The Best Sex Blankets for Stain-Free Hookups and Cleaner Sheets

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Sex involves fluids. There’s just no way around it — no matter who you are, what your sexual orientation is or what type of sex you prefer — liquids of all kinds tend to be part of the equation. Whether it’s bodily fluids like sweat, tears (of joy) or ejaculate or externally introduced fluids like massage oils or personal lubricants, they make sex fun, and they can also leave behind wet spots and stains. No one wants to try to fall asleep with wet sheets underneath them or have to wash their sheets after every sexual encounter (even though you probably should regardless). Guys, this is for you — no man, woman or person will want to have sex on a bed covered in disconcerting stains. Take care of your partners and yourselves by keeping the environment clean.

Sure, you could throw a blanket down over your sheets, but what if that blanket has been outside? Or is difficult to wash? Or is the nice cashmere one your mom bought you for Christmas, and you feel weird having sex on it? We get it, that’s why you need a dedicated blanket for sex. You need a sex blanket. Whether you’re spending some alone time with the best male sex toys or getting down with a partner, this unique bedroom accessory is an essential.

Sex blankets are an emerging product category that we fully support because there’s nothing sexier than practical hygiene. Sex blankets are designed for sexual activity, as they’re typically easier to wash than your standard cozy throw blanket. Sometimes they even have a water-resistant side that makes them better for fluid and a softer side, so you’re not just having sex on a tarp, even if that would be conducive to an easy clean-up. If you’re intrigued by this idea and want to invest in a blanket sex companion of your own, SPY gathered a few of the best options available. Here are the best sex blankets of the year.


What To Consider Before Buying a Sex Blanket

There are a few things to remember when buying a sex blanket. They make an excellent addition to your bed and sexual routine if you get the right one.

  • How Big is Your Bed? If you’re looking for full coverage of your entire sleeping and sex surface, figure out what size your bed is first. Some waterproof blankets come in all standard bed sizes, so if you want a waterproof surface to roll around on, one of those would be a great choice.
  • Do You Need Something Waterproof?: This question gets a little personal, but it’s a good thing to remember. If your sex tends to be very fluid-involved, you will want something waterproof. If not, and you just want something cozy to lay down and set the mood — you can go for a blanket made of softer material.
  • Are You Allergic to Any Fabrics?: This is a crucial one, as you will become intimate with this blanket quickly. Many of the blankets in our round-up are made of standard fabric like nylon, fleece, etc. — so if you’ve got any allergies to those, choose an alternative.

1. Callarome Waterproof Blanket


Everybody wants one of these high-end sex blankets by Liberator, but if you’re starting with a small budget, you can check out this full-sized imitation blanket by Callorame. This one features reinforced stitching around the edges and a soft microfleece texture that’s smooth on bare skin so you can enjoy those moisture-wicking properties comfortably. Based on reviews, this throw appears to absorb large amounts of liquid, while food and other substances can easily be wiped off.

Callarome Waterproof Blanket Courtesy of Amazon


2. Liberator Fascinator Throw Blanket


Liberator is a popular sex furniture company, and they’ve made a blanket specifically designed for sex, which is why it nearly tops the list. It’s a plush throw blanket lined to soak up liquids and fluids. It has a silky and satin side and a microfiber side, so you can pick whether you want sleek or cozy vibes. It has an inner moisture barrier so fluids won’t seep through to your mattress, and it’s discreet, so it won’t stick out on your current bed or in hotel rooms.

liberator fascinator throw blanket, sex blankets Courtesy of Amazon


3. PupProtector Waterproof Dog Blanket


In SPY’s How to Build a Sex Room interview with Melanie Rose, we learned from the pros that stimulating the senses is key when it comes to intimate time, and her top pick is a luscious faux fur blanket. While sensory stimulation can certainly be done with floggers and more intense forms of play, this blanket is an approachable and easy way to infuse a little luxury into your playtime. Most importantly, this protective plush throw is waterproof, so get as frisky as you want with spills and don’t worry about stains.

PupProtector Waterproof Dog Blanket Courtesy of Amazon


4. Liberator Black Label Escape Wet


Even if you can’t afford the best sex furniture and don’t have the space to build a sex room in your home, placing this on your floor or carpet can help you explore a variety of positions, creating an instant adult playground from the comfort of your home. The Black Escape Wet is a liquid-proof sex pad, providing a more substantial surface that’s easy to wipe down after your slip n’ slide fantasies have been fulfilled. The cover is machine washable and takes up less room than a blanket in your washing machine.

Liberator Black Label Escape Wet Courtesy of Liberator


5. The Layer Waterproof Blanket


Like the best sex blankets on the market, The Layer is popular because it can hold more than four cups of liquid. But unlike those other blankets, this one is circular and completely noiseless. That makes it ideal for people with limited storage space or who don’t need coverage on their entire bed or floor. Along with being machine washable, The Layer is also portable enough for your to pack up in luggage without taking up too much room. It’s also black, making a sleek addition to sexy time while hiding stains.

The Layer Waterproof Blanket Courtesy of The Layer


6. Softan Waterproof 100% Leak Proof Blanket


This sex blanket offers plenty of coverage and is soft as can be. If you want super comprehensive coverage against sex stains, this fully reversible blanket with leak-proof protection is a great choice. It’s a completely leak-proof blanket that hasn’t just used a spray-on solution or nylon backing for liquid protection — instead, the brand utilizes a moisture barrier fused between two soft fleece layers. It’s reversible and comes with three different color options; it’s also waterproof on both sides. This generous size is big enough to cover a queen bed and a king bed, but less will be hanging off the sides.

