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OnlyFans Releases The OnlyFan Fan, The Best Way to Cool Off After Some Alone Time

On April 1, OnlyFans, the NSFW website where creators can sell nude photos and sex tapes to their fans, has officially launched the Only Fan.

April Fools? Kind of, but not really.

While this is most certainly the popular paid content provider’s way of getting a laugh from their audience members and beyond, the brand-new OnlyFan fan actually does exist for a limited time.

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Courtesy of OnlyFans

Priced at $20, you can snag yourself the official OnlyFans’ OnlyFan right now from their online shop. The fan is branded with OnlyFans locked-in logo, which is a visual nod to the fact that you can’t actually see creators’ content until you pay.

While it might not seem like much right now, we have an odd feeling this is going to be one of those iconic rarities people are going wild for on eBay someday. So, if you’re the kind of guy that’s interested in a good price jack-up, we suggest you get your hands on the OnlyFan ASAP.

It’s easily one of the most viral gags of April Fools Day 2021, and we’re happy that OnlyFans actually made a fan. It’s an homage to the many fan-centric memes that have proliferated on sites like Twitter and Reddit over the past couple of years.

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Courtesy of Reddit

During the pandemic, a lot of regular folks decided to sell nudes on OnlyFans to raise a little extra cash. And while it’s best known for hosting the paid content of adult models and performers, there are minor celebrities selling access to safe-for-work content on OnlyFans, too. The popular content provider doesn’t solely sell handheld fan merch, but also tees, hats, mugs, phone cases and more. Check out their official merch site here, and pick up the limited-edition OnlyFans fan while supplies last.

Time to cool off with the OnlyFans OnlyFan right now.