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Blowjob Machines Are Real: The Lelo F1s Red Is the Smartest-Ever Sex Toy for Men

So, you’re socially distanced from your main squeeze? Or maybe you’re single and stranded at home until the social world comes back? Yes, it sucks, and it’s inconvenient to say the least, but you have options for satisfaction during quarantine — safe, satisfying options that are way more technologically advanced than you could imagine.

While it still may take some getting used to, the stigma of self-pleasure aids for men wore off long ago. We gave you a good look into the world of sex toys for men a little while back, but there are great new ones hitting the market all the time, and the Lelo F1s Red is truly great.

The first question on your mind has to be, “developer’s kit?” Is that some sort of kinky double-entendre? It’s not — the F1s red is the world’s first SDK-enabled male pleasure object. SDK (yes, we had to look it up too) stands for Software Development Kit. Long story short, you can program this toy to give you maximum pleasure based on your unique personal sensations.

Second question, we are guessing, is “do I need to be Bill Gates to figure this thing out?” Turns out, no, and Lelo lays out the reasoning here. It would help if you were not a complete Luddite, but if you were a Luddite, you probably would not be looking for such a smart sex toy to help you take the edge off in the first place. We’ve seen Bluetooth sex toys before, but the F1s really brings sex toys into the Internet of Things.

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Courtesy of Lelo
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Courtesy of Lelo



How Does the Lelo F1s Red Work?

Lest this review wander into exactly the sort of boring technological conversation that may run through your mind in an effort to last longer, let’s cover just how the Lelo F1s Red works. In short, Lelo’s SenSonic technology is built around sonic waves. These pulses penetrate deep into your tissue, delivering intense stimulation. Basically, you feel powerful sensations from every direction at one time, as opposed to just vibrations on the surface of your skin.

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The outside of the F1s Red is a sleek aluminum body with simple intensity controls that make one-handed operation easy, a crucial design feature in male sex toys. And the silicon sleeve inside the F1s Red is satisfyingly snug with curved internal grooves for maximum stimulation, silky smooth, and utterly comfortable. It’s also fully waterproof and easy to keep clean.

The F1s Red is USB-rechargeable, but on a full charge can give you two full hours of use. With that kind of staying power, you can also work on your own stamina, which brings us back to the revolutionary tech advances the F1s Red represents. Inside there are 10 cutting-edge performance sensors, which not only measure your pleasure responses, but also keep track of your stamina and save the data to the native app. It’s pure, intense pleasure, and also self-education all in one. You gain insight into exactly what gives you the most pleasure, and allows you to track and work on improving your stamina.

Even if you try the developer’s kit and decide it’s not for you, the F1s Red is an amazing device all on its own, well worth the $169 price. But we highly recommend giving the SDK a try, because it may turn out the F1s Red will know your own body better than you, and that is powerful knowledge indeed.