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Side Sleeper? You Need One of These 21 Pillows

Whether you’re a back, stomach or side sleeper, having the right pillows for you can be the difference between a horrible night’s sleep and a peaceful one. 

For side sleepers, there are a plethora of options. Some are memory foam pillows designed for maximum support, while others are made to alleviate some common sleeping ailments, like snoring, joint pain or even loneliness. In our experience, the best pillows for side sleepers offer a mix of comfort, cooling properties and support.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of pillows for side sleepers and the best options on the market.


Can Pillows for Side Sleepers Alleviate Snoring?

Nobody likes a snorer, and nobody wants to be a snorer either. Side sleeping is one of the best ways to avoid being a nighttime trumpet, and having the best pillow to encourage that can be a real help to you and your partner.

Sleeping on your back is scientifically known as the supine sleep position. While some people dream the night away peacefully in this position, others can’t help but snore when laying on their backs. So, they opt for a side sleeping stance instead. This is because when you sleep on your back, both your tongue and some of your softer throat tissues can fall backward and interrupt your breathing. This, in turn, leads to snoring

Sleeping on your side will reduce the chance of snoring and increase your angelic sleeping tones. For that reason, changing your pillow to one designed for side sleeping may be the easiest way to stop snoring.

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What Else Are Side Pillows Good for?

In addition to alleviating snoring, the best pillows for side sleepers can also help reduce tossing, turning and discomfort. They allow muscles to relax properly, offering natural spinal support to the body and adjusting to each person’s unique shape in order to promote deep, restful sleep.

Furthermore, some users may find that side pillows help reduce joint pain as they alleviate pressure on the body during sleep. 

Finally, most pregnant women find that pillows for side sleeping are extremely useful during the later stages of the pregnancy. The pillows help alleviate the aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

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What to Consider When Buying a Pillow for Side Sleeping 

If you’re already a confident side sleeper, then you might be looking for a different style of pillow for someone who’s new to the technique. Some side sleeping pillows are designed to help train people into snoozing in the side position, and others are purely for added comfort. The majority of styles can also cater to better support and alignment when sleeping. Be sure to check the measurements of your pillow when purchasing, as pillows that are too high can produce a hunchback. Likewise, pillows that are too low can cause cervical curvature.


1. Power of Nature Memory Foam Contour Pillow


The Power of Nature Memory Foam Contour Pillow is ergonomically designed to promote proper alignment and is made from skin-friendly and breathable material. It can be machine washed and guarantees to not fade in color. Plus, it has a super soft surface on the outside and moisture-sensitive fiber. On the inside, the insert boasts a buffering force 10 times stronger than that of an ordinary sponge, meaning it provides plenty of support while you’re sleeping.

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2. WonderSleep Dream Rite Memory Foam Pillow


WonderSleep has utilized shredded memory foam for their Dream Rite pillow to provide the firmness of solid foam coupled with soft comfort. The cool, breathable design molds to the body, and the 40% viscose-rayon and 60% polyester material is hypoallergenic to help prevent allergic reactions. For ultimate comfort, you can create your own unique sleeping experience by removing the adjustable filling to suit your preference.

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3. 5 STARS UNITED Knee Pillow


Not all side sleeping pillows are designed for your head. The 5 STARS UNITE Knee Pillow is for use between your legs and is designed to perfectly replicate the contours of your body. The 100% memory foam inner cushion promotes better blood circulation and relief from sciatica, knee, back, joint and hip pain. It also has a removable zipper cover that can be machine washed.

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4. Pillow Cube Pro


You may have seen ads on your social media feeds lately for the Pillow Cube, the pillow designed just for side sleepers. A cube might seem like an odd shape for a pillow, but when you sleep on your side, there is roughly a right angle between the sides of your head and the shoulders. This memory foam pillow was designed to perfectly fill that gap, thus providing side sleepers a better night’s sleep. This pillow is most definitely on the firm side, but it provides great support and is perfect for people who toss and turn from side to side.  If you’re not sure the Pillow Cube Pro is the right choice for you, the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can also find the smaller Pillow Cube below.

