Enjoy a Memorable Date Night With One of These Sex Games for Couples

sex games for couples
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While flowers, chocolates and a fancy dinner remain ever-popular gifts for your paramour, why not try injecting a little fire into your next date night with one of the best sex games for couples? 

Sex games for couples are one of the most popular ways to introduce something new into the bedroom. You can simply take an existing game you love and give it a sexy spin, or you can discover a whole new erotic adventure made specifically for the purpose of getting things hot and steamy. The best sex games introduce an element of spontaneity into the bedroom, which can be a major turn-on for many couples. 

The good news — and we mean very good news — is that there is no shortage of ideas for how exactly you incorporate games into your trysts between the sheets. Like any game, if one style doesn’t work or appeal to you, there are always plenty more out there. And, if games as a whole don’t get you going, perhaps checking out the best sex toys is more up your street.

As for the games, to point you in the right direction, we’ve put together a list of the 21 best sex games for couples. These games include: 

Most of these sex games have different levels depending on whether you’re looking for more romance or pure unadulterated passion. Find the one that sounds most appealing to you, and in no time, you’ll be counting the days until February 14th comes back around again.

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1. Creative Conceptions Monogamy Board Game


With over 400 different seductive ideas for you to try, the Creative Conceptions Monogamy Board Game is a fun way to reconnect and try new things with your partner. The dynamic game involves three different levels of progressive play, namely intimate, passionate and steamy. As you land on the monogamy square, you’ll take a card and discover which task you’ll be performing. There are also 50 fantasy cards that can be part of the game itself or used as a fun way to create a night to remember. 

sex games for couples monogamy Image courtesy of Walmart

Monogamy Adult Couples Board Game

$24.25 $29.99 19% OFF


2. Desire – Couples Game App


The Desire – Couples Game App makes competing fun and sexy. As you create and send dares to your partner from your smartphone, you’ll compete to complete the most to win the most points. From sweet and romantic to spicier options, there’s never really going to be a loser in the game. The very least you’ll enjoy is a sexy and fun-filled adventure with your partner. You’ll also get to learn new things about your partner from their wants and fantasies. It’s a great way to keep romance and lust alive in your relationship.

sex games for couples desire couples game app Image courtesy of Apple App Store

Desire - Couples Game App

Free (In-app purchases)


3. Adam & Eve Spicy Dice


The Adam & Eve Spicy Dice keeps things straightforward and simple. Rules are limited and can be made up by the players, but it essentially always boils down to completing what you roll on the dice. Included in the set are three different dice, two hexagonal dice to tell you what to do and one cube to show you where to do it. The set makes a great surprise gift for your partner or a fun novelty gift for friends and newlyweds.

sex games for couples spicy dice Image courtesy of Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve Spicy Dice



4. Kheper Games Oral Sex Card Game


Love oral sex? Then the Kheper Games Oral Sex Card Game is the choice for you. There are three different ways to play and over 100,000 different fantasies to be played out. Included in the game are 25 different cards for him and 25 for her, meaning there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had for everyone. No matter how many different positions you’ve tried, you’re sure to discover something new with ideas including “double his pleasure,” “the cowboy” and “curtain call.”

sex games for couples oral Image courtesy of Amazon

Kheper Games Oral Sex Card Game



5. Full Disclosure Strip, Truth or Dare Game for Lovers


Get to know your new partner a bit better through the Full Disclosure Strip, Truth or Dare Game for Lovers. In this game, you’ll find 120 cards full of truth questions and naughty dare moves. In addition, there’s a spinner that tells you when to strip and exactly how to do it. Not only will this game lead to hot and steamy sex if you play it right, but it will also help you to learn more about your partner’s past and his or her desires. In addition to the basic truth-and-dare structure, the game also includes “naughty extras,” like a Bonus Sex card, to keep things fresh and wild.

best sex games Full Disclosure Strip, Truth or Dare Game Image courtesy of Spencer's

Full Disclosure Strip, Truth or Dare Game



6. Fifty Shades of Grey Fifty Days of Play Game


Inspired by the hard-to-miss phenomenon that was the Fifty Shades of Grey book series and subsequent films, the Fifty Shades of Grey Fifty Days of Play Game lets players explore five different levels of BDSM play. Each of the included 50 shades of naughtiness holds an exciting adventure for couples to discover. To begin play, you can roll the dice to find out what level of naughtiness you are to enjoy as well as who will be the dominant player and who will play the submissive role.

