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The Best Sex Toys for Beginners Will Help You Try Something New This Year

Whereas discussing bedrooms acts might have been considered taboo in the past, in modern times, it almost feels like you might be shamed if your sexual repertoire isn’t freaky enough. But don’t worry — there are plenty of ways to make sex a little more daring, whether you’re exploring your body on your own or with a partner.

Diving into the world of beginner sex toys as a newbie can feel complicated. These toys are a great way to spice up foreplay and explore all the different erogenous zones on your body, including nipple play, anal play, or just experiencing different sensations on other body parts. After all, your entire body is covered head to toe in nerve endings — make the most of them!

Remember: finding a toy that works for you isn’t about finding a sure route to O-Town. Sex is so much more than an orgasm — it’s about exploring what feels good. As the saying goes, it’s the journey that matters, not the destination. If you’re doing this with a partner, keep in mind that communication is key every step of the way. Being comfortable and feeling safe is the first step towards a mind-blowing session.

There are handheld vibrators, as well as vibrators that penetrate, that allow you to explore all kinds of penetration and clit or perineum stimulation. There are also vibrators or dildos designed to specifically stimulate the G-spot, or if you prefer a hands-free experience, consider finger vibrators or cock rings to take things to the next level without interrupting that steamy chemistry. And of course, there are plenty of different anal sex toys and BDSM toys for couples to explore.

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Here are the best sex toys for beginners that make exploring new territory feel exciting rather than scary.

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We’re obsessed with Unbound Babe and its genderless toys, but our all-time favorite would have to be the flexible, beginner-friendly Bender. Suitable for internal and external use, Bender has 10 speed and vibration patterns that allow for a range of intensities. It has more of a rumble than a buzz, which provides a deeper and more fulfilling sensation. It’s noiseless, which is ideal for those living with roommates and is also waterproof, creating a memorable session in the bath or shower. 


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If you haven’t already heard, MysteryVibe’s toys are now FSA/HSA eligible, making pleasure even more accessible. They’ve been helping folks deal with performance anxiety and sprucing up sex lives for years now, and one of their most popular products is the Tenuto 2. A super flexible cock ring, the Tenuto 2 delivers mind-blowing vibrations to the penis and labia. Unlike some other rings, this has a one-size-fits-all guarantee thanks to its revolutionary flexible design to maximize hard-ons and extend performance. You can also pre-order the Tenuto Mini, which is a more compact and affordable alternative.



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As amazing as products like the Lelo smart wand are, if you’re looking for the best sex toys for beginners, all the functions can be a little intimidating. Instead, opt for this simple but functional wand. Its compact size and flexible head make it less overwhelming to use, and it has five easy-to-navigate settings. The matching Vibio app comes with audio erotic stories and challenges for some sexy foreplay, along with guides on how to explore pleasure. It can even be controlled by Bluetooth, making it one of the best long-distance sex toys. 



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If the idea of a simulated vagina or anus isn’t your thing but a masturbation sleeve still sounds cool, consider Satisfyer’s sleek sex toy for men which costs less than $60 and offers a realistic skin-like material in its interchangeable sleeve. Combined with the innovative inner pressure regulator and a discreet design that looks unassuming on a nightstand or dresser, we think this is the best sex toy for beginners that’s not a vibrating or c-ring. 



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When you can’t afford a full-on sex machine but still want to purchase something with some thrusting power, opt for the Clutch by Unbound Babes. A well-designed twist on the classic rabbit vibrator (we’re so thankful they didn’t include ears), this toy has a built-in triangular handle that makes it a lot easier for you or your partner to use. The buttons on that handle are also simple to navigate (although they have a whopping 120 setting combinations) and both the vibrator and thrusting functions can be used independently if desired.



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An easy way to spice up penetrative hetero sex is with a wearable vibrator for couples, but similar hands-free devices from luxury brands like We-Vibe and Dame will cost you. This couples toy is so the best sex toy for beginners because it costs under $90 and has a flexible body that can be adjusted for your comfort level. The larger end sits on the outside, stimulating the cli, while the thinner end is inserted for targeted G-spot action. It also comes with a remote control.



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Forget the cheap, plastic bullets of the past. This one is made with something called liquid silicone and it’s straight-up amazing. The soft-touch bullet from Bellesa is on everyone’s Wishlist due to its incredibly supple material. It’s their most highly demanded toy by the Bellesa IG community, and all you need to do is scroll through reviews to see how much of a game-changer this material is. Complete with seven lustful pulsation modes, this elegant toy is a tiny powerhouse.



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There are plenty of plugs that are ribbed, vibrate or have other bells and whistles, but if you’re looking to progress in booty plug size or dabble in pegging for the first time, the only way you’ll get there is with an anal training kit like this. Easy to use and just as simple to clean, these differently-sized butt plugs are extremely versatile. Customers love the softness of the material, along with the fact that they have suction cup bases and can be used on any surface.



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Men, do you feel like you’re missing out on wand action? Many women cite the Hitachi as their favorite toy that packs a punch. While this isn’t exactly a wand, it’s the closest thing for men with a vibrating, open-cupped head that provides a mind-melting grip and sensation.  Its ergonomic, flexible build lets you wrap this wand-style stroker around the shaft or the head of the penis.



