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Do Decisions Keep You Up at Night? Then You’ll Sleep Like a Baby on These Hybrid Mattresses

Life is filled with choices. Are you a beach or mountain person? Do you prefer coffee or tea? Are you more of a running or lifting guy? Choices are difficult, especially because through choosing one of these things you’re inherently giving up the other one. We as humans don’t love this dynamic, we want it all and we usually want it pretty quickly. Thankfully, as various iconic Disney television programs taught us, we can have the best of both worlds and be both. You can play high school basketball and crush it in the high school musical at the same time. You can sleep on a mattress that’s supportive with memory foam and bounces like a spring chicken due to coiling underneath. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. I’m here today to open your eyes to the Troy Bolton of beds — the best hybrid mattresses.

All dated references aside, hybrid mattresses are excellent beds because they don’t make the sleeper sacrifice all that much. What is a “hybrid mattress” exactly? It’s a bed that’s a hybrid of other top-performing mattress materials — mainly memory foam, gel, and innerspring coils. They seek to solve problems other mattresses have by combining the best parts, and leaving behind the uncomfortable, unsupportive, or heat producing parts.

Other beds lack back support or temperature regulation. Pure memory foam mattresses have that great cushioning feeling up top, but they can get super hot and the edge support can be sub par. Pure spring mattresses have the bounce that makes beds fun, but they can leave gaps between your body and the mattress that create pressure points. They combine the best sleep technology components of the past 10 years from foam to coils and gel into one multi-layer mattress that checks many if not all the boxes.

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The biggest benefits of a hybrid mattress include:

  • Hybrid mattresses have more bounce than memory foam mattresses
  • They’re cooler to sleep on, 28% better at temperature regulation in some instances
  • They have better edge support due to the innerspring core, this widens the area suitable for sleep on the bed and makes it easier to get in and out of bed.
  • They’re excellent for pain relief and back pain, the innersprings give your body the support it needs while the memory foam fills in all the gaps between your body and the bed, ridding it of pressure points and other sources of pain.

You should consider a hybrid mattress for yourself if:

  • You’ve slept on memory foam and missed the bounce of a “regular” mattress
  • You’re a side sleeper who needs some pressure point relief
  • You don’t mind heavier, firmer beds
  • You get hot during the night, but don’t need a mattress that’s only designed for cooling
  • You hate making decisions

1. Layla Hybrid Mattress


This Layla mattress doesn’t just look cool, it was also one of the most highly rated beds we found in our research. The mattress is made with copper-infused memory foam as well as an individually-wrapped coil system that provides the support you need. They’ve innovated their entire bed, layer by layer, and the result is a soft but strong bed that’ll hold you every night.

You don’t have to choose between comfort and support with this bed, as one side is soft and plush and the other is firm. So, you’ve got options within options, and can change your mind even after you’ve made your purchase decision. This mattress boasts excellent edge support, cooler temperatures due to the copper and great motion control with their Variable Support system. Because of all the options, this mattress is a great choice for a wide variety of sleeping positions — from back to side to stomach and somewhere in between. No matter what you are, this bed has your back.

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Courtesy of Layla Sleep


2. The WinkBed


This bed is a close second to the Layla when it comes to combining mattress materials for a well-rounded, great night’s sleep. It has a eucalyptus Tencel cover for temperature regulation, a euro-pillow top made of gel-infused foam that’s cooling to the touch and comfortable. The coils inside are also individually-wrapped for comfort and support, and the Extra-Edge system reinforces the mattress’ strength while reducing motion transfer.

The pocket springs and stabilizing gel work together to relieve pressure points while the SleepCalm motion isolation technology reduces disturbances between sleeping partners of all kinds. There is a LumbarLayer specifically put in for reducing back pain and spinal support, and the materials inside are made to disperse heat throughout the night.

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Courtesy of WinkBed


3. Bear Hybrid Mattress


Full disclosure: I was sent a Bear Hybrid mattress to try out for a different piece on the site. You can read my full review here. Spoiler alert — I love it. I hadn’t heard of hybrid mattresses before Bear came along, but now I’m a full convert. They truly are a mix of the best parts of other mattresses, from the pillow top to the memory foam support and cooling, breathable lower layers.

Bear makes mattresses for athletes for optimal recovery, but they’re great for anyone who wants a good night’s sleep. The bed has a Celliant fiber top, cooling gel foam underneath, memory foam for comfort and pressure relief, edge support coils and high-density support foam on the bottom. This bed is on the firmer side of things, but plenty soft for me, and I’ve woken up with noticeably fewer aches and pains since sleeping on it. It’s heavy and difficult to move, so if you need a super portable bed I’d go another way. If not, this one is top notch.