sex games for couples bdsm Image courtesy of Walmart

Fifty Shades of Grey Fifty Days of Play Game



7. Entrenue Domin8 Sex Game


Whether you and your partner are already into BDSM or you want to give it a try, the Entrenue Domin8 Sex Game might be the right choice for you. The game bills itself as “a great way of giving and receiving sexual pleasure while exploring exciting new activities together.” Basically, it allows you to play out your control fantasies in a safe and structured environment. The game includes 36 dominoes, two Domin8 You cards, two Domin8 Me cards and 24 scenario cards. There are also other exciting goodies in the box, but we won’t spoil the surprise.

best sex games Entrenue Image courtesy of Walmart

Entrenue Domin8 Sex Game



8. Kheper Games The Spirits Want You To Have Sex Game


If you’re sure your partner wants to try different sex positions but is too bashful to ask, we’ve got the perfect sex game for you. The Kheper Games The Spirits Want You To Have Sex Game is based on the design of a ouiji board. If you remember messing around with a ouiji board as a young teen, you’ll know that it’s really the players moving the game piece, deciding what the spirits are saying. And, unless the spirits actually move you, this sex game acts in the exact same way, allowing you and your partner to try new things without actually needing to ask for them explicitly.

best sex games Kheper Games Image courtesy of Amazon

Kheper Games The Spirits Want You To Have Sex Game


9. Dear Young Married Couple SEXPECTATIONS Card Deck


Although not really a game, the dear Young Married Couple SEXPECTATIONS Card Deck can be used to help you and your partner make a deeper connection throughout your relationship. In the deck, you’ll find questions about your sex life that are presented in a non-judgemental, easy to answer format, allowing you and your partner to open a new channel of communication. This deck is designed to be used by couples of all types, making it a great Valentine’s day activity or something to pack on road trips or date nights.

sex games for couples sexpectations card deck Image courtesy of Amazon

Dear Young Married Couple SEXPECTATIONS Card Deck



10. Oral Fun Board Game


As one of the best sex games that’s actually a board game, the Oral Fun Board Game can be a fun addition to any night in. The goal of the game is to race to square 69, answering adult-orientated trivia questions and completing oral tasks along the way. You might have to give oral treats, drink or blindfold and pleasure your partner during gameplay. The creators of the game recommend bringing along some flavored lube, small edibles, ice cubes, a blindfold and an alcoholic beverage to the gameplay. Ideal for two players, this is one sex game you won’t get bored of quickly.

best sex games oral fun Image courtesy of Lovehoney

Oral Fun Board Game



11. Sex and Intrigue Board Game


If you want a sexy and steamy board game that you can play with friends and that won’t lead to a giant orgy, try the Sex and Intrigue Board Game. This hilarious version of Clue allows two to eight players to determine who is doing who and where in the No-Tell Hotel. The winner of the game will need to reveal which two characters were involved in the sexual encounter, where the encounter happened, what sex toy were they using and which position were they in. The character names and pretty much everything else about this game will have you and your friends laughing out loud.

best sex games adam and eve sex and intrigue Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Our Sex Game


The Our Sex Game doesn’t look like a traditional sex gimmick. It’s not covered in lewd images and doesn’t have a red and black color scheme. Instead, it’s full of bright colors, although it does have a giant S-E-X written across the game board. Still, it was this uniqueness that persuaded us to include OSG on our list of the best sex games. Gameplay begins on the “S” which represents seductive. It then moves on to “E” for erotic and, finally, “X” for X-rated. When a player lands on an OSG square, he or she picks a card and acts out the scene on that card. We’ll be surprised if you get to the end of this game without ditching it in favor of a steamy encounter.

best sex games our sex game Image courtesy of Babeland

Our Sex Game



13. ARTAGIA Store Talk, Flirt, Dare!


As one of the highest-rated and best-selling sex games on Amazon, Talk, Flirt, Dare! is sure to spice up your Valentine’s Day. There are no complicated rules to this game. Simply pick which deck you want to use of the three included decks (talk, flirt and dare), flip a card and ask the question or complete the action on the other side. Of course, you’ll want to pick the deck based on the type of activities you’d like to do and the current level of your relationship, but this “game” is a great way to get to know your partner a little bit better.

talk flirt dare fun and romantic artagia Image courtesy of Amazon

ARTAGIA Store Talk, Flirt, Dare!

