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The Best Memory Foam Mattresses for Your King Bed

When you want to sleep like a king, the right mattress makes all the difference. Memory foam mattresses are some of the best universally comfortable. No matter the brand, you can typically expect a solid night’s sleep without the tossing and turning.

But what makes memory foam so comfortable?

King memory foam mattresses are designed to contour to your body. The material responds to temperature and adjusts accordingly, resulting in support throughout the night. This is why memory foam can be a great option for anyone with back issues. You might consider a memory foam mattress if you share a bed with a partner since the material limits motion transfer.

While memory foam mattresses range in firmness, most are medium to firm. However, it’s important to carefully read the description when purchasing online. The thickness of the mattress is another factor to consider since the measurements will affect the height of your bed.

To help you find the perfect mattress for your bed, we’ve rounded up the best king memory foam mattresses.

1. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Memory Foam Mattress

Ashley Furniture’s king-sized mattress includes two layers of foam and a soft stretch cover for a comfortable night’s sleep. The mattress is 12 inches tall, but you can also purchase an eight or 10-inch version. This hypoallergenic mattress provides overall support and reduces motion transfer while you snooze. As with most memory foam mattresses, this product arrives in a box. It might take a few days for any odors to dissipate and for the mattress to fully expand.

Pros: Prevents motion transfer. Comfortable if you have back problems.

Cons: Might be too firm for some. Has an odor at first.

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2. Olee Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep’s memory foam mattress will keep you cool and comfortable through the night. The mattress includes several layers of high density foam, as well as a gel layer to regulate temperature. This mattress is 10 inches tall and fits most bed frames. However, you might notice some sagging if your bed frame only has a few slats. The product expands quickly out of the box, but keep in mind that it can take several days for the mattress to expand to its full height.

Pros: Good balance between soft and firm. Great value.

Cons: Has a slight odor for the first few days. Might sag easily.

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3. Classic Brands Cool Gell Memory Foam Mattress

Classic Brands’ memory foam mattress has a number of quality features to help you sleep comfortably. The mattress is 14 inches tall, so it will add a bit of height to your bed. There are several layers of foam, including the dense base, as well as a soft cover top. This mattress is a great option if you want a medium-plush feel, but it might not be best if you need extra firmness for back pain.

Pros: Hypoallergenic materials. Includes two memory foam pillows.

Cons: Might retain some body heat. Mattress may slide around a bit.

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4. Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

This memory foam mattress features three layers of high-density foam, comfort foam and memory foam to provide ultimate support. The memory foam layer is infused with charcoal and green tea, absorbing moisture and keeping the mattress fresh. There are also several open air pockets in the mattress to keep your body cool and comfortable. Zinus’ memory foam mattress is CertiPUR-US® certified, meaning that the environmental impact has been vetted.

Pros: Expands quickly to full size. Comfortable if you want a firmer mattress.

Cons: May have a chemical smell initially. Can retain some heat.

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