The Palm was one of the most ergonomic clitoral vibrators I’ve ever used, making it superb for partnered sex or solo play. Its shell-like shape reminds me of the Puff from Unbound Babes, but rather than using air pressure stimulation, it has a little nub that moves around at the center of its hole.

For me, the tapping was pleasant at the start but the nub felt a little small for my body and pokey at times. On higher settings, the nub created a turbo-charged flicking that was almost painful, but on lower settings, it felt more like a finger lightly caressing or rubbing my clitoris. While the high-speed settings here just didn’t do it for me, the rotation patterns of the nub on the Palm felt like sensual oral sex on lower settings, especially with a generous helping of lube. Here’s a surprising hack for all genders: the sensation feels fantastic on the nipples for some foreplay. 

The Hop To It was a lot more rumbly than the Palm, but wasn’t a favorite of mine. This was partially because the shaft was a little too ribbed for my liking and partially because the Rapid Rabbit thruster had already stolen my heart. 

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Since I don’t use penetrative toys often, the horsepower and range of movement on this thruster was just a bit too much for me. I ended up holding the toy upside down and resting the shaft on my stomach, letting those wide-set, generous bunny ears work to massage the clit and provide a powerful climax.

That being said, anyone who loves a rabbit vibrator and doesn’t mind some intense internal stimulation will enjoy all aspects of this toy.


  • Sleek, high-end sex toys
  • Powerful motors/vibrations
  • Ergonomic and innovative designs


  • Not for every anatomy
  • Limited color options

While all the toys surpassed my initial expectations, the only truly innovative one that’s unlike anything else on the market is the Rapid Rabbit. However, you can also get creative with the Palm and Petal during foreplay or combine them with other toys to experiment with new sensations. With its three different stimulators, it has something for everyone. 

What I appreciate the most about the Playboy Pleasure line is that they don’t only focus on a posh and expensive aesthetic. The quality really is there, and the toys are powerful. While I loved all the design choices, down the line I hope to see a greater range of color options and gender-neutral choices.
I hope Playboy keeps thinking outside the box and comes out with more sleek and multi-purpose premium toys like the Rapid Rabbit and 3 Way cock ring. Luxury brands like Lelo and Unbound could use some competition anyways.

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