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12 Discreet Sex Toy Storage Solutions to Organize Your Collection

Sex toys can be a fun and exciting way to practice self-care or bond with a partner. That being said, keeping sex toys clean and hygienic is just as important as that earth-shattering orgasm. A lot of people keep their toy collection hidden away from prying eyes in a bedside table or jumbled together in an underwear drawer. While that may be convenient, it’s not sanitary and can damage toys in the long term.

To avoid infections and rashes, it’s best not to cross-contaminate toys. You should also rinse them off properly after use. Plenty of sites like Lovehoney sell toy cleaners, but be sure to get a water-based one, as silicone and oil-based ones can degrade silicone toys over time.

Sexual health author and pelvic health doctor Heather Jeffcoat adds, “It’s best to clean your sex toys with soap and water or a cleaner designed for your device after every use — even if you only use it externally. Our bodies have oils on them, and any oil or moisture left on the device can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Make sure your device is completely dry before you store it.

“It’s best to keep toys in their case or a breathable and sealable bag after use. Never store your sex toy in a plastic bag — if there is any moisture on the toy or in the bag, it will breed bacteria. Using a bag that has a drawstring or zipper is ideal, as it will also keep dust out. Canvas bags work great, as they leave little to no residue on your sexual wellness aid.”

At the bare minimum, you can put your sex toys in soft fabric bags before graduating to hard cases or larger fabric pouches with dividers.


What to Consider in Sex Toy Storage

Award-winning adult filmmaker Angie Rowntree of tells SPY, ”A little organization goes a long way if you are urgently trying to find a toy for some spontaneous fun. As a general rule, we like to keep all our USB chargers and USB-rechargeable toys together — no one wants to waste precious minutes trying to find the cord.”

Additionally, many toys today come with their cases or even a silk storage bag for added protection and discretion — so use them! You not only want to avoid having toys accidentally slamming into each other, but you also shouldn’t let your toys be exposed to dust and fuzzies. Here are a few other things to look for while shopping for the best sex toy storage options.

  • Size: The size of your toy collection will dictate the size of your sex toy storage. If you don’t have toys now but plan on stocking up or building your collection, consider getting a larger storage solution. If you only have a couple of go-to accessories or choose smaller-sized toys as opposed to wands and dildos, a smaller case is ideal.
  • Material: Soft pouches are more travel-friendly and versatile to store, but they’re also available in large sizes. Cases allow for better organization thanks to compartments and can prevent toys from getting jumbled.
  • Features: Some sex toy storage cases have built-in UV sanitization features, while others are lockable or look extra discreet. The features should be relevant to your needs, as the more bells and whistles a product has, the more expensive it’ll end up being.
  • Compartments: Look for cases and pouches with built-in dividers and compartments to help you organize. You can also buy individual fabric bags to further organize your cases.

Whether you’re just starting your collection or well-seasoned in the world of vibrators, butt plugs and cock rings, these are the best sex toy storage solutions of 2022.


1. Lovehoney Lockable Sex Toy Case


This large, hard case from Lovehoney is one of the most protective options you can find, with a zipper closure, elasticated straps and a large mesh pocket to hold all your toys in place. It’s lockable, which is perfect for anyone with kids or nosy friends and lined with an antibacterial material to keep your toys fresh and clean. Ideal for holding a variety of toys and discreet enough to keep under the bed.

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Courtesy of Lovehoney

2. Tallulah Locking Toy Bag


If you prefer a bag to a hard case, consider the Tallulah locking toy bag from Liberator, which can hold plenty of toys. Like Lovehoney’s best sex toy storage option, it’s lockable. One buyer calls it “perfectly sized.” The Tallulah features a water-resistant liner and comes in a lush microsuede exterior available in four elegant colors. If you want a small or travel-friendly version, check out Liberator’s Zappa.

