Protect Yourself from Bed Bugs With These Mattress Covers

best bed bug mattress covers
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If you’ve ever woken up with bites scattered across your body in tight patterns, you’ve likely been the victim of bed bugs. As scary as bed bugs seem, they don’t pose an extreme health hazard, but their bites are itchy and annoying. Additionally, the very idea of having your skin penetrated and your blood eaten as you sleep is rather unpleasant.

Bed bugs are masters of hide and seek. Their flat, tiny bodies can fit between the fibers of bedding, suitcases and clothes. And they can go weeks without a bloody meal, meaning your home could be infested without you knowing about it until the problem has multiplied. 

So how are you supposed to treat and prevent future infestations? In addition to taking proper precautions when traveling, one of the best ways to deal with bed bugs at home is to use a bed bug mattress cover. That’s because mattresses provide the ideal environment for bed bugs to thrive thanks to their proximity to human blood and body heat. And while cleaning your mattress regularly won’t stop bed bugs, it may help you catch them before they get out of hand.

Bed bug mattress covers protect all six sides of a mattress and put an impenetrable layer between you and your mattress. This layer prevents bed bugs from taking up residence in the fibers of your mattress. It also prevents any bed bugs already in the mattress from accessing your human blood, which is the food source they need to survive. 

Protect your home from bed bugs by investing in one of the best bed bug mattress covers on the market. Take a look through our reviews below and pick out the best one for your household.


1. Linenspa Bed Bug Proof Mattress Protector


The Linenspa Bed Bug Proof Mattress Protector puts a barrier between the outside world and your mattress from all six available sides. It’s thin and waterproof, yet made from a vinyl-free material that is machine washable. The lightweight fabric is also extremely breathable in order to create a comfortable sleeping environment. As an added bonus, this bed bug mattress cover can fit mattresses up to 12 inches deep and in a variety of sizes, from twin to California king.

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2. Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement


As the cheapest bed bug mattress cover on our list, you might think the Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement is a large sheet of vinyl that sits between you and your mattress. That’s not the case. This mattress cover is made from a stretchable material which is machine washable and produced in an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 factory. The zippered cover provides 360 degrees of protection from bed bugs, dust mites and liquid spills. It’s affordable but still very much effective.

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3. Hospitology Products Sleep Defense System


The Hospitology Products Sleep Defense System is one of the most breathable options on our list. That’s because it’s made form an extra-soft knit fabric that doesn’t trap heat yet remains waterproof for any accidental spills that may occur throughout the night. As an added bonus, this “defense system” also includes an innovative zipper lock and bug flap to ensure bedbugs stand absolutely no chance of infesting your mattress.

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4. AllerEase Bed Bug Protection Mattress Protector


If you’re worried about both allergens and bed bugs, consider the AllerEase Bed Bug Protection Mattress Protector. This mattress accessory blocks 99% of allergens and bed bugs using its barrier layer. That layer is supplemented by a waterproof layer, a super soft top layer and a fabric cover which wraps around all six sides of the mattress. It’s also important to note that this mattress protector is machine washable and is available in twin, full, queen and king sizes.

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5. Alwyn Home Bed Bug Blocker Mattress Cover


The Alwyn Home Bed Bug Blocker Mattress Cover helps you zip a layer of protection around your mattress. This cover prevents bed bugs and other allergens from seeping into your mattress fibers. It’s also waterproof and stain resistant, so if you have any little ones that frequently wet the bed, this cover is an absolute must. And, to top it all off, the polypropylene cover is fully machine washable and comes with an ultrasonic seal.

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6. Remedy Bed Bug Mattress Protector


Add a layer of protection to your mattress but don’t sacrifice comfort with the Remedy Bed Bug Mattress Protector. Unlike most bed bug mattress covers, this version is made from 100% cotton that has been treated to repel water. As such, it’s able to eliminate bed bugs as well as dust mites and other allergens from your mattress. Therefore, it can be both a treatment for an already infested mattress and a prevention tactic for the future, too. The six sided protector encases all sides of the mattress and is sealed with a zipper.

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