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The Best 14 Sex Handcuffs for Bondage and Restraint Play

Sex handcuffs are a great way to experiment with the world of BDSM for the first time, or a way to expand your repertoire if you’ve already dabbled in the world of doms and subs. In the world of kink, sex handcuffs are an approachable add-on to your play session. The Dom or dominant person is the one in control, while the sub or submissive individual is the one in cuffs.

There are lots of different sex-enhancing handcuffs available — some are made from a softer material like silicone, or contain extra padding, and are easier to escape from. These may be ideal for beginners or those looking for a less intense experience. More experienced BDSM lovers may want to browse more heavy-duty leather options that can stand up to wear and tear, as well as metal options, which offer a more realistic fantasy.

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Although there are soft materials and ropes that are manually tied onto a sub, there are two main kinds of closure: buckle cuffs and clasp openings. People often opt for buckle cuffs, which are fully adjustable and have leather or fabric clasps that can reduce wrist irritation.

Sex handcuffs are a fantastic introduction to restraints, which can be increased over time, allowing users to experiment with Chinese rope restraints and hogtying. In fact, there are many cuffs with built-in hogtie systems that let you do both.


How To Use Handcuffs For Sex

  • Of course, both cuffing and being cuffed comes with its own etiquette, in which consent and communication are key. Discussing boundaries can even be a form of dirty talk in itself, going through detailed scenarios with your partner.
  • You’ll need to pick your position, which there is an endless variety of. Based on this position, the hands can go behind the back, above the head, or attached to a bed. Cuffs should be tight enough that they won’t come off, but not so tight that they fully cut off circulation and cause direct discomfort.
  • Be sure that you and your partner establish a safe word in case a boundary is crossed.

We’ve hunted down the best sex handcuffs that offer the ultimate experience in bondage power play. Whether you’re into light BDSM or a hardcore aficionado, these cuffs for sex will turn you on like never before.

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1. DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Wrist Cuffs


Made from real leather, these sleek and sexy padded black cuffs by DOMINIX are great for novices and hardcore BDSM lovers. They’re thick to avoid pinching and chafing and are completely adjustable with a nine-hole buckle fastening. Their aesthetic isn’t too over the top, with the metal stud detailing providing a subtle bondage-inspired finish. Overall, these are one of the most luxurious and high-quality handcuffs for sex that are built to last.

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Courtesy of Lovehoney

2. Sportsheets Sports Cuffs


Whether you’re new to the sex handcuff game or an expert looking to increase your inventory, these softly padded cuffs are comfortable but get the job done, and are lined with neoprene so that they don’t leave permanent marks. Fastened with Velcro and clipped with metal, they can withstand consensual “struggling,” they’re still loose enough that you can escape in case of an emergency. They’re universally sized, making them suitable for any user.

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Courtesy of Adam & Eve

3. Quickie Cuffs Super Strong Medium Silicone Restraints


Metal handcuffs aren’t for everyone, and these durable, chafe-free Quickie Cuffs are suitable for sensitive skin, as well as people who are prone to allergic reactions. The silicone is also more lightweight, waterproof, and less awkward to sneak through the airport. They slip over wrists rather than needing to be fastened, and offer speedy (and silent) restraint wherever you need it — even on the go. These restraints are fun, versatile, and more discrete than your average cuffs.

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Courtesy of Lovehoney

4. Orion Over The Door Restraint Set


If you like to be restrained or restrain your partner over the door, these stylish blue adjustable cuffs are the ultimate way to do it. Although they have a super high-end look with the rich blue vegan leather and rose gold hardware, these sex handcuffs cost less than $40. One buyer with chronic tendonitis mentions that they don’t hit any bad pressure points, and the large width makes them extra comfortable. This kink product can be used over the door or on its own.

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Courtesy of Unbound Babes

5. Bonded Ankle Cuffs


If you’re looking for versatile sex cuffs that can be used on ankles rather than wrists, consider these leather ankle cuffs. They come in black and green and are lined with soft fleece to make them warm to the touch and more comfortable for wearers. They fasten with a buckle and come with D-rings that can clip you or your partner’s ankles together. You can also technically use these as handcuffs, if you get creative, or double down with an extra pair for a hogtie-style situation.

