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Buckle Up With the 10 Best Sex Swings for Zero-Gravity Orgasms

If you’re looking for a way to add some spice to the bedroom with a long-time love or a casual partner, consider a sex swing as a pleasurable way to explore your adventurous side. Sometimes referred to as a love swing or sex sling, this unique accessory is a harness that suspends someone in the air during sex.

In a sex swing, you can go anti-gravity, accessing new angles and sensations more easily. These swings aren’t limited to a certain kind of couple — they can all be used for oral, vaginal, and anal play, as well as a space for spanking or any other kind of kink.

While they look intimidating, the best sex swings can help reduce muscle and joint strain. They’re also a sex enhancer for amputees and disabled individuals. Before buying, you’ll want to measure the room you intend to place it in and make sure you have enough space not to feel restricted.

There are several different kinds of sex swings to choose from. Most have a surface to rest your booty, some form of leg and foot stirrups, and even added restrains for BDSM lovers or those looking to explore bondage. Beyond that, you can typically find:

Traditional sex swing: this consists of a seat, stirrups, and two main straps that support the swing and make it sturdy. Some are ceiling mounted or can be hung from a freestanding sex swing stand.

Sex sling: These are less strappy and have more of a hammock-style material. They usually have a larger seat, making users feel more supported, but the simple construction and lack of stirrups can limit positions.

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Door sex swing: installed over a door frame, many door jam-based sex swings require a door that has a lock on it. These swings are less expensive and easy to install but do limit positions and motion more than other kinds. Ideal for renters.

Body sex swings: If you don’t want to use a door, ceiling, or anything else in your home, opt for a wearable harness, which attaches to a standing partner as another partner is strapped into the swing. This style of swing brings you closer than ever, but does require some strength on the wearer’s part. Ideal for renters.

Accessories like headrests are also available as add-ons for increased comfort and security. No matter what swing setup you use, communication is key so that both partners are comfortable. The trial and error involved in the beginning might make you laugh, but what’s the point of sex if you’re not having fun?


Pro Tips For Using A Sex Swing

  • To the swinger: While letting go can feel scary, it’s essential to let your partner take control. Fully release that body tension, because the more your body tenses up and resists, the harder it will be to experience the intended sensation of the swing, and you might even pull a muscle.


  • To the standing partner: remember to use the momentum of the swing to your advantage, whether you’re using a dildo or a human penis. This is one of the biggest perks of using a sex swing! Every thrust is more intense, with less effort.


  • Safety is key. Pay attention to weight limits that come with your specific sex swing, and never exceed it. Always press down on the seat before using to ensure the swing can support you.

From swinging missionary to hanging doggy style, this intimacy enhancer can strengthen your bond and is a playful way to experiment and find new desires. When it comes to better sex, you should be working smarter, not harder, which a swing will let you do. Here are the best sex swings available on the market today.


1. Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit


With comfortably thick straps and endless position possibilities to bring your fantasies alive, the Sportsheet Sex Swing Door Jam Kit is suitable for beginners and seasoned swing users alike. It doesn’t require any permanent fixtures and prevents chafing with its cushioned Neoprene materials, making vertical sex easier than ever. Unlike strappier alternatives with added restraints, this product is easy to set up and use. If you have particularly old doors, as one shopper did, consider adding latch locks so they’ll stay closed properly.

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Courtesy of Lovehoney

2. Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing


If you’re looking to experience suspension on a whole other level, check out The Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing, which hangs from the ceiling or can be hung from a sex swing stand. It’s made from industrial-grade steel, and has straps that are support-bar reinforced, consisting of two foot stirrups, and two body straps. While you may need to fiddle with it a bit upon the first few tries, the sturdy build, high weight capacity, and under $100 price tag have many customers sold.

