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The Best Cooling Sheets for Sweaty Summer Sleepers, Tested and Reviewed

When temperatures start to rise, your regular cotton sheets might make you sweat, which leads to a lousy night’s sleep. That’s where cooling sheets come in handy: They can help reduce or eliminate night sweats and keep you at a comfortable temperature. 

Cooling sheets are designed to allow heat to escape, wick away moisture, dry faster or have technology infused into the sheet that helps keep the body at a comfortable temperature all night. No matter how they’re designed, the best cooling sheets will leave you with a restful night’s sleep. This is why we set out to find the best cooling sheets out there.

In total, we tested 10 of the most popular cooling sheets, and in the end we selected seven products. Read on to find out which sheets we tested and recommend.


The Best Cooling Sheets at a Glance

We’ve put together an in-depth review of each of the sheets we tested, but below is a quick glance at which sheets performed well. Read further for more information, pros and cons and what you need to know about cooling sheets. Here are the best cooling sheets of 2022: 

1. Best Overall: Slumber Cloud Performance Sheets — $199.00–$239 at Slumber Cloud

2. Runner Up: Casper Hyperlite Sheets — $208.00–$308.00 at Casper

3. Best Percale: Brooklinen Classic Percale Sheets — $139.00–$209.00 at Brooklinen

4. Best All-Season: Sheets and Giggles — $89.95–$199.95 at Amazon

5. Best for Heavy Sweaters: Mellanni Sheets — $29.72–$49.97 at Amazon

6. Great Value: Bedsure Sheet Set — $33.99–$59.99 at Amazon

7. Best Extra-Crisp Sheet: Coyuchi Organic Percale Sheets — $198.00–$308.00 at Coyuchi

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Testing cooling sheets at home in June 2022. Jamie Ueda/SPY

1. Slumber Cloud Performance Sheets


Best for: Someone who wants a cool to touch sheet.

Why We Chose It: These sheets feel light, soft, smooth and are cool to the touch.

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Courtesy of Slumber Cloud

The Performance cooling sheets from Slumber Cloud were one of the smoothest sheets sets we tested, with the added bonus of feeling cool to the touch thanks to the Outlast technology infused in the sheets. Although they were noticeably cool at first, the cooling sensation was not as strong throughout the night, though this is common with most bedding that has cooling technology. However, it kept us at a comfortable temperature throughout the night and we did not overheat. We also love that they feel light and airy and don’t cling to your body while you sleep. 

Another perk of the Slumber Cloud Performance Outlast Sheets is that the fitted sheet features elastic straps, so it doesn’t slip off the bed in the middle of the night. This is good news for sleepers who toss and turn, so you won’t wake to your fitted sheet pulled off the mattress. Sweaty sleepers should be aware that though these did a fairly decent job of drawing moisture away from the body, they did take longer to dry in our tests. 


  • Feels cool to the touch
  • Light and airy
  • Elastic straps help fitted sheet stay on bed


  • Took longer to dry than other sheets in our test

Material: 60% TENCEL lyocell, 40% Viscose rayon with Outlast

Trial Period Available: Yes, Slumber Cloud offers 60 night trial


2. Casper Hyperlite Sheets


Best for: Someone who doesn’t like a heavier sheet and wants a “barely there” feeling.

Why We Chose It: These uniquely constructed sheets are one of the most breathable and lightest sets.

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Courtesy of Casper

The Casper Hyperlite Sheets stands out as one of the most breathable options that we tested. These have a unique weave with a subtle grid pattern that makes them sheer. In fact, they are so sheer you can see the bed underneath the sheets, which some may find bothersome. However, because of their light design, heat and moisture can easily escape rather than staying trapped beneath the sheet.

These sheets are made from 100% Tencel lyocell, which gives them a lightweight and smooth feel. We also found that when we slept with these, they were so light they felt like they were barely there. Also, these sheets were top performers when it came to moisture-wicking and dry time, which means that, if you sweat, you won’t wake up a soggy mess. 


