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Pleasure For All! You Can Now Buy MysteryVibe’s Sex Toys With FSA/HSA Cards

Inclusive and trailblazing sex toy brand MysteryVibe has been on our pleasure radar for a while with its award-winning medical and pleasure devices. Along with helping people have better orgasms in general, the brand is also dedicated to addressing sexual health issues like performance anxiety or erectile dysfunction and arousal dysfunction. And today, the company announced that it’s also the first sex toy brand to offer FSA and HSA-eligible sex toys.

Yup, you can now list vibrators and penis rings as a medical expense if it’s relevant to you.

FSA and HSA stand for Flexible Savings Account and Health Savings Account, respectively. These accounts let users set aside money pre-tax to spend on healthcare services such as doctor’s visits and prescriptions

Mysteryvibe’s sex-tech toys are often referred to as “devices” by the brand, and that’s because they have a very real medical function. Unfortunately, many don’t see sexual wellness as a medical necessity, but sex toys are becoming more mainstream, and industry-changing news like this is only going to accelerate that trend. Starting today, those in the United States can purchase these genderless vibrators using FSA/HSA cards. This means that all MysteryVibe’s products are FDA-registered medical devices and are eligible to list as an expense under the medical and dental category. 

This is the first achievement of its kind for the sexual wellness world, and it’s a testament to MysteryVibe’s dedication to research with qualified doctors on issues like ED and pelvic pain.

Dr. Soumyadip Rakshit, the CEO and co-founder of MysteryVibe, shares:

“We’re thrilled to officially add FSA/HSA payment options to our site, a first for a consumer-facing sexual wellness brand. Since our launch in 2014, we’ve worked closely with leading doctors and experts to address major sexual health issues like genito-pelvic pain, penetration pain, erectile dysfunction & arousal disorder. The fact that our pleasure products will now be accessible alongside mainstream medical offerings via FSA/HSA cards is a step forward in normalizing sexual health as a fundamental part of overall health.”

MysteryVibe toys are all flexible and bend with your body for a more satisfying experience. Their toys are also suitable for all genders and orientations. Today, the brand offers three products: the incredibly bendy vibrator dubbed the Crescendo 2, the penis and perineum stimulator dubbed Tenuto 2,  and the palm-sized Poco, which targets the G-spot and P-Spot with powerful vibrations. 

In early 2023, MysteryVibe plans to release two new products: the Legato (the world’s first labia vibrator) and a miniature version of the Tenuto. Both are available for pre-order on their site.