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Stylecaster x Ella Paradis Just Launched a New Sex Toy That’s Perfect for Couples and Solo Play

Sex toys are like smartphones, there’s always a new one to try out with better, elevated technology that promises to take everything to the next level. Stylecaster and Ella Paradis just collaborated on a newly-launched clitoral stimulator called “Better Love Stella,” that’s available for pre-order and will start shipping as early as the week after next.

Here at, we’re always on the lookout for the best new sex toys, which is why we’re excited about this one. Oral sex devices like this are one of the newer technologies you’ll find in the sex toy market, and this vibrator was designed to mimic the sensation of a tongue.

Better Love Stella

Better love stella


About the Better Love Stella Clitoral Stimulator

It’s designed with 10 different speeds, and a soft silicone tongue that mimics a flicking action for ultimate pleasure. It’s got mini silicone nubs around the head that lightly reverberate the vibrations throughout the entire clitoris. It’s waterproof, USB rechargeable and is made to be portable. Bring her with you on romantic weekend getaways, business trips, on the road or even to the shower for extra heat while you cleanse.

According to the Ella Paradis website (which we recently named one of the best places to buy sex toys online), this is “The Vibrator To End All Vibrators. Meet your new BFF, Stella. This epic collaboration with STYLECASTER is exclusive to the Ella family. Don’t be fooled by its calming blue hue, Stella knows how to throw a party.”

It’s currently available for pre-order with a discount of 33% for early shoppers, and it’s sure to become your new favorite nightstand device.

better love stella