If You’re Going To Buy a Bed in a Box Mattress Online, These Are The Best Ones To Get

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When it comes to finding the best option from the hundreds of mattresses available, there’s no longer a need to spend your day wandering from furniture store to furniture store trying out different options. If you know what you like, it’s now possible to order a high-quality mattress from trusted online retailers and have it delivered directly to your front door. In fact, in the past two years, a lot of new mattress startups specializing in direct-to-consumer delivery have entered the market, which means that you can choose from dozens of high quality, low-cost mattresses. Known as bed in a box mattresses, these companies have completely changed mattress shopping.

To set themselves apart, these mattress companies are competing to make buying a new mattress easier than ever. And although purchasing online may mean not getting to physically try it before you buy it, there are usually plenty of reviews to help you make a well-informed decision. Furthermore, you can have it delivered to your home, try it out for over a month or two, and decide if it meets your sleeping needs (and if it doesn’t, you can send it back thanks to the usually generous return policies).

To find the mattress of your dreams online, there are a few things you’ll want to do. First, decide if you like a firmer or softer feel. After all, the best mattress will vary from sleeper to sleeper. Next, check what size you need for your bed frame along with the thickness you think is best. Consider your sleeping style, too. Do you tend to run hot or cold in bed, and how much do you toss and turn? Different mattresses cater to different sleepers.

To help you narrow your search, we’ve found a selection of the best mattresses available online. Order one for easy home delivery and start catching the zzz’s you’ve been dreaming of.


1. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Chime Mattress

The Ashley Furniture Signature Design Chime Express Mattress is constructed from a number of layers of memory foam which all provide the firm support and relief you need. The plush-feeling mattress reduces motion transfer, allowing you to sleep soundly with your mattress beautifully contoured around your body. The mattress material is also hypoallergenic to keep pollen, mold, dust mites and pet dander at bay, making this mattress a great choice for anyone who usually struggles with allergies. Furthermore, it’s available in a range of different sizes, from twin to California king, and in a range of different thicknesses.

PROS: The range of sizes and thicknesses ensures there’s a mattress choice to fit in your bedroom.

CONS: After un-packaging, it will take around 72 hours for the plastic-y smell to disappear. Unlike some popular competitors, free returns are not available for this product on Amazon.

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2. AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress

The AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress is another mattress with a ton of options. It comes in a range of thicknesses and sizes and includes several layers of memory foam that deliver softness and support. The design includes a central layer with holes to help air circulate and keep you cool and comfortable during the night. You’ll also find a harder foam on the underside to give your mattress plenty of durability and resilience to the rigors of daily use. Plus, the materials in the mattress have been Oeko-Tex certified to ensure there are no harmful substances inside, and the mattress is non-toxic.

PROS: As it’s Oeko-Tex certified, you can be sure this mattress is free of harmful substances and completely non-toxic.

CONS: The multiple layers of memory foam make this bed softer than the average mattress, which isn’t for everyone. Product can take up to 72 hours to be sleep ready after delivery.

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3. Live and Sleep Queen Mattress

The Live and Sleep Queen Mattress provides a sleeping experience which is slightly on the firmer side of the softness scale. It sports a high-density core to provide relief for your pressure points. This support makes it a great choice for stomach, side and back sleepers and can result in less tossing and turning through the night. The mattress also comes with a soft fabric cover which can also be removed for easy cleaning. Furthermore, the mattress uses foam that’s both CertiPUR and Oeko-Tex certified and comes in an eco-friendly box, which will please environmentally aware consumers.

PROS: With available sizes ranging from twin to Californian King, it’s easy to fit this firmer-than-average mattress in your home. This mattress can be returned within 30 days and comes with a warranty.

CONS: While marketed as a mildly-firm mattress, some users feel it is much firmer than that classification suggests.

best mattresses live and sleep queen Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Linenspa Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

The Linenspa Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress offers the best of both worlds by combining memory foam with steel coils to deliver all the comfort and support you need during the night. The resulting mattress offers a medium-firm feel which is ideal kids, guest rooms and people who prefer beds that sit in that Goldilocks area. The top layer of memory foam helps to keep your spine aligned, while the cozy knit cover provides an additional bit of softness. The mattress is available in three different profiles, ranging from eight to 10 inches.

PROS: The mix of memory foam and steel coils offers a well-balanced mix of comfort and support. Free returns through Amazon Prime. One of the most affordable mattresses for sale online.

CONS: The bed’s medium-firm feel may be too soft for those who like a firm bed and too hard for those who like a soft bed.

best mattresses linenspa Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress

With a central core made from three different levels of memory foam, the Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress provides plenty of support and comfort for a good night’s rest. The core is made from a mix of high-quality, CertiPUR-certified memory foam, pressure-relieving foam and high-density base support foam. The memory foam conforms to your body, while the high-density foam gives the neutral sleeping temperature mattress stability and durability. Inside, you’ll find ActivCharcoal to maintain freshness, reduce odors and absorb moisture. Furthermore, the mattress includes a worry-free, 10-year limited warranty.

PROS: The three included foam layers provide all the softness and support you want in a medium-firmness mattress. Unlike other products from Zinus, this product isn’t designed to keep you cool during the night.

CONS: This mattress is definitely a middle-of-the-road model, so if you prefer a softer or harder feel, this might not be the best mattress for you.

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6. Casper Sleep Essential Mattress

If you’re after a little bit of luxury in your life, it may be worth investing in the Casper Sleep Essential Mattress. This well-loved mattress offers pressure relief, comfort, support and durability, meaning it’s going to provide years of enjoyable rest. The mattress’s design includes breathable, open-cell foams, which prevent overheating as you sleep, ensuring you remain just the right temperature. The upholstery-grade hybrid knit cover is also built to last and can be removed for easy maintenance of your mattress. Finally, if you’re skeptical about loving the mattress, there’s no need to worry as it comes with a free return policy up to 100 days.

PROS: This all-encompassing design offers support, comfort, relief for your body and impressive durability for a great night’s sleep every night. Generous return policy.

CONS: The softness provided by the several layers of memory foam is unlikely to please people who prefer harder mattresses. Charcoal color may clash with some types of bedsheets.

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