  • Extremely lightweight fabric
  • Lightweight and airy design
  • Very breathable


  • May be too sheer for some

Material: 100% TENCEL Lyocell

Trial Period Available: Yes, Casper offers a 30-night trial


3. Brooklinen Classic Percale Sheets


Best for: Someone who likes a crisp sheet that doesn’t cling to their skin.

Why We Chose It: Out of all the percale sheets we tested, these were the best of both worlds: crisp like a percale sheet should be while also feeling soft.

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Courtesy of Brooklinen

Percale sheets have a crisp feel because of the way they’re woven. The weaving technique and lower thread count also make them breezy. We loved this set from Brooklinen for its ideal balance of feeling crisp without being stiff and soft to the touch, unlike other percale sheets that feel rigid and rough. When we slept on these sheets they felt smooth and didn’t stick to our skin. They felt lightweight and breathable and stayed that way throughout the night. Even though these sheets are 100% cotton, which tends to hold water, these sheets dried surprisingly fast in our tests, likely due to their open and airy weave, making them good if you lightly sweat at night.


  • Crisp yet soft feel
  • Lightweight
  • Does not cling to skin


  • Does not wick moisture well 

Material: 100% cotton

Trial Period Available: Brooklinen does not offer a trial period but has a 365-day return policy


4. Sheets and Giggles Eucalyptus Sheet Set


Best for: Someone who likes a sateen sheet (smooth with a slight sheen) and lives in a temperate climate.

Why We Chose It: These sheets were soft, smooth and one of the quicker-drying options, all of which comes at a more reasonable price than others we tested.

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Courtesy of Sheets and Giggles

The sheet set from Sheets and Giggles is a thicker, sturdier option that keeps you cool and dry, making them perfect to use year-round in mild temperatures. They are made from 100% lyocell material and have a sateen weave that gives these sheets a smooth, slick feel with more shine than others we tested. 

We loved that the sheets are labeled with small tags to indicate which corner to put it on, so you can make the bed correctly on the first try. We found that these were fairly good at wicking moisture and drying quickly, so if you sweat you won’t wake up feeling damp. 


  • Smooth, silky feel 
  • Absorbs moisture and wicks water quickly
  • Sturdier feel while still being breathable


  • May feel too thick for some

Material: 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheets

Trial Period Available: Sheets and Giggles does not offer a trial period but provides free returns and exchanges



5. Mellani Sheet Set


Best for: Someone who sweats a lot and wants a cozier feeling sheet.

Why We Chose It: These are one of the most budget-friendly options on this list and one of the quickest-drying sheet sets.

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Courtesy of Mellani

​​The Mellanni Queen Sheet Set from Amazon is a great option for someone looking for a lightweight, budget-friendly option. These sheets were one of the best sets in our tests at wicking moisture and drying quickly, which means they will leave you dry throughout the night if you sweat. 

Unlike other sheets on this list, these are made from 100% polyester microfibers and have a slightly brushed feel, similar to peach fuzz, giving them a cozier feel and not quite as airy. They are also very low maintenance, barely wrinkling after washing and drying. While these weren’t our top pick, they were quite impressive considering the price.


  • Dry quickly
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Budget-friendly


  • Some may not prefer slightly brushed feel 

Material: 100% Polyester microfiber

Trial Period Available: Mellani does not offer a trial period but sheets can be returned


6. Bedsure Sheet Set


Best for: Someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot on cooling sheets but still wants something lightweight.

Why We Chose It: It performed well in our tests and is one of the least expensive sheets on this list

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Courtesy of Bedsure

The Bedsure Bamboo Sheets from Amazon are a wonderful option for cooling bed sheets that feel thin and breathable. They have a soft finish that is smooth to the touch. While these sheets didn’t necessarily feel cool, they were lightweight and we did not overheat while sleeping. The major downside to these sheets is that they wrinkled quite a bit around the edges of the pillowcases. However, they were one of the quickest-drying sets with one of the lowest price tags.


  • Smooth and soft feel 
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly


  • Wrinkles more than others we tested

Material: 100% Viscose from Bamboo

Trial Period Available: Bedsure does not offer a trial period but able to return (on Amazon)


7. Coyuchi 300 Thread Count Organic Percale Sheets


Best for: Someone who likes to sleep with a really crisp sheet.

