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This Gender-Neutral Sex Toy Brand Is Here to Disrupt the Sexual Wellness Space

With a focus on inclusivity and welcoming all kinds of communities, the sexual wellness brand Unbound Babes is the brainchild of co-founders Sarah Jayne Kinney and Polly Rodriguez. These women are taking up space in the sex toy space as part of the movement that’s making sex toy shopping more empowering.

The Unbound Babes toys are affordable, functional and accessible for a range of sexualities and genders. Rodriguez was diagnosed with cancer at 21, which sent her into menopause. As a result, she needed to go shopping for lube, and after an uncomfortable experience at a store, realized that women’s needs weren’t prioritized in the sex toys space. After meeting through a women in tech group in NYC, the two of them decided to team up to create a direct-to-consumer brand. It would be the online destination they wish they’d had when buying their first vibrators, lube and other essentials.


What Is Unbound Babes?

Unbound Babes is helping to give men, women and non-binary individuals more options to help them be in control in the bedroom. With overly gendered toys, a lot of people have trouble relaxing during sex and achieving orgasm. Instead, Unbound Babes toys are often universally sexy for all gender expressions — seriously, who doesn’t want a glow-in-the-dark wand or a futuristic, non-phallic glass dildo? From light BDSM accessories to approachable, toys for beginners toys, Rodriguez and Kinney are all about helping more people have better sex with themselves and with their partners.

The co-founders aim to create a safe space with their creative aesthetic and welcoming values. “We always aim to be a fun, approachable space that encourages people to explore what feels good to them and not take things too seriously,” they say.

The values at Unbound Babes are “body-safe, beautiful but effective, and reasonably priced,” and they’re applied to every toy that the brand produces. Rodriguez and OOO hope that Unbound Babes will help to increase the visibility of sex toys and normalize them so that people feel more comfortable talking about the topic with their friends or seeing them on shelves at their favorite stores. In recent years, with retailers like Urban Outfitters and Sephora hopping on the sex toy bandwagon, it looks like we’re well on our way.

puff, bender, and jolt gel

The brand sent over three of its best-selling products:

  • The Puff
  • The Bender
  • Jolt Gel

Read more for a closer look at these toys that deserve a spot on your bedside table.


The Puff

The waterproof Puff is smaller than many air-based clitoral stimulators and is described as “compact” by Unbound Babes. That also makes it a discreet travel vibrator for anyone going through TSA. It can comfortably fit in the palm of your hand, unlike similar models from competitors with a longer handle. The shorter handle is slightly curved and can be nestled under the Mons Pubis, aka the soft tissue pad over the pubic bone.

That being said, the small size of the Puff has its pros and cons. Although the shorter handle gets less in the way during partnered sex, it might not be the most ergonomic for anyone with joint and wrist issues. The same goes for the location of the buttons. The small size made it a little harder to switch suction strengths, and might be easier if the buttons were closer to the handle than the suction head. It’s still well-designed and functional — it just takes some practice.

unbound babes puff

The first level of pressure starts out low, which is perfect for sensitive bodies like mine. You have the option to gradually increase over five levels. It falls somewhere in the middle between broad stimulation and pinpointed stimulation, thrumming gently with more of a rumbly feel than a buzzy one.

The suction head is soft, increasing comfort when it’s pressed on the skin. It’s worth noting that if you press the Puff down hard in the heat of the moment, the pulsations actually get weaker — just slightly letting go of that pressure lets the suction fully do its thing. Noise levels are under 50dB, making it a near-silent option.

unbound babes puff

One thing that could be improved upon is the suction head size. Brands like the Womanizer offer multiple head attachments since not all clits are born equal. Still, the quirky teal color and gender-neutral design make it a way more inclusive choice for trans people and non femme identifying women than options like the Womanizer, which is marketed to a single demographic — I mean, just look at their name!

The Puff takes about an hour and a half to charge and can last up to three hours at a time. With lube, friction is reduced, but without lube, it’s easier to pinpoint your pleasure spots.