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Courtesy of Liberator

3. The Sugar Sak BioShield 75 Storage Solution Large


The large, satiny pouch features reinforced stitching and a unique BioShield 75 inner layer that keeps toys cleaner. The outside is black and glossy, while the interior has playful black and white spots. With a drawstring closure, this naturally antimicrobial bag is a little longer than 13 inches, making it big enough for most toys. Great for taking playtime on the go.

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Courtesy of Pink Cherry

4. Dame Stash Travel Pouch


If you’re on the go, this zippable cotton pouch with a built-in wrist loop has an unassuming sky print and looks like it holds grooming essentials. Instead, it keeps toys, cables and condoms easily organized with three inner pockets and two elastic loops, while the stain-resistant liner can withstand lube spills and more. In case a spill does go down, the case is also machine-washable, making it one of our most low-maintenance picks.

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Courtesy of Dame

5. Puritize UVee Home Play


Don’t stress about dirty toys with the help of this UV-sanitizing sex toys storage case. With a patented lockable storage and cleaning system that uses ultra-violet light to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria on toys of all materials, it features three USB charging ports and can remove germs in 10 minutes or less. While it does cost a little more than your standard toy case, it removes the need for mild soap and water. This can be especially useful while traveling.

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Courtesy of Good Vibes

6. b-Vibe UV Sterilizer Pouch


If you want the benefits of sterilization without a hard case, consider b-Vibe’s UV sterilizer pouch. It’s TSA-approved, making it a great travel essential, and is more versatile than plastic alternatives. Just place your toy in the bag, plug the USB cord into a nearby port and watch as a spectrum of pathogens, viruses and bacteria are wiped away. Suitable for any toy up to 10 inches long.

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Courtesy of Babeland

7. Babeland Keeper Case


If you want to experience the benefits of a discreet and clean place to store your sex toys but don’t want to shell out big bucks, check out Babeland’s plastic Keeper Case, which works best with mini vibrators. While it might not be able to house an impressive dildo collection, it’s perfect for miniature toys, bullet vibes, handcuffs and small accessories. The included mesh divider keeps everything separated.

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Courtesy of Babeland

8. BMS Enterprises Large Lockable Vibrator Case In Black


Best for at-home usage, this lockable toy chest is one of the few to use a keyless locking system. Since the No. 1 complaint about this kind of lockable toy storage is fumbling with keys, this toy chest is a top contender in our eyes. At 15-inches long with a floating shelf, it’s perfect for keeping larger collections organized and dust-free.

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Courtesy of Ella Paradis

9. Valante Microfiber Drawstring Storage Bags


With drawstring closure, these plush bags keep toys separate and away from dust. They’re sold in a set and feature large openings and wide interiors that are user-friendly and have quite a capacity. The larger size can store toys up to 11.5 inches long.

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Courtesy of Amazon

10. Open Mity Lockable Adult Toy Storage Box


This wooden toy box looks like something out of a 50 Shades of Grey fantasy. Sold in a handsome black box with a code lock, it’s all about detail. A tiny hole on the side allows for charging and ventilation, while removable partitions inside let you further customize. It even comes with a washable cushion at the bottom. With an inscription inside that reads, “Life is too short not to do it dirty,” it’s sure to get you in the mood.

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Courtesy of Etsy

11. Joyboxx Hygienic Sex Toy Storage System


Sized to fit bedside tables and drawers, the lockable Joyboxx is one of the most affordable hygienic options out there. It even features a top storage compartment on the lid for condoms or c-rings, as well as a drying rack and ventilation holes that encourage moisture to evaporate. When you do need to clean it, the parts are all dishwasher-safe.

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Courtesy of Lovehoney

12. Happy Rabbit Large Silicone Zipper Storage Case


Sold in a playful purple silicone case that looks like a clutch or a makeup bag, this zippered pouch by Happy Rabbit is a fun and sexy gift for the woman in your life. The silicone is easier to clean than fabric, and the zippers are lockable for better privacy. It can hold a couple of small toys and some lubricant, making it the perfect middle ground between a soft bag and a hard case.

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Courtesy of Lovehoney

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