Why We Chose It: These sheets had that just-ironed feel, without any actual ironing. 

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Courtesy of Coyuchi

These Coyuchi percale sheets give you the feel of freshly ironed sheets without actually ironing. Out of all the sheets we tested, these felt the crispest while also being smooth. These were excellent at wicking moisture, which is surprising for cotton sheets. However, they did take longer to dry.


  • Extra crisp feel
  • Dries quickly
  • Smooth feel


  • Pricey

Material: 100% organic cotton

Trial Period Available: Coyuchi offers a 30-day trial


Alternative Sheet Sets

All of the sheets we tested did pretty well, so you can’t go wrong with any sheet set on this list. The sheets below also performed well but were slightly edged out by others. However, you may want to consider these other options if none of our top picks work for you.

Sleep Number True Temp Sheet Set

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Courtesy of Sleep Number

Similar to the Slumber Cloud sheets, these sheets also use a cooling technology — but instead of Outlast, they use a cooling technology named 37.5. They are also cool to the touch and kept us at a comfortable temperature. However, they were edged out because they felt slightly heavier than others, which may be good for someone who likes the feel of a weightier sheet. These also have elastic straps to keep the fitted sheet in place.


Parachute Percale Sheet Set

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Courtesy of Parachute

These percale sheets had a more lived-in look than others and felt lightweight. However, these sheets didn’t take a top spot because they took longer to dry and were not quite as soft as others. On the plus side, we didn’t overheat with these and liked the crisp feel. These are pricier than the Brooklinen percale sheets if you buy a whole set, but Parachute also offers the option of not getting a top sheet which brings the price down considerably. 


Pottery Barn Belgian Flax Linen Sheet Set

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Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Linen sheets are a popular choice for summer because they are exceptionally lightweight and very breathable. The drawback of linen is that lower-quality sets can feel scratchy. While we found these sheets kept us at a comfortable temperature, they felt ever-so-slightly scratchy, though it’s possible these will get softer with more washes since that’s common with linen. 


How We Tested the Best Cooling Sheets

Before we began testing cooling sheets, we researched all the options on the market. After looking at different factors like cooling technologies, materials and construction as well as popular brands with rave reviews, we narrowed it down to the most promising cooling sheets to test. 

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Jamie Ueda/SPY
  • Shrinking and Appearance: We measured the sheets fresh out of the package and then measured them again after we washed and dried them to check how much they shrank. We also noted how they looked after washing and drying such as if they wrinkled. 
  • Cooling: We evaluated how cool each sheet felt to the touch as well as how cool they kept us throughout the night as we slept.
  • Dry Time: We put a set amount of water on each sheet and timed how long it took to dry to see if heavy sweaters would have dry sheets in the morning or wake up a soggy mess.  
  • Moisture Wicking: We dropped a specific amount of water on each sheet and assessed how fast the water absorbed and how far it wicked moisture (how far it spreads) to help judge if it would help absorb sweat and move it away from your body.
  • Overall Comfort and Feel: We slept in each of the sets of sheets for a minimum of two nights to judge the comfort, feel and weight on our body, if they were breathable and the overall experience.

Over a period of several weeks, we tested each of the cooling sheet in this guide (and some that didn’t make the cut!) according to the criteria above. We gave each product a numeric score based on how well it performed. This allowed us to objectively compare the results and come to a definitive ranking of the top products.

So if you’re tired of the night sweats or have a partner who feels like a furnace, then we’re confident you’ll find the best cooling sheets of 2022 in the guide above. As we test additional cooling bed sheets, we’ll update this shopping guide with additional reviews.


What to Look for When Buying Cooling Sheets

When SPY’s editors are shopping for their own bedrooms, what criteria do we consider? Before making a purchase, we recommend looking at a few specific features that can influence what type of sheets you’ll most appreciate.

Material. The material you choose will affect how the sheets feel and look. Here are the most common materials for cooling sheets.