The Bender

Sold in an aesthetically pleasing mint color, what stands out most upon unboxing is the fact that this thing isn’t phallic at all. In fact, it’s the least gendered, most universally appealing sex toy that I’ve ever laid hands and eyes on. Size-wise, it’s somewhere between a vibrator and a dildo. Both length and diameter-wise, the Bender is way more approachable than any insertable toy. Experiment with the full length or bend this toy in half, transforming it into a C-shape that you can insert during partnered sex for some G-spot or P-spot action.

unbounde babes bender

It’s completely flexible, letting users play around with all kinds of configurations and positions. This process of exploration was eye-opening — don’t be surprised if it results in multiple unexpected orgasms. The 10 speeds and patterns were well thought out and creative, and the overall quality of the vibration was unbeatable.

Strength-wise, the sensation is completely different from the Puff, so it’s hard to compare. But I did appreciate that this toy didn’t lose its rumbly power the harder you press into your skin. The shape of the Bender makes it a new favorite in my toy box. It has a slightly bulbous, soft tip that tapers into a flatter shape towards the middle, making for easy bending. Some buyers wish it was more firm when bending, but I actually preferred how malleable it is. It’s easy to grip and maneuver, making it a better choice when it comes to hand or wrist mobility issues. It was, however, noisier than the Puff. The rumble is also fantastic on other external erogenous zones.


Jolt Gel

While I didn’t get a chance to use the popular Unbound Jelly lube that many of their customers love, Unbound Babes sent me a bottle of their Jolt Get. The use of the Bender and Puff in clitoral and penetrative stimulation was made more pleasurable in conjunction with the gel during both solo and partnered play. While they advised rubbing the gel on the “desired areas,” I initially rubbed a little on the tip of the Bender.

For anyone who has been traumatized by the irritating effects of other menthol-infused arousal products that leave you with a burning Icy/Hot sensation, the Jolt Gel is a much more soothing alternative.

Working to enhance blood flow and give your private parts a warm and fuzzy feeling, this gel is water-based and has a great consistency, making those waves of pleasure way more fun to ride. It’s functional, never greasy and has a great scent and flavor with light notes of mint. It arrives in a user-friendly pump bottle that I personally preferred to a squeeze bottle.

unbound babes jolt gel

As someone with sensitive skin, I was prepared for the worst but was pleasantly surprised by how it enhanced the experience with both toys. Though it might leave you with a slight tingle after your play session, a quick rinse will quickly get rid of any lingering sensations. As they promised, it was “strong but not sting-y” thanks to a potent blend of organic extracts, peppermint oil, natural damiana, L-Arginine and L-Ornithine. It’s perfect for anyone with low sex drive, pain during sex or issues with sensations.

Overall, Unbound Babes stands out from the crowded sex toy space with its inclusive and innovative designs that still remain affordable and accessible. Whether you’re straight, queer or trans, Unbound has a toy that’s perfect for you, and its diverse variety of products will only make you want to grow your own collection.


Other Popular Offerings From Unbound Babes

1. Cuffies

A beginner-friendly intro to cuffs that’s comfortable but gets the job done, these flexible silicone cuffs combine kink with efficiency, helping you restrain or be restrained without the hassle of buckles, locks or knots.

unbound babes cuffies


2. Orion Restraint Set

As stylish as they are sexy, the Orion over-the-door restraint set is made from blue patent leather and features 7 buckle holes.

unbound babes Orion Restraint Set


3. Nudge Butt Plug

Whether you’re a beginner to booty play or well-versed with a love for classic butt plugs, Unbound Babes refers to this as “the people’s plug.” Made from silicone, it has a slim, tapered tip and a curved base.

Nudge Butt Plug


4. Stellar Glass Dildo

If someone came across this toy in your home, they might think that it’s an elegant piece of modern art. This well-designed (and well-disguised) dildo is an eco-friendly and non-porous option that works with all lubes. Perfect for temperature play.

Stellar Glass Dildo

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