The 30 Sexiest Gifts to Get Your Partner For Spicier Playtime in the Bedroom

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Shopping for sex gifts in person can get a little bit awkward. No one wants to lock eyes with a total stranger as you’re walking through the butt plug section of Spencer’s. And having to make an actual conversation with the cashier? Just the thought makes us shiver with discomfort.

Thankfully in recent years, numerous online retailers have popped up from the woodwork to offer safe and discreet shipping of sex toys and other dirty surprises right to your front door. This abandons the need for in-store sex toy shopping and allows total anonymity when browsing goodies from the comfort of your own home. Now, you can shop for sex gifts that your partner can use both on their own and with you in the bedroom — without the wandering eyes of random strangers in the DVD porn aisle. Like, really? DVD porn? In this day and age, if you’re going to pay for porn, at least subscribe to someone’s OnlyFans.

Now that Valentine’s Day is around the corner, sex gifts are coming in handy now more than ever. Whether it’s a gift for men or maybe a gift for your wife, these adult-themed gifts will absolutely spice up your sex life. Even if your bae is far from you on the 14th, there are even several sex gifts for long-distance relationships available online, proving that in 2022, the world is truly your oyster.

From more tame gift ideas like best lubricants and lingerie to semi-outrageous ones such as mattress restraints and insertive jewelry, the gift options listed below will definitely get your sexual gears going. Whether your partner is a natural dominant in the bedroom or you and your playmate are just looking to try a little something new out under the covers, check out the best sex gifts to buy online now for your sexy someone.


1. Magic Wand Rechargeable Extra Powerful Cordless Vibrator


When your girlfriend is home and can’t get your own piece, she’s craving this during her alone time. Trust us. There is a 98% chance she’s looked up the Magic Wand on her own once or twice in the past, and for good reason. This rechargeable toy is the Dom Pérignon of vibrators and offers the most powerful vibration that won’t just shake your girl; it might even damage the interior of her house. The toy comes in eight various extreme vibration styles and settings your little miss won’t be able to get enough of. That little nightstand vibrator she got as a gag gift from one of her girlfriends will be given to God after she receives this massive make. Just be careful; after just one solo go with the Magic Wand, you might have to put a little extra work in your own playtime seshes, or she might throw you out, too.

Magic Wand Rechargeable Extra Powerful Cordless Vibrator Courtesy of Lovehoney


2. We-Vibe Vector Rechargeable Remote Control Prostate Massager


Straight, gay or anything in between, all men will love the We-Vibe vector prostate massager whether they already know it or not. Straight men and non-straight men that prefer the “top” side of things who think they’d never enjoy anything in their ass are wrong. It’s just a fact at this point; sorry about it. The We-Vibe hits exactly where men like it the most — the prostate. By doing so, this toy enhances sexual pleasure immensely. With 10 different vibrational settings and both remote and app-controlled connectivity, he can use this thing anywhere. Have your man put it in before he heads to work or the gym, and give yourself control through the app no matter where you are. It’ll be an exciting surprise for him throughout the day.

We-Vibe Vector Rechargeable Remote Control Prostate Massager Courtesy of Lovehoney


3. LELO SONA 2 Cruise Cerise


If you’re ready to blow your girl’s mind, look no further than the LELO SONA 2 Cruise Cerise. What is it, you ask? It’s a toy that can literally absorb sonic waves and transmit them back into a woman’s body. That means that the silicone build can understand your lady’s clitoral pulses and respond with vibrations to provide extra stimulation to her clitoris. Are we still kind of confused? A bit. Nevertheless, it sounds intense. So if you want to change the way your girl masturbates in a way that will completely alter her life for the better, this is the way to do it.

LELO SONA™ 2 Cruise Cerise Courtesy of LELO


4. LELO F1s Developer’s Kit Red


Guys, you know damn well that Fleshlights are great and all, but this F1s Developer’s Kit in red will make your Johnson feel things it’s never felt before. The toy can emit powerful waves deep into the penis, making every inch of it feel as if it is being personally pleasured. It provides the same abilities to the penis the way LELO’s SONA does, meaning the machine works and feeds off of your pleasure, only to continuously provide more and more.