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Courtesy of Babeland

6. Lovehoney Red Furry Handcuffs


Is anything more hilarious or fun than a pair of red, furry handcuffs in your toy box? They’re just the right amount of flirty and playful, but still completely functional and hold up over time for the reasonable price of $12.99. These faux fur cuffs are surprisingly comfortable and can be tailored for any play scenario, and feature a quick-release lever if you ever get stuck. They also come with a backup pair of keys in case you can’t locate the original.

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Courtesy of Lovehoney

7. Purple Reins Body Harness with Wrist and Thigh Restraint


If you want to experiment with something beyond wrist-only restraints, try this unique body harness take on sex handcuffs by trusted brand Purple Reins. While a pair of cuffs hold wrists behind the wearer, adjustable straps hold the chest and attach to matching thigh restraints for all of your kinky desires. Although it was designed for a booty-up, face-down position, you can also detach the wrist cuffs for separate usage.

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Courtesy of Lovehoney

8. Bondage Boutique Silver Handcuffs


Whether you’re playing out policeman fantasies with your significant other or just want a more realistic experience that’s far from the furry, cushioned sex handcuffs that are designed for beginners, these silver metal handcuffs are a more classic addition to any bondage or foreplay situation. The wearer can be tied up to the bed, or just have wrists secured together. Buyers love the feel and clink of real metal, which also makes them more durable.

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Courtesy of Lovehoney

9. Pennys Secrets Ultra Heavy Steel Handcuffs


If you’ve graduated past the lighter stuff and are into more hardcore restraints, opt for these ultra-heavy and durable body-safe stainless steel restraints, which are top-tier quality. They feature shiny, smooth edges that one reviewer describes as “clean.” Although they look intimidating, they come with four keys, and the seller ensures that these ultra-strong cuffs will last a lifetime. One buyer says, “slept wearing the set for one week now, which somebody would take the key (all locks are alike) from me and hold me captive in it for good.”

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Courtesy of Etsy

10. Lovehoney Oh! Silky Bondage Restraints


If you don’t like the feeling and sound of handcuffs or just want a more sophisticated form of restraint, silk ties are a fantastic choice. These silky bondage restraints are fuss-free but can be used in multiple situations, restraining the wearer. For any beginners dipping their toes in bondage, this is a must. Buyers use them on wrists and ankles but do wish they were a bit longer. If you want to be punished gently with the arousing texture of silk, look no further.

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Courtesy of Lovehoney

11. The Stockroom Padded Suspension Cuffs


These hardcore padded suspension cuffs from Stockroom are definitely not for the faint of heart or those just dabbling in bondage for the first time. Ideal for hardcore BDSM lovers, these suspension cuffs hang the wearer from the ceiling and are made from real leather. They’re durable, extremely sexy, and feature a leather lining with foam padding. Though they work as promised, they may not be secure for extremely petite hands, which might slip out of the cuff during the suspension.

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Courtesy of The Stockroom

12. Sportsheets Saffron Faux Leather Hogtie and Cuff Set


Hogtying is a slightly more extreme form of BDSM that involves one person tying up another, connecting the legs and the arms, and restraining the sub’s entire body. Tying up limbs has never looked sexier thanks to this stylish faux leather hogtie and cuff set, which takes the complicated rope-work out of the situation. It has quick-release clips that allow you to use other cuffs, and you can also detach the cuffs separately for a milder form of restraint play.

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Courtesy of Lovehoney

13. MISSTU Neck to Wrist Cuffs and Restraint Collar


To experiment with wearing a collar or trying choking along with sex cuffs, consider this kit with neck to wrist cuffs and a built-in restraint collar. For an affordable price, subs can have their hands tied back in a unique way that can also create a choking sensation based on the position. They’re made from durable faux leather and can spice up a range of positions, from oral to doggy style. A three-piece sex slave accessory that can be used together, or with cuffs and collar used separately.

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Courtesy of Amazon

14. Frisky Hands Up! Suction Cup Cuffs


This suction cup handcuff set allows doms to cuff subs against a window, shower, or anywhere else that a heavy-duty suction cup will stick to. The cuffs themselves are well-padded, while the suction cups have tremendous power that impressed multiple users. One Amazon reviewer comments, “The straps work as intended. Had the wife’s hands up in the air, her naked body pressed against a cold window in downtown Indy, she couldn’t pull away from the window. I grabbed hold of them at one point (not with her in them) and they held my body weight pulling against them.”

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Courtesy of Amazon

14 Top-Rated Sex Handcuffs For Bondage And Restraint Play