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Meet Libido: The Brand-New Gummy That Promises To Make You Better in Bed

Let’s get it on!

On Tuesday, March 1, advanced supplement brand ASYSTEM teamed up with the sexual wellness brand Maude to release a new sex life-enhancing supplement called Libido.

Using a formula packed with clinically proven ingredients, adaptogens and botanicals, Libido is a daily gummy supplement that promises to boost sexual arousal and confidence using natural ingredients. Maude and ASYSTEM say that users can expect increased blood flow, heightened senses and less stress, and Libido comes in formulas for both men and women.

We’ve previously written about both of these brands on SPY. Maude is well-known for its forward-thinking sex toys and personal care products, and ASYSTEM is one of our favorite vitamin subscription services, although they also make premium CBD and skincare products.

Libido is out now, and we’ve got all the details on this intriguing new product below.

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Libido Is a Gummy for Enhancing Your Sex Life

Libido is a new sexual health supplement and daily gummy designed to boost your libido and increase blood flow. While it makes many of the same claims, Libido has little else in common with cheesy gas station sex supplements like Horny Goat Weed.

Libido has about a dozen natural ingredients, many of which have been clinically proven to increase blood flow and induce relaxation. In addition, ASYSTEM claims that Libido naturally boosts testosterone. Until we have a chance to try out Libido for ourselves, we can’t speak to its effectiveness, but Maude and ASYSTEM are certainly confident in their creation.

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The formula contains ingredients such as L-arginine, L-theanine, L-citrulline, caffeine, boron citrate, fenugreek extract, French Maritime Pine Bark Extract, Tribulus Terrestris, Pine Pollen and Magnesium Citrate. (We recommend heading to ASYSTEM to find out exactly what each of these ingredients can do for your sex life.)

We’ve covered Maude sex toys and lubricants in the past, but this is the company’s very first ingestible, and this release pushes the sexual wellness brand into a fresh category.

When taken daily, the all-natural gummy can allegedly help users overcome roadblocks like stress or low sex drive that prevent them from reaching sexual gratification. You don’t need a prescription to purchase Libido, and each gummy is 100% hormone-free, gluten-free, gelatin-free and vegan.

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Courtesy of Maude

Worried it won’t taste great? Don’t be. Each gummy is flavored with passion fruit without any artificial colors or flavorings. When ASYSTEM and Maude say all-natural, they mean it.

Libido gummies are available in a 32-day supply with a refillable, recyclable tin that makes for an effortless travel companion. All packaging is entirely climate-positive, too.

Starting at just $45, Libido gummies are available to purchase at both ASYSTEM and Maude now. Gummies are specific to your gender, so make sure you’re picking up the correct option for you.

The best part of all? SPY readers can currently get 15% off their purchase at ASYSTEM by using the code SPY15 at checkout. You’re welcome.

Ready to boost that sex drive? Try Libido using the links below.

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