  • Cotton: Familiar to many, cotton is lightweight and breathable, and good quality cotton will feel soft. The downside to cotton is that it can hold on to moisture, so this may not be the best material for heavy sweaters.
  • Lyocell and rayon: Both lyocell and rayon sheets feel smoother and slick compared to cotton. These sheets also tend to drape or hug the body more, without feeling clingy.
  • Linen: A good set of linen sheets will not feel scratchy and will get softer with each wash. These sheets will draw moisture away from the body and are woven to be extremely lightweight and airy.
  • Polyester: In some cases, polyester sheets do not feel as slick as other sheets but the upside to these is that they wick moisture extremely well and dry quicker than most other types of sheets.

Construction and Weave. The way the sheets are woven will affect how the sheets feel. Sheets with a looser and more open weave will be lightweight and more breathable, allowing heat and air to escape. Sateen sheets feel smoother, have a slight sheen to them and tend to feel heavier compared to other types of cooling sheets like percale or linen. Percale sheets are known for their crisp, lightweight feel and do not hug or cling to the body.

Cooling technology. Some sheets will have cooling technologies added such as Outlast or 37.5 cooling technology. These will make sheets feel cool to the touch and can help regulate body temperature throughout the night.

Thread Count. When it comes to cooling sheets, you’ll want to look for a lower thread count. These sheets have a looser weave so they are lighter and more breathable than sheets with a higher thread count.


Why Should You Trust SPY When Shopping for the Best Cooling Sheets?

The SPY team has tested and reviewed many health-related products over the years such as fitness mirrors, massage guns and of course sleep products like cooling pillows and mattress toppers.  The SPY team includes e-commerce editors and product testers with decades of experience, and we would never recommend something that we wouldn’t purchase ourselves. For in-depth reviews like this, we don’t just pick our favorite products; rather, we objectively test all of the top products in a category so that we can share the results with our readers. As new products become available, we’ll be sure to update this guide with the best new cooling sheets. 


About the Author: Jamie Ueda

Jamie Ueda has over 15 years of experience in the apparel and textile industry. She’s covered bedding products for years and has tested hundreds of pillows, sheets, mattresses and other bedding-related categories. She frequently contributes her textile expertise to publications including Good Housekeeping, CNN Underscored, USA Today’s Reviewed and more. She has previously worked at a home textiles company in product development, technical design and quality engineering. She holds a degree in apparel and textile design as well as mechanical engineering.


Updates: This article was last updated on Wednesday, June 22, at which time we completely updated the product selection after conducting extensive tests. After reviewing about a dozen popular cooling sheets, we selected seven products that meet our strict criteria for recommendation. After measuring features such as moisture-wicking, comfort, and cooling ability, we selected the Slumber Cloud Performance Sheets as our new “Best Overall” product. We selected Casper Hyperlite Sheets as our “Runner Up” selection, while Brooklinen’s best-selling Classic Percale Sheets as the “Best Percale Sheets” pick. Finally, we added information about our product testing process for bed sheets.


FAQs About Cooling Sheets

What is the best material for sheets for cooling?

The best material for cooling sheets are fabrics such as lyocell, viscose/rayon, cotton, linen, polyester or a blend of these materials. Keep in mind, that the best cooling sheet does not depend solely on the fiber content but also the construction and personal preference. You'll want to look for lightweight construction so the sheets are breathable.

If you like a sheet that’s cool to the touch, you’ll want to look for sheets infused with cooling technologies such as Outlast or 37.5. If you prefer a crisp sheet, then you’ll want to choose cotton percale sheets. Sheets made with lyocell or viscose feel smoother and hug the body more without feeling clingy. 

What type of sheet is the coolest?

Generally, percale and linen sheets are favored for their lightweight comfort and moisture-wicking properties. However, you can find excellent cooling bed sheets made from materials such as cotton and lyocell, too.

What is the best sheet material for hot sleepers?

Hot sleepers should choose a sheet that’s lightweight and breathable so heat and moisture can escape. In addition, moisture-wicking is important if you're prone to night sweats.