$24.50 $29.95 18% OFF


14. Tingletouch Game Dare Duel


Dare Duel is a fun game for couples and everyone else, too. No matter your gender, sexual orientation or relationship status, this versatile game comes with rules for two people and more than two people as well. The game entails taking turns to draw cards and putting together words and phrases from the cards to create your choice of fun, romantic or sexy acts to perform. In addition, you’ll battle your fellow players for who has to perform the act. There are hundreds of different words on the cards, giving near-endless possibilities, so every game is truly unique. Arm yourself with your favorite couple’s sex toys and get ready for a sexy game night.

sex games for couples dare duel Image courtesy of Amazon

Tingletouch Game Dare Duel



15. Lovehoney Oh! Fantastic Foreplay Board Game


Love Honey is one of the best places to buy sex toys online, and the retailer’s Oh! Fantastic Foreplay Board Game has taken all the best things about foreplay and put them into one sexy box. Lovehoney really took the time to do their market research when designing this sex game. Inside the box, you’ll find a board game with three levels to complete, from foreplay light to true raunchy behavior. Each player rolls the dice to reveal a question. If they don’t want to answer the question, they’ll need to complete a saucy forfeit to stay in the game. In addition to the board, cards and dice, this game also includes a blindfold and a tickler to add to the fun. Just be warned, this game isn’t for the bashful.

best sex games lovehoney oh lovehoney Image courtesy of Lovehoney

Lovehoney Oh! Fantastic Foreplay Board Game



16. Nookii: The Hot Game for Passionate Lovers


Discover a part of your lover that you haven’t explored before with Nookii: The Hot Game for Passionate Lovers. The board game takes players through three different levels of intense sexual encounters. It starts with “Mmm” cards to warm up with teasing and touching. It then moves on to the “Ooh” cards for role-playing, and, finally, the game ends with “Aah” cards which instruct players through more direct sexual acts. The action on the cards is limited by a time limit, which is determined by the number you roll on the dice. In addition to the game itself, Nookii also includes a silk blindfold, a timer and a “Do Not Disturb” sign for your door.

best sex games nookii Image courtesy of Lovehoney

Nookii: The Hot Game for Passionate Lovers



17. 3DP Fusion, Inc. Sex Stack


Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a week or 30 years, the 3DP Fusion, Inc. Sex Stack includes a number of unique elements that will have you hot and ready to go in no time. The stack looks similar to a normal game of Jenga, and the aim remains to not have the pile fall when it’s your go. However, each block has a number printed on the side. These numbers correspond to numbers on the included printed activity cards, which feature fun tasks ranging from “teasers” to “hardcore” in intensity.

sex games for couples jenga Image courtesy of Amazon

3DP Fusion, Inc. Sex Stack



18. LOOPY Game for Couples


Unlike many of the other card games on our list, LOOPY doesn’t make you pick a card. Instead, you’ll need to use the spinner to determine the type of card you draw. This makes the game one of chance. In addition to the “Kisses,” “Talks,” “Fondles,” “Fun Activities” and mystery decks, this game also comes with a satin blindfold, allowing you to really spice up your date night.

game for couples loopy Image courtesy of Amazon

LOOPY Game for Couples

$31.99 $36.99 14% OFF


19. Sexopoly Game


Love Monopoly? Then, Sexolpoly is the game for you, your partner and up to six other really good friends. However, unlike the original, you won’t be looking to build houses and hotels. Instead, you’ll be in charge of managing sex shops, sexy costume stores, strip clubs and other sex-based businesses. You’ll still need plenty of strategy and luck, as keeping track of your money (and not losing your patience) remains key. In addition, the game comes with fun and funny “Risky and Frisky” cards, which include instructions like “Perform a sexy dance for another player to your left,” and, “You have won first prize in a cross-dressing competition — collect $100 from each player.”

sexopoly game Image courtesy of Adam & Eve

Sexopoly Game



20. Domin8 Master Edition Game


If you’re looking to play out your wildest fantasies of domination and submission, the Domin8 Master Edition Game could help you get your partner on your side. The game is similar to traditional dominoes, except the winner gets to choose which fantasy they want to play out. Choose from master/slave, doctor/patient, masseuse/client and many more. The game also comes with a feather tickler, a paddle, steel handcuffs, a blindfold and bondage tape.

domin8 master edition game Image courtesy of Adam & Eve

Domin8 Master Edition Game



21. Shared Sweat LLC Secret VII Adult Card Game


If you’ve been searching for a way to put some spice back into your love life, then the Shared Sweat LLC Secret VII Adult Card Game could be your answer. It lets you take control of your foreplay using the color-coded pleasure cards. Each of the 400 cards is ranked from mild to wild, depending on your desired level of intimacy. After picking seven cards each, you’ll then take turns to roll the dice and find out which act is going to be performed next. The winner gets all seven cards performed on them . . . if you even make it that far.

sex games for couples secret vii Image courtesy of Amazon

Shared Sweat LLC Secret VII Adult Card Game



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