LELO F1s Developer's™ Kit Red Courtesy of LELO


5. Hello Cake


Hello Cake is a stellar lubricant supply company that offers various lubes based on what exactly you’re doing. Looking to gift your partner some stuff for some solo fun? Check out their Motion Lotion, designed to take masturbation to the next level. Looking for something the two of you can use together? Depending on what adventures lie ahead, Hello Cake’s Tush Cush is a water-based jelly made for starting butt stuff, while their Organic Aloe is fantastic for vaginal play. Stop gifting lubricants that claim they do it all because Hello Cake is living proof that they don’t.

Hello Cake Motion Lotion Courtesy of Hello Cake


6. Bellesa Boutique AirVibe For Her


Bellesa Boutique is one of our favorite places to buy sex toys online, and the sex toy company recently partnered with BuzzFeed (yes, that BuzzFeed) to create an innovative new women’s sex toy. Best of all, unlike many fancy vibrators from hip boutique-style sex brands, the AirVibe doesn’t cost $300. The AirVibe combines g-spot vibration technology and Bellesa’s suction technology for a more intense orgasm. This pocket vibe has five suction intensities and 10 vibration modes. Plus, it’s waterproof for fun in the bathtub, making it one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for your wife in 2022.

airvibe buzzfeed vibrator Courtesy of Bellesa


7. Je Joue Mio Vibrating Ring


The Je Joue Mio cock ring works to stimulate both partners during both vaginal and anal sex for a sexual experience that’s quite literally out of this world. Face the climax of your lifetime by either wearing this or taking it from the receiving end. The Je Joue Mio fits over most members as well as dildos with ease by sliding right on toward the shaft. Use this during acts of full penetration; it won’t just be a gift for the receiver, but absolutely one for the wearer as well.

Je Joue Mio Courtesy of Babeland


8. PinkCherry Under the Bed Restraints


If your partner’s into the bondage scene but doesn’t own any form of restraints, what are they doing? Gift these classic bed restraints and allow your partner to go to town (consensually) on whoever’s held up. These will transform their bedroom into the sex dungeon of their dreams where they can spank, bite and do whatever they please onto whoever. While these might look a bit dangerous, there isn’t anything to worry about in the slightest. The cuffs are velcro-fastened for safety, so if someone really needs to get out, they’ll be able to.

PinkCherry Under the Bed Restraints Courtesy of PinkCherry


9. We-Vibe Moxie Panty Vibrator


Something we had never heard of until recently? Vibrating underwear. In most cases, the best vibrating underwear isn’t exactly built into the underwear but acts as an add-on to place within the garment for all-day fun no matter where your girl goes. The We-Vibe Moxie Panty Vibrator is precisely the kind of vibrating underwear option we have our eyes on this Valentine’s Day due to its discrete, secure attributes. Simply use a provided magnet and let it rest on your girl’s underwear. Next, connect to the We-Vibe app we talked about earlier and the two of you will be able to control it all day long. With 10 different settings, there’s a ton of fun to be had.

Courtesy of Amazon


10. G-Spot Rabbit Waterproof Dildo Vibrator


It’s called the G-Spot Rabbit for a reason, but we’ll just let you think about why. This waterproof vibrator has seven different vibration functionalities for various ways to explore both the male and female. No matter who you’re gifting, they’ll find a way to make it work for them by using it vaginally, anally, to stimulate the penis or even the nipples. It’s made from body-safe silicone, so it’s safe to use both in and around the body, no matter where your partner’s go-to spot may be. It’s rechargeable, and each charge has two full hours of playtime, which is more than enough time for your partner to experience one of the best orgasms of their life.

G-Spot Rabbit Waterproof Dildo Vibrator Courtesy of Amazon


11. Lets F*ck Dice Game


While for some games might feel a bit juvenile, the Lets F*ck Dice Game is a fun way to spice things up and partake in acts you wouldn’t necessarily think up on your own. This is an excellent gift for friends looking to spice things up in the bedroom with their partners, as well as to gift your own partner. The best person to give it to? Buy these for yourself and seek out a little group situation — these can easily break the ice and get people more comfortable for some exciting foreplay.

Lets F*ck Dice Game Courtesy of Spencer's


12. Chronicle Books Sexy Truth Or Dare Game


Let’s get real — you’ve been playing truth or dare with friends for as long as you could remember. Now that you’re adults and have a significant other, this Valentine’s Day, add some heat to the original by snatching one of the best sex games for couples: this sexy truth or dare game from Urban Outfitters. They essentially reinvented the wheel with this one and took the game to a whole other level filled with sex, love and passion.

