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Improve Your Bedroom Setup With These Box Springs

Everyone has lived through their “mattress on the floor” days. But if you have your posters framed and clothes put away, it’s time to create an intentional bedroom setup. A sturdy box spring will make your bed a central part of the room’s decor — and make it much easier to get up in the morning.

Despite the name, modern box springs typically don’t include springs at all. These products are usually made of wood or metal. The structure sits on top of the bed frame and under the mattress.

While box springs might not be the most essential piece of bedroom furniture, they certainly add to the aesthetic of the room. Your mattress and bedding will be higher, so your collection of throw pillows and blankets can really stand out. A higher bed setup is also more compatible with headboards.

Box springs have plenty of practical purposes as well. Bed frames are often low to the ground, so box springs can make it easier to get in and out of bed. Sleeping higher off the ground also exposes you to more air circulation, so you can sleep more comfortably.

If you’re ready to update your bed, here are some of the best box springs available right now.

1. Classic Brands Instant Foundation Box Spring

This durable box spring is made of high profile wood, which supports heavy memory foam mattresses. The product is eight inches tall and available in twin through California king sizes. You will need to assemble the product once you take it out of the box, but the instructions and most of the tools are included. The cotton blend cover will fit snuggly over the wood without ripping.

Pros: The wood is handcrafted, so you can expect quality. The wood won’t creak with movement.

Cons: The cotton cover only covers the top and sides, so the bottom is left open. It can take a while to put together with a hand screwdriver.

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2. Zinus Jayanna BiFold Box Spring

Zinus’ steel-frame box spring requires no assembly or tools. Simply open the box and unfold the product. The durable steel frame can hold up to 500 pounds, and the slats are spaced 2.8 inches apart. You will also receive a poly jacquard cover with your order. This product is 7.5 inches tall, but the company sells a nine-inch version as well. Keep in mind that the packaging is large, so it may take two people to carry it to the bedroom.

Pros: The steel frame folds back up for moving or storage. You won’t need to deal with tools or confusing instructions.

Cons: The sizing might not match every bed frame. The 7.5-inch height may be on the shorter side for some people.

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3. AmazonBasics Smart Box Spring

This box spring is made of durable steel that’s also lightweight. It’s nine inches deep and compatible with spring, memory foam and hybrid mattresses. You won’t need any tools to put it together, and you’ll receive easy-to-follow instructions with the package. The two-piece fabric cover zips over the top and bottom. You can easily remove this cover for spot cleaning.

Pros: The metal frame doesn’t squeak. The frame is easy to pick up and move across the room.

Cons: The fabric can be awkward to zip onto the frame. Protruding screws can prevent the box spring from fitting into a bed frame.

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4. Zinus Walter Smart Box Spring

This box spring is available in four, 7.5 and nine-inch sizes to fit a twin through California king. The product features a steel interior frame and wood slats, which are spaced 2.5 to 2.9 inches apart. You will need to follow the assembly instructions to put this box spring together, but the instructions and tools are included in the package. You’ll also receive a knitted polyester cover to put over the box spring before you put it on your bed frame.

Pros: All the parts are clearly labeled, so you’ll be able to assemble the box spring quickly. The slat spacing is narrow enough to support a memory foam mattress.

Cons: This box spring can become creaky after a few months. The zipper on the fabric cover might not be sturdy.

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5. Mainstays Half-Fold Metal Box Spring

If you’re looking for a box spring that offers easy setup, this product is a great option. Mainstays’ box spring is made of heavy-gauge steel. The product unfolds right out of the box and folds back up when you’re ready to store it. You can purchase this box spring in twin, full, queen and king sizes, all of which are 7.5 inches tall.

Pros: The frame is sturdy but not too heavy. You won’t have to deal with assembly.

Cons: The box spring might not support heavy mattresses long term.

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