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Dildo play can provide earth-shattering orgasms for everybody, but starting too big is where most people go wrong. Rather than going with the “bigger is better” philosophy, opt for Bellesa’s smallest luxe dildo, which is the ultimate size for beginners and has a suction cup for surfaces or shower play. It’s no frills and isn’t designed to look like a penis, which is part of why so many people love it. Sensitive users describe this penetrative toy as being small enough to fit comfortably while still being very satisfying. For an even cheaper alternative, consider this under $20 Lovehoney dupe

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A little booty play never hurt anybody — that is, unless you didn’t lube up properly and started with too-large anal beads. The b-Vibe triplet anal beads are perfect for those looking to learn more about anal play. Pro tip: when buying butt plugs, always make sure they have an anchor, which will prevent embarrassing emergency room trips or discomfort during your first anal adventure. This rechargeable toy even vibrates, recreating the feeling of a rim job, and comes with a remote control that can be controlled from up to 30 feet away.
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Being tied up in handcuffs during sex sounds hot theoretically, in a 50 Shades kind of way, but when you use real metal cuffs and are just starting out, they can cause more pain and discomfort than pleasure. Start with something like Cuffies by Unbound Babes, which offers a safe space for people to start experimenting with kinks without taking away all dexterity. Made from flexible, body-safe silicone, these attractive handcuffs are resilient and restraining without being uncomfortable or too elaborate.

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most affordable vibrating ring


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Manual c-rings are great, but vibrating rings are a game-changer. This affordable offering stands out from the rest since it’s waterproof, allowing for some slippery bath or shower play that you and bae won’t ever forget. With a ton of different vibration and pulsation modes, this comfortable ring has an extended top section and a vertical motor that maximizes contact and intensity. Wear it downwards rather than upwards to stimulate the testicles. One buyer says, “This is a real gem. Me and my partner’s first sex toy, and it is something we both enjoy!”
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If you’re not quite ready to enter ball gag territory, foray into the world of BDSM with this bedroom bondage kit by Fetish Fantasy. This one includes adjustable cuffs that can be used for both men and women, unlike many starter BDSM kits which contain small and flimsy silk ties. This kit contains staples that you can start with or work up to, including bedpost bondage straps, two pairs of cuffs (for ankles and wrists), a leather whip, and an eye mask.


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Why bring a third into the bedroom when this silky smooth toy contains such realistic simulation? Creating the sensation of both vaginal and anal penetration, this 2-in-1 stroker contains a world of sensation within a small sleeve using its unique ribbing and dotting. One buyer loves how versatile this dual stroker toy is and comments that the “ability to swap between holes for a different sensation makes for an amazing time.” Although there are plenty of high-tech male masturbators out there, you can’t go wrong with a classic, well-made stroker.


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Although this prostate play pick doesn’t ship until April, you should click that pre-order button ASAP to guarantee that you reserve a spot for one of the best sex toys for beginners that want some p-play action. A large base and oversized buttons make it one of the most accessible and ergonomic prostate toys to play with, even in the dark. It’s slimmer and more compact than similar toys, making it superb for newbies that want anal orgasms.

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Looking to get into solo or partnered prostate play but not sure where to start? This beginner-friendly kit contains 4 velvety silicone anal toys, two of which have a built-in cock ring for his and her pleasure. The Bubble Plug is the tiniest toy for starters, with a rippled design that lets you take in only as much as you want. The entire kit is also waterproof, letting you bring this session into the bedroom or the bathroom. Just add lube and strap in for the ride of your life.


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Cock rings can help you stay harder for longer, and can even increase the size of your erection. They’re one of the most affordable sex toys to try out that’ll bring all parties pleasure, regardless of gender or orientation. These silicone rings come in 3 different sizes, letting you work your way up to tighter sizes. If you find that buying single cock rings is a gamble since they might not fit, this variety pack is the best (and most budget-friendly) way to start out.



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While there are plenty of wearable panty vibrators and long-distance interactive toys for women, there aren’t nearly enough options for men on the market looking to get their long-distance freak on. Whether you and your partner aren’t in the same city or you just want to tease them when you’re at the office, the Lumen by ohMiBod is an anal plug that’s compatible with the other ohMiBod devices, so you can sync your pleasure with your partner’s. You can also sync the vibes to whatever audio you want, whether it’s your favorite bedroom playlist or your partner whispering dirty talk.

best smart wand

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Whether you like broad or targeted stimulation, the wand is a foolproof sex toy for beginners for any couple or person looking for powerful solo play. The only caveat? They’re usually too loud. But with eight massage patterns, Lelo’s invention is completely silent. Their smart wand can be used on any body part (not limited to the clitoris) for the ultimate tension relief. Unlike bulkier, traditional wands like the Hitachi, Lelo’s smart wand has a stunning look, and as soon as it makes contact with your body, it increases intensity level accordingly.

best sex furniture


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Sex furniture most definitely counts as a beginner sex toy, even though it’s not technically a toy. Introducing toys into your playtime can be intimidating and confusing for some, so we recommend starting with this well-designed wedge and ramp combo that elevates your existing experience, shifting the angles for a mind-blowing sensation. Whether you’re in doggy, 69, or missionary, adding a few inches of elevation or changing the angle can result in a completely new feeling. This best-selling combo is also perfect for providing additional knee or back support.

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