Sleep Better and Sweat Less with a Cooling Gel Pillow

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A sweaty sleep isn’t something anyone wants, but unfortunately, it’s something most of us have experienced. Whether it’s the heat of the summer, low-quality bedding or an unwanted nightmare, keeping cool throughout the night isn’t always easy. However, a great way to encourage a comfortable night’s sleep is with one of the best cooling gel pillows.

Cooling gel pillows work by improving the airflow around your head and shoulders by dispersing heat and lowering your body’s temperature. Having a pillow that does this can have many benefits such as: 

Medical – You may find sleeping on a cooling gel pillow helps to avoid migraines and headaches. They have also been known to alleviate symptoms related to sciatica, arthritis and post-surgery pain.

Quality – If you’re looking for ways to nod off quicker when you hit the hay, resting your head on a cooling gel pillow might just do the trick. Many users find they fall asleep sooner and experienced a much deeper and more restful sleep. 

Moisture – Cooling gel pillows often come with a moisture-wicking case included for dissipating any sweat which occurs during sleep. This is a great feature to look out for to ensure you have the best heat protection in place to aid the coolest sleep.

You’ll often find cooling gel pillows are made from memory foam, which is an extremely popular material for pillows due to its firm yet comfortable feel. When combined with cooling gel, memory foam pillows feature weight distribution, temperature control and pressure-relieving qualities.

What is a Gel Pillow?

Cooling gel pillows are scientifically designed to enhance your sleep. The gel element can be incorporated into the pillow in many different forms, such as a layer of visible substance on the exterior of the pillow or pods of gel placed evenly across the surface. You will also find styles that have the gel infused into the pillow itself. These latter types of pillows are most likely memory foam.

We’ve rounded up the 10 best cooling gel pillows available to buy on Amazon. Consider your favorite sleeping position when you buy yours, as you may find a certain shape or material mix is better suited to you. With one of the best cooling gel pillows beneath your head, you’ll enjoy the sleep you’ve always dreamed of.


1. Beckham Luxury Linens Gel Pillow


Whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach, nodding off for the night with your head rested on a Beckham Luxury Linens Gel Pillow is a great way to improve your sleep experience. The soft touch silk sateen cover is both fade and stain-resistant to keep it looking its best, while the 100% cotton material keeps the pillow’s surface feeling its best, too. Every aspect of this gel pillow is designed with maximum comfort in mind, including the cool gel fibers made for maintaining a cooler body temperature.

cooling gel pillow beckham hotel collection Image courtesy of Amazon

Beckham Luxury Linens Gel Pillow



2. Abco Tech Cooling Gel Knee Pillow


Sandwiching the Abco Tech Cooling Gel Knee Pillow between your legs encourages a better sleeping position when laying on your side. The position required to keep the pillow in place stops your top leg from falling forward and therefore enhances your posture. Inside both of the pillow’s central curves is a layer of gel designed to keep your skin cool. Measuring 8.2 by 6.7 by 5.9 inches, this cooling gel pillow is small enough to pack in your bag or suitcase for travel. Plus, it’s very lightweight, so you’ll hardly notice you’re carrying it.

cooling gel pillow abco tech Image courtesy of Amazon

Abco Tech Cooling Gel Knee Pillow



3. FAUNNA Cooling Gel Pillow


Fully appreciating the greatness of your new cooling gel pillow can take some time, which is why the FAUNNA Cooling Gel Pillow comes with a 100-night trial. It also includes a three-year warrant to reassure you of its top quality. The rebounding texture of the 100% cotton pillow will bounce back into its original shape within five seconds once you release any pressure. Also, the filling of each pillow is removable, so you can adjust its fullness to suit your needs.

cooling gel pillow faunna bed pillows Image courtesy of Amazon

FAUNNA Cooling Gel Pillow


4. Classic Brands Cool Gel Pillow


If you’re a pillow flipper, then the Classic Brands Cool Gel Pillow is for you. At that point of the night when you swap from one side of your pillow to the other, you’ll still find a large gel panel to keep you cool. With a height of five inches, this pillow is ideal for all sleeping positions. A mesh cover designed to wick away moisture is included, and it’s machine washable for easy maintenance of top hygiene levels.

cooling gel pillow classic brands reversible Image courtesy of Amazon

Classic Brands Cool Gel Pillow

$36.29 $49.00 26% OFF


5. BedStory Cooling Gel Pillow


Made from high-density memory foam, the BedStory Cooling Gel Pillow provides a firm rest for your head and is well-suited to those who sleep on their backs. The top-quality core is infused with cooling gel and features dotted holes for ventilation. A machine-washable cover sealed with a hidden zipper comes included. This is one of the biggest benefits of this pillow as the cover keeps the pillow protected in a breathable, hypoallergenic and dust-mite-resistant case.

bedstory memory foam pillow Image courtesy of Amazon

BedStory Cooling Gel Pillow


6. Qutool Cooling Gel Pillow


The polyester and bamboo fiber rayon case which comes with the Qutool Cooling Gel Pillow is hypoallergenic, making this a great choice for anyone with allergies. You can customize the firmness to suit your desired height and sleeping position by adding or removing the premium foam stuffing inside. Available to buy individually or in packs of two, this is an eco-friendly cooling gel pillow suitable for most people.

qutool pillow pair Image courtesy of Amazon

Qutool Cooling Gel Pillow

$42.49 $49.99 15% OFF


7. Perfect Cloud Cooling Gel Pillow


A quilted gel layer made of cooling pods covers the central section of the Perfect Cloud Cooling Gel Pillow. The pillow itself is made from ventilated memory foam to work in conjunction with the gel feature for a cooler and more restful sleep. A removable, stretchy knit cover is included. This cover boasts a black textured band surrounding the middle, which supports the more defined structure of this pillow.

perfect cloud dual option cooling gel pillow Image courtesy of Amazon

Perfect Cloud Cooling Gel Pillow



8. PharMeDoc Cooling Gel Pillow


Dotted holes are punctured across the memory foam PharMeDoc Cooling Gel Pillow for ventilation. This, paired with the blue gel-infused center, makes for a very good night’s sleep. Plus, this pillow comes protected by a breathable spandex cover, which can be machine washed to keep your pillow in pristine condition. And, as an added bonus, the cooling gel pillow boasts a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

pharmedoc blue cooling memory foam Image courtesy of Amazon

PharMeDoc Cooling Gel Pillow



9. Ella Jayne Cool N’ Comfort Gel Pillow


Measuring 20 by 25 inches, you can slot any existing pillowcase over the Ella Jayne Cool N’ Comfort Gel Pillow. Coolmax technology is integrated into the honeycomb surface to ensure a cool and comfortable sleep. The pillow is made from 100% polyester, which is both machine washable and dryable. It’s also hypoallergenic, so this is a good choice for people with allergies.

ella jayne home collection cool n comfort gel fiber Image courtesy of Amazon

Ella Jayne Cool N’ Comfort Gel Pillow



10. Columbia Cooling Gel Pillow


You may not have thought of Columbia as a pillow manufacturer, but they do make one of the best cooling gel pillows on the market. This pillow is 5.5 inches high, which is the ideal height for your head to rest on, whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach. The three-in-one technology featuring the company’s well-known Omni-freeze for cooling and Omni-wick for getting rid of excess moisture creates a quality product. The pillow is also dual-sided and filled with medium-strength memory foam for a well-supported, cool sleep.

columbia cooling gel memory foam Image courtesy of Amazon

Columbia Cooling Gel Pillow



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