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Courtesy of Lovehoney


3. Bondage Boutique Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing


Looking to test the waters with a sex swing and all its benefits without gouging your wallet? For just over $40, you can indulge in the experience with this door-mounted option from Bondage Boutique. One commenter on Lovehoney writes, “So much cheaper than other swings but still easily up to the same standard.” It’s a great add-on to an existing erotica collection or a budget-friendly way to foray into the world of sex swings, even if it does require a bit of experimenting.

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Courtesy of Lovehoney

4. Purple Reins Sex Sling


If the all-black, chains-and-whips sex dungeon look isn’t really what you had in mind, consider this well-designed purple and black swing that resembles a hammock, with a C-shaped support frame that allows you to add extra restraints. Although it has industrial-grade strength and an ideal amount of padding to avoid digging into the skin, it’s best for homes that have strong rafters, and high ceilings. It offers a flat surface to lay on, creating what one reviewer refers to as “essentially a floating bed” that enhances pleasure and provides more satisfying penetration.

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Courtesy of Lovehoney

5. Sex Slave Door Sex Swing With Seat


Having sex up against a door is a major turn-on, but If you’re thinking of getting freaky up against the back of your door, look no further than the Door Sex Swing with a built-in seat from Sexy Slave. The sling is made from sturdy nylon and features an 8-inch cushion seat and leg hanger to make standing sex comfier than ever before. Plus, the height and length are fully adjustable, allowing you to get that perfect angle, no matter your body type.

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Courtesy of Amazon

6. Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing


As much as everyone wants to let go and feel free when using a sex swing, there’s always that fear that it might break and you or your partner might end up with a busted back on the floor. This bondage swing by Fetish Fantasy ensures that doesn’t happen with its sturdy construction. It also has an added perk for bondage lovers, with wrist and ankle restraints, allowing for more kinky play possibilities than ever before.

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Courtesy of Adam & Eve

7. The Stockroom Web Leather Sex Sling


Leather is one of the strongest and most comfortable sex swing options you can buy, but it doesn’t come cheap. Still, if you’re looking to make a chic long-term investment, consider the Stockroom Web Leather Sex Sling, which doesn’t have ankle rings, but allows for plenty of versatile positions and add-ons. It’s woven to resemble a large leather hammock, complete with nickel-plated rivets, and even has a built-in headrest. A good choice for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable having their wrists or ankles restrained or suspended.

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Courtesy of The Stockroom

8. Whip Smart Body Swing


Note; this product should mostly be used by dudes with strong back or core muscles because it does require a decent amount of strength. If you want to be as close as possible to your partner and skip the specialized slings, ceiling hooks, and tools, opt for this swing that fits over your upper body with shoulder straps, with additional straps to support your partner’s shoulders, hips, or thighs in various positions. Every strap is adjustable, and it’s a travel-friendly accessory.

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Courtesy of Pink Cherry

Leather impressions Sex Swing


The Etsy storefront Leather Impressions has sold thousands of these handsome leather sex swings. Crafted by hand from genuine leather, this top-rated sex swing has stirrups for your feet so your partner can come at you at just the right angle. If you’re looking for the best sex swings for gay sex, it will be hard to find a better option.

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10. Leather Heaven Hand Made Sex Swing


You can find some great hand made sex furniture on Esty, especially if you’re searching for items of the leather variety. Case in point: this hand made sex swing designed for gay men by a storefront called Leather Heaven. It has a perfect rating from satisfied customers, and we think you’ll be satisfied too.

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Also Consider: Trinity Vibes Sex Swing Stand (Swing Sold Separately)

If you have the space, consider hanging your sex swing from a stand like this one, which can make you feel safer and more supported. Made from durable steel, it can hold up to 400 lbs. If you’re looking to protect your floors, walls, and ceilings from potentially being damaged, this is an ideal choice. It can accommodate all kinds of slings and swings, so you can add to your collection whenever you’d like. This brand also sells a spinning swing separately if you’re looking for the full shebang.

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Courtesy of Amazon

Buckle Up With The Best Sex Swings For Zero-Gravity Orgasms