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The 5 Best Small Condoms For Dudes With a Tinier Package

Guys, you shouldn’t be stressing out over a smaller dick than average. It’s all about the motion of the ocean, not the size of the ship. Stop trying to slam on a Magnum for the sheer fact that it makes you feel bigger. That puppy is going to slip off.

Small condoms for dudes packing a tinier penis are extremely important for protective sex. No matter whether you’re going in vaginally, anally or even for folks using condoms orally (and if so, honestly good for you), you need to find the right fit condom to practice protection correctly.

Why Are Small Condoms Important?

While the majority of regular condom sizes can fit watermelons, these might be too large for some guys and in turn, may fall off during sex. That’s why men with smaller members need small condoms for the appropriate fit.

“Condoms only work as barrier protection if they stay put,” says author, sex educator and sex worker Vanessa Carlisle, Ph.D. “If a condom is too wide, it can slip off more easily and that significantly increases risk of STI transmission and pregnancy.”

The entire reason behind wearing the best condoms in general? To prevent STIs and pregnancy. If your condom is too big, the entire act of wearing a condom in the first place was irrelevant.

Essentially, you are allowing yourself to wear a condom while at the same time, going in condom-less. Semen might seep out the side of the bottom half doesn’t accurately wrap around your penis or, as Carlisle mentioned, the condom might slip off completely. Doesn’t seem to make sense, does it?

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How to Avoid Embarrassment

Sure, purchasing specifically small condoms might feel a little embarrassing at first, but placing a condom on for it to look way too big on your penis in front of your partner is even more embarrassing. Not only are small condoms great for safety, but the snug fit will provide an automatic confidence boost.

“Obviously, we live in a size-obsessed culture,” Carlisle explains. “People with penises are constantly subjected to shaming messages about penis size. In this regard, the culture is just stupid — there are ways to experience sexual satisfaction with any size. A condom that fits correctly on a smaller penis offers both protection and more enjoyable sensations. A snugger fit helps with transmitting heat and friction — the good stuff. Wanting strong barrier protection and more enjoyable sex are great things! So getting a condom that fits right is too.”

Sex is supposed to be enjoyable, right? Finding the right size small condom for your member will amplify sex for both parties. So much so, that size won’t even matter.

What Are the Best Small Condoms?

In a world where brands such as Trojan and Durex are dominating the game, folks with smaller penises might be finding it hard to purchase a small condom out in public. For whatever reason, lots of retailers and larger brands simply do not carry small condoms. That said, it might be smarter to purchase the best small condoms online to save yourself time, energy and potential embarrassment.

Lucky for you, we searched the web for the best small condoms to wear so you don’t have to. Check them all out below.

1. One Condoms

We recently talked about the One Condom in an article featuring the best condoms for anal sex. Why? Because the One Condom is the very first condom approved by the Food & Drug Administration deemed safe for anal sex.

Although this is an excellent condom for using anally, it’s also completely made for vaginal use as well. But, what makes it one of the best small condoms? Well, One Condoms has a new service called My One Condoms, where they offer condoms available in 60 different sizes for your perfect fit. Seriously, condoms are available in sizes smaller than anything currently for sale in the US market. Plus, with FDA approval, these are some condoms you can seriously trust.

Looking to get started? Find your perfect fit here and explore the rest of One Condom’s line of products below.

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Courtesy of One Condoms


2. Caution Wear Iron Grip Snug Fitting Lubricated Latex Condoms

When Iron Grip says “Iron Grip”, they really mean it.

This brand promises no more worries about condom slippage during sexual activity. These small condoms are built for tinier packages for a lubricated, secure fit when going to town. For dudes desiring a condom-free experience, these small condoms are built to maximize sensitivity so it barely feels like there’s anything between skin-to-skin contact with your partner.

Reviews for these puppies are overwhelmingly great, with even folks offering these as solutions to their clients. If you’re packing some tinier meat, these are definitely an excellent option to consider.

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Courtesy of Amazon


3. Lifestyles Snugger Fit Condoms

Lifestyles is a brand most folks with penises have used in the past. These are the ones they throw out at parades and leave out for free in college dorms, Planned Parenthoods and kitschy tattoo shops. All in all, they’re trustworthy and feel pretty good when on. The only issue? If you’ve got a smaller member, they might slip off.

That’s why Lifestyle’s created their Snugger Fit Condoms for those of you with smaller penises. These small condoms are excellent for the fact they’re extremely straightforward. If you’ve ever worn a condom before, this is a consistency and feel you’re going to already know, except that it’s simply tailored to your penis a bit more.

Plus, this is a box of 100 for just $20. You can’t beat that.

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Courtesy of Amazon


4. Cake Snug Condoms

We love Cake for its incredible line of lubes, but did you know that the world’s most modern lube brand also makes some amazing condoms?

Cake’s Snug condoms are the brand’s smallest with a length that can stretch up to 6.8-inches in total. They’re packed with a luxurious silicone lubricant that makes the condom easier to put on and comfortable on your skin. In addition, these are latex condoms, meaning they’re relatively usual as far as condoms go.

These are packed in a collection of twelve and are available for a one-time purchase or a cheaper subscription offer.

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Courtesy of Cake


5. Atlas True Fit Condoms

It says it right on the packaging, “No Slip!”

These small condoms from Atlas are made to be smaller than most standard condoms across the US to ensure they stay on your penis during sex. They come totally silicone lubricated for comfort and confidence in the bedroom and have a toughness unlike any other.

Reviewers love these, too. They’ve got a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Amazon with folks saying they’re comfortable, indestructible and “great for old school keeping the rifle barrels water and dirt free when we are out hunting” if you aren’t using these puppies for sex. Which is borderline hilarious.

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Courtesy of Amazon