These Sex Position Books Will Spice Things Up Like Never Before

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Even if you’re not going through a dry spell, sex and the positions that you do it in can get a little predictable. If you’re looking to spice things up or simply try something new, sex position books can be a helpful resource. Flipping through the pages is a sexy activity in itself, building up the tension as you dog-ear pages that you’re both excited about trying later on. After all, there’s a whole world out there beyond missionary and doggy style.

Rather than finding lit that focuses on unrealistic acrobatic moves, we found a range of books for all kinds of needs. Whether you’re looking to explore more joint-friendly moves, historical sex manuals, or just some straight-up dirty and innovative positions, we’ve rounded up a diverse range of sex position books that have your back.

Since most of us weren’t given the sex education that we deserve, it’s time to put ourselves in the hands of literature. Here are the best sex position books that will blow your mind and improve your bedroom experience. And if you’re looking for a little bit of help in the bedroom, be sure to check out our articles on the best sex toys for beginners as well our article on the best BDSM starter kits.


1. The Original Kama Sutra by Mallinaga Vatsyayana


This book proves that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The original text of the Kama Sutra isn’t just about sexual positions, but also about the art of living and finding a partner. In it, you can find 64 sexual positions and erotic instructions that people have been following for centuries. The book is filled with over 300 full-color illustrations, and if you have an appreciation for erotic art as well as wanting to up your position arsenal, this classic text is a must.

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2. The Joy Of Sex: The Ultimate Revised Edition by Alex Comfort


This famous book, first published in 1972, has been revamped over the years. It encourages couples to be more playful, passion-filled, and pleasure-inducing, for all parties involved. This is the original holy grail of sexy time but revised and re-illustrated for your reading pleasure. It also provides valuable info on online porn that’s couple-friendly, as well as how sex is an important aspect of personal growth and growth between you and your partner.

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3. Modern Kama Sutra by Kamini Thomas


This is a more contemporary take on the classic Kama Sutra, first written in 2005. Unlike the origin which contains illustrations, these include real photographs. Over the years there have been many interpretations of the Hindu sex classic, and this one contains difficulty ratings, step-by-step tutorials on positions, as well as important quotes from the original book. Separated into sections on foreplay, oral, body, mood, and senses, this literature will truly take your lovemaking to new heights.

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4. Chronicle Books Sex Card Deck


Rather than playing dirty games with a regular deck of cards, this Sex Deck works to spice up your life and turn sexy time into a game. Pull out a random card and or carefully pick out a suggestion and approach your partner with it. With 52 choices, you won’t be running out of options anytime soon. They’re detailed, artful, and “easy to hide in a drawer to grab when needed” as one reviewer puts it.

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5. Position of the Day Playbook by


Perhaps one of the most famous pop culture books to double as sex education, Nerve’s Position of the Day sex position book offers 365 positions to work through — one for each day of the year. It includes hazards and benefits, as well as potential equipment you might need to get wild (think pull-up bars and rocking chairs). There’s also information on how many calories are burned per session. Be warned: some of the positions are quite acrobatic, but a good challenge to work towards.

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6. The Gayma Sutra: The Complete Guide by Axel Neustaedter


As useful as some sex position books are, a lot of them are limited to heterosexual couples. If you’re a gay or bi man, consider checking out Gayma Sutra, a steamy guide by Axel Neustaedter that focuses on pleasure between men. It answers questions on how to have longer and more intense sessions with a partner, as well as what the best positions for masturbation are. It even provides insight on how two bottoms can have an amazing experience together, and what toys can heighten your experience.

The Gayma Sutra: The Complete Guide Courtesy of Amazon

7. 101 Nights of Great Sex (2020 Edition) by Laura Corn


This erotic playbook is coveted by celebrities like Ryan Seacrest and Gwyneth Paltrow. It’s a New York Times bestseller that replaces 101 ordinary pages with sealed envelopes — 50 for her eyes, and 50 for his, as well as a seduction that can be completed together. The inclusion of envelopes adds the excitement of mounting anticipation, building up to an intensely memorable finish. If you or your partner enjoy sexy surprises and need a little dose of spontaneity, consider this unusual way to break up boring and predictable routines.

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8. The Sex Bible For People Over 50 by Laurie Betito


While some books are focused on acrobatic and adventurous positions, this one focuses on modifying positions for aging bodies. This self-proclaimed sex bible for people over 50 is a complete guide to sexual expression for mature couples, and beyond positions, teaches new skillsets like improved communication, longer foreplay sessions, toys, and other aids. There are many modifications for the social, physical, and emotional changes that happen during late middle-age. Unique solutions and tips are provided in a way that’s approachable and judgment-free.

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9. The Little Black Book Of Sex Positions by Dan and Jennifer Baritchi


This sleek and compact hardcover book is tiny enough to sit on a nightstand and chic enough to gift to a partner. Flick through hundreds of positions that go far beyond the ho-hum with positions you’ve never heard of like the Deep Impact, Forbidden Fruit, and Pirate’s Bounty. The positions come with descriptions on where and how to to use them, how hard they are, and how much each person involved will feel pleasure. Get to stretching!

The Little Black Book Of Sex Positions Courtesy of Amazon


10. Sex by Scarlett Hunter


This sex position book, inspired by the Kama Sutra and beyond, is one of the most comprehensive purchases you can make. It’s a boxset that contains four manuscripts in a single book, including sections on positions for couples, a complex positions guide, Kama Sutra positions, and Tantric Sex positions. From slight improvements to more dramatic changes, this detailed work on intimacy will teach you how to switch it up in the bedroom, increase overall romance, and maintain respect.

Sex: This Book Includes: Sex Positions for Couples, Sex Positions Guide, Kama Sutra Sex Positions & Tantric Sex Positions Courtesy of Amazon

11. Sex Positions Coloring Book: Playtime For Couples 


Getting to know new positions doesn’t have to be as boring as reading text in a book. Instead, opt for this interactive intercourse guide in the form of a coloring book. Coloring these gorgeous erotic pieces of art also acts as an icebreaker between couples looking to explore new territory. As fun as the 101 outlines are, the positions themselves are very real, and each image is anatomically correct. Silly yet informative, this is the ultimate book for setting the mood.

Sex Positions Coloring Book: Playtime For Couples Courtesy of Amazon

12. Kama Sutra Workout by DK


Sex is the ultimate workout, so why not take a book that riffs on the Kama Sutra positions and explains how to reap the maximum fitness benefits from each position? This is the first book to combine sex moves with fitness moves. With each position, the author indicates energy and flexibility metrics, as well as which partner will be doing the most physical work, or which moves provide even weight distribution. It also explains what muscles you should engage in order to make every position work, which is very useful.

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These Sex Position Books Will Spice Things Up Like Never Before