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5. Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillow


Given its impressive backing of more than 98,000 5-star ratings from happy Amazon customers, it’s hard to imagine anyone not enjoying a night’s rest on the Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillow. This set of two comes in either queen or king sizes and sports a versatile style that’s compatible for side, back and stomach sleepers. The pillows are made from 100% cotton, which is hypoallergenic. They also include a down-like filling which creates a luxurious, bounce-back feel.

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6. Layla Kapok Pillow


Coming in a choice of king or queen sizes, the Layla Kapok (pronounced “kay-pock”) Pillow is worth investing in. It balances support and softness to deliver a pillow capable of giving you your best night’s rest. Inside, the pillow is filled with reactive memory foam which molds to you for just the right amount of support. The accompanying cover is made from a polyester and viscose blend which incorporates CuTEC® performance copper fibers for better temperature control and cleanliness.

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7. Pluto Pillow


One of our E-Commerce Editors, Taylor Galla, received a trial sample of a Pluto Pillow and loved it. You fill out a simple quiz on their website about sleeping position, temperature, desired height and more, and they custom make a pillow for you. Hers came with a quilted design, a medium build and a soft but firm texture. It’s cooling, supportive, comfortable and she’s woken up with less neck pain, and feeling more well-rested by using it. We highly recommend this pillow for all sleepers, including side sleepers, who want a customizes experience at a reasonably affordable price point.

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7. Royal Therapy Queen Memory Foam Side Pillow


Sleep like a king with the Royal Therapy Memory Foam Side Sleep Pillow. The pillow sports a unique wave shape and allows for sleepers to adjust its height, making it ideal for side sleepers and all other types of sleeper, too. Its ergonomic design has been specially developed by orthopedic doctors to deliver just the right balance of comfort and support. Plus, I=it also has an outer cover made from bamboo fabric and a three-layer memory foam core for a high quality and extra durable finish.

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8. GhostPillow Memory Foam Pillow


If body temperature is the biggest reason you struggle for sleep, you may want to consider the GhostPillow Memory Foam Pillow. This advanced pillow incorporates phase-change material which promotes airflow, while adjusting to your body temperature throughout the night for a more comfortable rest. It’s made from premium materials, including the gel, memory foam core which never needs fluffing as well as a cool-to-the-touch Ghost Ice Fabric cover with a built-in zipper for a secure fit. Overall, this pillow sits on the firmer side of the scale, making it ideal for users who prefer greater support as they sleep.

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9. DMI Side Sleeper Body Pillow


Our ears are on the front line of side sleeping, but there doesn’t need to be any added pressure on them when using the DMI Side Sleep Body Pillow. The U-shaped design cradles your whole body, including your head, neck, arms and legs, and is filled with firm yet comfortable hypoallergenic polyester fiber. This pillow also includes a smart ear pocket to help you avoid uncomfortable, crushed-ear positions as well as to help prevent friction if you change sleeping positions during the night. 

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10. Scandvia CPAP Pillow


The Scandvia CPAP Pillow was designed to afford CPAP users the same levels of comfort as everyone else. Its unique shape allows mask wearers to sleep on their back or side without having to worry about tubes becoming tangled thanks to the pillow’s smartly placed cutouts. It’s constructed from a premium-quality memory foam for added comfort and support as well as to ensure your spine and pelvis remain aligned during use. Furthermore, the accompanying pillowcase is removable and sports an attractive striped design. It’s also machine washable.

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11. SORMAG Bed Pillow


The SORMAG Bed Pillow is another popular, well-reviewed pillow that sports a familiar, traditional shape. The pack of two comes with over 12,000 five-star ratings and in three sizes, namely standard, queen and king. The pillows are filled with high-quality materials to increase the sub-five-second ability to bounce back, which, combined with a multi-boxed face, makes it feel like you’re sleeping on 156 tiny pillows and facilitates deeper, longer sleep. Additionally, this well-reviewed set offers antibacterial action and can be machine washed.

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12. AS AWESLING Full Body Pillow


If you’ve got a little one on the way and want to ensure the mother-to-be and bump get the best night’s sleep, the AS AWESLING Full Body Maternity and Pregnancy Body Pillow is the way forward. The combination design offers support to the body, head, shoulders, back, feet, ankles, legs and belly. There’s also a bonus pillow included which is detachable for extra belly support.