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


13. First Time Fetish Nipple Teasers


With over 60,000 of these nipple teasers sold on Adam & Eve, how could you not gift these for your partner if they’re into nipple play? Though the term “fetish” seems to scare some away, these clamps are excellent for first-timers looking to take pinching, biting and sucking to the next level by going hands-free. Each clamp is rubber-tipped, so you or your partner won’t have to worry about breaking any skin during playtime. It’s a safe, sexy way to explore the wilder side that you know you both have.

First Time Fetish Nipple Teasers Courtesy of Adam & Eve


14. Best of Women’s Erotica 2


Get your girl’s mind flowing with tips, tricks and new ideas through her deep dive into Violet Blue’s Best of Women’s Erotica 2. Blue’s been writing erotica series for years on end, so she really, REALLY knows her stuff. Let your lady’s mind fill with new fantasies and sexual endeavors she didn’t know she was craving to experience. You might even need to personally thank Blue by mail after the matter.

Best of Women's Erotica 2 Courtesy of Amazon


15. Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance Stamina Penis Pump


Maybe his member needs a bit of help. Maximize his (or your own) performance and get that pump in the same (yet incredibly different) way he would at the gym. It’s completely safe to use and ultimately can improve erectile health and performance. Who doesn’t want that?

Courtesy of Lovehoney


16. Blindfold


Looking to spice the hell out of your next group sex endeavor? Gift each participant a blindfold to wear during the whole undertaking. This regular sleep mask isn’t quite made for sex — well, it isn’t at all. But it’s a cheaper alternative to sexier options that you can feel comfortable buying in bulk without breaking the bank. While this might seem like some risky behavior, ensure that each individual you’re playing with you personally know and is down with the idea beforehand.

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask Courtesy of Amazon


17. Crave Vesper


You might be thinking, why would you gift a necklace as a sex gift. Well, this necklace isn’t just a trendy accessory; the Crave Vesper is a silver pendant that’s just what you think it is: a vibrator. Whether you gift it to yourself, your partner or a good friend, whoever wears this will blend into the crowd for most while standing out to those who know. For whoever is rocking this chain, it’s a sexy, discreet way to show off what kind of person you are in the bedroom. It’s an alluring conversation starter and a great way to take someone home.

Courtesy of Babeland


18. Lovehoney Unwrap Me Women’s Red Thong


Gifting your lucky lady? Let her know that she will forever and always be the best gift you could ever ask for with this cheeky red thong you’re going to want to unwrap the second she puts it on. Let her know you don’t need any sweets this Valentine’s Day; she’s all you want.

Courtesy of Lovehoney


19. LHM Tuxedo Men’s Thong


Whether you’re gifting yourself or you have a special guy in your life, this tuxedo thong is one word: sexy. The cheeky design bears all the goods from behind for whoever is lucky enough to witness them on the body. These can be deemed slightly comical but also incredibly hot, making them great for the kind of guy who’s just starting in the realm of men’s lingerie but really wants to get those toes wet.

Courtesy of Lovehoney


20. Dr. Skin 18-Inch Double Ended Dildo


While some of the straight men reading this might have just soiled their pants, we know there are a few men in same-sex or sexually fluid relationships where maybe both want some anal pleasure at once. With that being said, this isn’t only an incredible sex gift for your partner but also one suitable for you. While it might take you a couple of tries to get this to work the way you both feel comfortable using it, we suggest ass to ass for starters. And lots of lube.

Dr. Skin 18 Inch Double Ended Dildo in Mocha Courtesy of PInk Cherry


21. Lovehoney Advanced Unisex Strap-On Harness Kit


“I just want to try it,” she claims. We know your girl’s been asking, so it’s time to give her what she wants. This harness set is an ideal sex gift for any lucky lady that’s ready to see the pearl. The attached dildo is seven inches long and includes three interchangeable O-rings for varying pleasure options. Guys, we know this could sound a bit scary, but maybe it’s time to give it a shot. It’s pretty cheap too, so if you hate it, it’s really no big deal

Pegasus Curved Realistic Harness Set Courtesy of Babeland


22. Calexotics Bad Bitch Lipstick Vibe


Although it looks like a compact lipstick for baddies on the surface, it’s actually the world’s most discreet vibrator. Whether you keep this on a bedside table or a purse, no one will be the wiser to this USB rechargeable faux lipstick’s actual function — to take you on an orgasmic rollercoaster complete with 10 different vibration modes. It has a memory chip that stays on the last function used — just turn it on with the press of a button.