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Courtesy of Bear


4. Helix Midnight Luxe


The name of the game for couples choosing their mattress? Motion isolation. This is the quality in the mattress that’ll keep you asleep when your wife gets up to pee three times a night, or will keep her asleep when you wake up at 6am for a jog. This mattress is great at that, and also has a medium feel that accommodates those who prefer firmer and softer beds. It’s excellent for side sleepers due to pressure point relief, and it has a cover made of Tencel material that maximizes airflow. They’ve built in lumbar support coils underneath the hips and shoulders to align the spine, and the quilted pillow top is smooth and cool to the touch.

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Courtesy of Helix Sleep


5. Leesa Hybrid Mattress


This mattress is another excellent hybrid option and comes packed with a ton of value for a moderate price compared to the others. It has 1,000+ “active response” springs built inside that add durability to the mattress and support for sleepers of all different positions. It has a top layer of plush foam that’s been hole-punched for cooling temperature regulation. It has the comfortable hug up top as well as the supportive bounce underneath that you want in a bed.  It’s a softer option in the world of hybrid mattresses, so if you’re worried about firmness this might be the one for you. This also makes it a suitable mattress for all three main sleeping positions.

Leesa is also B-Corp certified and comes with a 100-night, risk-free sleep trial.

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Courtesy of Leesa


6. DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress


This hybrid mattress from DreamCloud leads with the memory foam, and combines it with a supportive coiling system underneath for a great night’s sleep. The mattress is a combination of five key layers, each of which contributes to you getting better rest. The top is a mix of quilted foam and cashmere for comfort, followed by a pressure-relief foam layer, a “sink in” layer, a supportive coil layer and a base layer. This mattress is perfect if you frequently wake up with aches and pains or have an injury and need a super comfortable surface. It also has stay-put technology inside so your movements and vibrations won’t travel to your partner, and the coils are designed for airflow so you stay cool throughout the night.

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Courtesy of DreamCloud


7. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid


This hybrid mattress from Brooklyn Bedding has some of the most extensive cooling technology I saw during my research, so if you sleep hot or sleep with someone who sleeps hot it’s a great pick. It’s infused with TitanCool, cooling gel beads that liquefy when they come in contact with higher temperatures for cooling relief. They also solidify at lower temperatures to maintain an optimal sleeping temperature — 88 degrees for sleep, apparently. The mattress also has a 2″ layer of hyper-elastic TitanFlex foam for comfort and response to your movement throughout the night, and a 1″ memory foam layer provides compression support deeper down. The bed also has an 8″ base filled with individually-wrapped Ascension X coils for pressure point relief and decreased motion transfer.

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Courtesy of Brooklyn Bedding


8. Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress


One of the biggest selling points of hybrid mattresses is their pain relief capabilities. This Casper Wave comes with 86 strategically-placed gel pods that aim to rid you of back pain and promote precious sleep. The mattress has a built-in Zoned Support Max system that ergonomically aligns the spine by cradling your hips and easing pressure points so your back problems improve throughout the night rather than get all stiff. It also has AirScape 3 cooling gel that circulates air up and away from you keeping the bed itself cool to the touch and you from overheating. It also has hundreds of resilient springs inside that give you just the right amount of lift, bounce and support.

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Courtesy of Casper


9. Purple Hybrid Mattress


If you prefer a firmer mattress or sleep on your back and need support, you should go Purple. It has a gel grid built inside that responds to your body’s shifts while the coil system provides stable, breathable support. Air circulates through the grid’s air channels so you stay temperature-regulated, and the cushioning grid reduces pressure on key points in the body so your entire system can relax. The grid inside the mattress is also made with a hyper-elastic polymer that’s ultra-durable and built to last longer than your standard memory foam bed.

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Courtesy of Purple


10. Avocado Green Mattress


If you’re sensitive to certain materials or prefer to go au naturale with purchases big and small in your life, Avocado’s mattress might be the perfect one for you. It’s made with all sorts of GOTS-certified materials from their latex to their wool and cotton, and it’s got over 1,400 pocketed coils designed in five support zones for optimal comfort. The mattress comes in two different models — standard and pillow top. The standard has three inches of latex rubber foam and is a bit firmer, suitable for back and stomach sleepers. While the pillow-top model is softer and perfect for side and combination sleepers who need pressure relief. Each Avocado mattress is tufted by hand and is bound together without toxic solvent, water-based adhesives or other materials that are bad for the planet. Sleep better knowing you’re doing your part to help mother earth.

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Courtesy of Avocado