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13. PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow


It can be hard enough to get a good night’s rest on the best of days, let alone when you’re pregnant. For this reason, your pregnant partner or friend may appreciate the PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow. This super-sized pillow sports a pretzel-like shape which allows pregnant ladies, and anyone searching for additional, body-wide support, to work themselves into a position not possible with the average bed pillow. This pregnancy pillow is also available in five colors and can be used away from the bed, too, such as on sofas and floors.

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14. EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow


The EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow uses an ergonomic design to deliver a pillow created with a comfortable night’s sleep in mind. From the unique shape to the high-quality pillowcase supplied with it, this is a reliable choice for side, back and stomach sleepers alike. The various humps and cutouts provide just the right amount of support for your head, neck and shoulders. Plus, the hypoallergenic materials used in the pillow are silky soft and offer dust mite protection.

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15. BLISSBURY Ear Pillow


One thing about sleeping on your side is that you can’t avoid sleeping on an ear. Or can you? The BLISSBURY Ear Pillow deals with this potential pitfall by sporting two 3.5-inch cutouts for accommodating your ears. This also helps people who sleep with piercings, earplugs or earphones in their ears to lie flat without experiencing discomfort. The pillow itself is made from cooling gel-infused memory foam with a double cover in the form of a jersey cotton inner case and a soft, bamboo outer. Additionally, this pillow includes a removable pad that lets you choose between two different resting heights.

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16. Sagino Cervical Memory Foam Pillow


The Sagino Cervical Memory Foam Pillow makes use of raised and lowered areas to specifically deliver support for your shoulders, head, arms and spine. This body-tailored approach may also help with headaches, insomnia and sore shoulders. The design’s dual-height contours make this a versatile pillow, suitable for side, back and stomach sleepers. It also comes with a pillowcase made from a mix of bamboo and polyester materials, which are breathable and soft against skin, while the core is 100% memory foam.

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17. Elviros Memory Foam Pillow


The arc shape of the Elviros Memory Foam Pillow adapts to your head and neck curves to make your breathing smoother throughout the night. It has a center cavity hole in the middle to relieve head pressure and a contour area to ease the pressure on your shoulders when you’re sleeping on your side. There are also armrests to relieve the pressure on your wrist and arms throughout the night.

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18. The Original Boyfriend Pillow


If you’re away from home and want to offer a hug from afar, or if perhaps you need someone to put their arm around you when you’re feeling down, then The Original Boyfriend Pillow might be the sleeping buddy you’ve been searching for. This superior quality pillow is well-crafted, strong and durable. He comes complete with a stylish shirt and is ready and waiting for a warm embrace whenever needed.

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19. IKSTAR Memory Foam Ergonomic Orthopedic Pillow


The hollow middle design of the IKSTAR Memory Foam Ergonomic Orthopedic Pillow relieves head pressure points. The pillow also features a neck support area and a shoulder fixation area to relieve tension on the lower neck. It’s made from hypo-allergenic materials and is designed to prevent snoring. It also has a high side and a low side which you can choose between for the best sleeping position to suit you.

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20. WoodyKnows Side-Sleeping Backpack


If you’re not quite yet the side sleeper that you want to be, then the WoodyKnows Side-Sleeping Backpack could be the step forward you need. It can be used as a training tool for developing side sleeping and is designed with a universal fit. There are two sizes available (small and large) to fit different body types, and the backpack can also be securely fastened to your body using the built-in straps and buckles. This prevents it from slipping loose during the night.

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21. Pillow Cube Pro


If you prefer a firmer pillow, the Pillow Cube could be the right choice for you. And while the classic Pillow Cube is shaped more like a cube, the Pillow Cube Pro is rectangular like a more traditional pillow. This Kickstarter-backed side pillow company is trying to change the way that side sleepers fall and stay asleep. Pillow Cube has created a pillow specifically designed for the needs of side sleepers, with a shape that better supports your spine.

As the name suggests, this uniquely shaped pillow for side sleepers featured a boxy shape with more defined edges than you normally find on the average pillow. It comes in three sizes, namely a four, a five and a six-inch option, with the right one for you related to your head size and shoulder width. Furthermore, each pillow is supplied with a quilted pillow cover to increase comfort while resting.

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