Calexotics Bad Bitch Lipstick Vibe Courtesy of Bboutique


23. Dame Power Trip Kit


Dame is a high-quality sex toy designed by women for women. This essential kit from them, dubbed The Power Trip, includes a couple of their most popular vibes, made from the silkiest silicone on the market. Their Arc is a rumbly G-spot stimulator with a squishy, bulbous tip, whereas the Pom is their most flexible and versatile option. Lube these toys up before usage with Dame’s signature aloe-based Alu, which comes with a non-slip, grippy sleeve to ensure smooth sailing.

Dame Power Trip Kit Courtesy of Dame


24. Je Joue Luxury Massage Candle


Gift your partner with the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. The Je Joue massage candle sets the mood with some sexy lighting and aromatherapy before melting into a luscious oil that you can rub all over your partner and their favorite erogenous zones. Its base is yang ylang, an ingredient that’s been a natural aphrodisiac for years, topped off with bright and citrusy mandarin. It’ll leave your skin feeling moisturized and lightly perfumed and is a must-have for your new foreplay routine.

Je Joue Luxury Massage Candle Courtesy of Je Joue


25. Booty Basics Gift Set


Are you looking to try out anal but not a total connoisseur? Don’t worry; Unbound has your back with this Booty Basics set for beginners. It’s also ideal for anyone experienced with booty play who doesn’t need a ton of bells and whistles for a satisfying experience. The silicone plug allows you to experiment with larger or smaller girths and are not at all scary to insert or remove. Along with a plug, you’ll also get a water-based lube with a gentle smell and flavor of vanilla and lemon, turning your partner into a full-on dessert.

Booty Basics Gift Set Courtesy of Unbound Babes


26. The Lioness Vibrator 2.0


The science and research-backed Lioness 2.0 might just be the most high-tech vibrator you can get your hands on right now. It uses biofeedback tech and pleasure data to help you understand your body (and its needs) a whole lot better. Sex therapists and doctors praise this waterproof toy with a whopping 100 customizable vibration intensities. Users can essentially see and track their orgasm experience — an incredibly thoughtful gift for anyone big on data.

The Lioness Vibrator 2.0 Courtesy of Lioness


27. Ouch! Halo Eye Mask


Most blindfolds for sale are made from fabric or some sort of fuzzy, velvet, “sexy” material. If you prefer the cool and unique sensation of leather against your skin rather than a fabric (or own a pet and tend to get hair on all fabric-based things you own), consider this stunning burgundy leather accessory from the Ouch! Halo collection, which featured buckled hardware to secure it in place. It’s pretty for the unmasked partner to look at and contoured for comfort so that you can heighten those senses like never before.

Ouch! Halo Eye Mask Courtesy of Pink Cherry


28. Cute Little F*ckers Starsi


Anyone who wants a genderless orgasm experience (i.e., not a Fleshlight or a phallic-shaped vibrator) will adore the Starsi. The brand makes a fantastic vibrator for any surface, whether it’s a chest, back, or genitals — described as being ideal for “transfemme vibrator seekers with genital dysphoria,” pleaser-seekers of any identity can enjoy this uniquely sensual offering. Grind against it for hands-free fun, or use your hand to nestle it in the body’s curves or any dysphoric areas.

Cute Little F*ckers Starsi Courtesy of Ella Paradis


29. Kiki de Montparnasse Crystal Stone Wand


For many people, sex is spiritual, and the best way to honor that is with a crystal sex toy that will keep the user grounded while indulging in their deepest desires. This wand is made from 100% genuine obsidian and is described as both “decorative and functional” by the brand. Crystal wands are said to be healing tools that promote chakra cleansing and spiritual healing and can also be used in non-sexual meditation practices.

Kiki DM Crystal Stone Wand Courtesy of Kiki DM


30. Liberator Jaz


Suppose you and your partner love to vacation or take weekend trips (or if you like to travel bachelor style and make friends along the way). This petite but dense sex pillow lifts users, supporting them as they explore positions more easily. The Jaz can be placed beneath hips, knees, or lower backs, providing joint relief while heightening sensation. Whether it’s oral without a sore neck or an elevated missionary position to penetrate deeper, this is especially useful on too-soft mattresses.

Liberator Jaz Courtesy of Bboutique