Softan Waterproof 100% Leak Proof Blanket Courtesy of Amazon


7. Throws of Passion Waterproof Blanket


This waterproof blanket from Throws of Passion is 100% waterproof and leakproof and consists of a noiseless waterproof barrier nestled between two layers of fleece. It’s comfortable and hygienic, as it’ll keep liquids off your mattress without sounding like or feeling like a standard waterproof barrier. It’s fully reversible and waterproof on both sides, and it’s stain-resistant and machine-washable, so you’ve got plenty of cleaning options. You can also safely put it in the dryer, so it stays soft and comfortable after cleaning.

throws of passion waterproof blanket, sex blanket Courtesy of Amazon


8. Liberator Liquid Velvet Sheet & Pillow Covers


Alright, now that you’ve hopefully got a blanket picked out, it’s time to choose a set of sheets and pillow covers to go with it. These are from the Liberator, the company that makes the Runner Up blanket above, and they’re as elegant as they are useful. The sex comes with a fitted sheet and pillow covers, all made with a 100% polyester liquid-velvet. The fabric is safe to use with water and silicone-based lubricants and massage lotions. The pillowcases have concealed zippers for comfort, and the set is available for queen and king-size beds.

liquid velvet sheets, sex blankets Courtesy of Liberator


9. Venus Matters Universe Mat


The circular Universe Venus mat is as stylish as it gets in terms of finding sex blankets that double as bedroom decor. You can proudly keep this soft mat out with its dreamy, abstract pattern. The waterproofing middle layer is made of cooling organic cotton terry and bamboo, which makes it more breathable during sweaty activities. This microfiber blanket is backed with champagne velvet, and according to customers, the texture is incredibly soft on naked skin.

Venus Matters Universe Mat Courtesy of Venus Matters


10. Splash Waterproof Squirt Blanket


The impressive and cozy Splash Blanket can hold up to a liter of liquid and is generously sized. It’s also reversible and available in different colors, but some sizes tend to sell out quickly. Quiet and soft to the touch, these blankets were invented by a squirter to solve the problem of mood-killing cleanups post-coitus. Protect your car seats, mattress or couch with one of these waterproof sex blankets that will give you peace of mind and let you fully relax during intimacy without fear of messing up your belongings.

Splash Waterproof Squirt Blanket Courtesy of Splash Blankets


11. Inspire Waterproof Mattress Pad


Although it’s not technically a blanket for sex, this is a budget-friendly version of Liberator’s sex pad. If you don’t want the bunching or the warmth, consider this waterproof mattress pad, which is a dark color to help hide stains and has a soft, quilted surface. It can be used as an underpad to protect the mattress, or you can lay it on top of your sheets. Sure, it might not be as luxurious as some other options, but for under $20, it’ll get the job done!

Inspire Waterproof Mattress Pad Courtesy of Amazon


12. Liberator Escape Mat


Whether you’re getting freaky on the floor or your bed, this can be paired with any surface you like. It makes a great hack to stop sinking on memory foam mattresses or a too-soft bed, but this pad can also make for some fantastic playtime on the floor, adding high-density cushioning where knees and backs need it most. Although it’s not explicitly described as waterproof like their Black Label mat, the poly/nylon liner does resist moisture, and the cover is machine washable.

Escape Mat Courtesy of Liberator


13. No More Wet Spot Mini 30″ X 36″ Two Pack, Waterproof Fleece Blankets


This waterproof mini sex blanket comes with multiple blankets per pack, so if you use one and need a spare, No More Wet Spot has your back. The fleece blanket has a different seductive color on each side, and while it’s not large enough to use as a blanket to sleep with, it’s a much better alternative to a towel. These play blankets are luxuriously soft and perfect for male and female ejaculation.

No More Wet Spot Mini 30" X 36" Two Pack, Waterproof Fleece Blankets Courtesy of No More Wet Spot


14. Catalonia Waterproof Blanket


While the blankets advertised specifically for sexy time can sometimes cost a pretty penny, this waterproof blanket for sex by Catalonia is just as quality, with multiple sizes available so that you can use it as a blanket on your bed. One side is soft and thick fleece, while the other is sherpa, so you and your partner can snuggle up with it when you’re not getting down and dirty. It’s machine washable and hassle-free.

Catalonia Waterproof Blanket Courtesy of Amazon


15. Fascinator Throw – King Size


If you’ve got a king-sized bed, some of these blankets look measly on it, proportion-wise. If you have a female squirter or are into golden showers, this is also a great way to experiment with those kinks without the dreaded post-coital cleanup. This giant, soft-as-can-be sex blanket by Liberator is an XL version of their popular Fascinator blanket and features a reinforced seam design for added durability. The colors are low-key enough that if guests see them on your bed, they’d never know the secret function.

Fascinator Throw - King Size Courtesy of Fascinator


16. PassionMate Waterproof Sex Blanket Bed Pad


Passionmate’s waterproof mattress protector in burgundy can fit up to a queen-size bed and is soft and noiseless. Some waterproof sheets, especially ones made from vinyl or plastic, have an annoying rustling sound when you’re moving around, which, let’s be frank, you’re doing a lot of during sex. It’s more of a bed cover than a usable blanket during non-sexy time, with one user aptly calling it a more comfortable version of a “sex tarp.” Since it’s available in dark colors, this polyester cover is ideal for period sex as well.

PassionMate Waterproof Sex Blanket Bed Pad Courtesy of Amazon

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