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The Best Pillowcases for a More Luxurious Sleep in 2021

It’s common for pillowcases to come with a set of bedsheets, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for those. You can find the best pillowcase for any particular concerns, or just to give you the most comfortable night of sleep possible.

Just like how sheets come in a variety of materials that you can cater to your sleep preferences, there are also different fabric choices to consider in a pillowcase. Silk pillowcases are the hip new option on the market, said to be effective in keeping your hair smooth and your skin clear. If slippery silk isn’t your cup of tea, you can always go with classic percale, sateen, a crisp linen or a super-soft jersey. For those who are focused on the health of their skin, it’s important to find a pillowcase that’s also antimicrobial since fabrics can hold onto a lot of dead skin and bacteria.

If you want to revamp your bedding, sleep soundly and wake up looking better than ever, it’s time to ditch your old shams and invest in some of the best pillowcases.


1. Fishers Finery Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


This affordable, 100 percent mulberry silk pillowcase is probably the most luxurious addition you could make to your bed. Aside from just feeling and looking great, the material has been proven to help prevent wrinkles, regulate sleep temperature, protect hair damage and retain moisture. These come in a variety of colors and sizes to match the rest of your bedding, and hopefully will have you waking up looking your best.

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Courtesy of Amazon

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2. Parachute Linen Pillowcase Set


Parachute makes some of the best bedding, and that includes the best pillowcases. These are made from super soft linen and come in their signature envelope closure or a traditional side open style. There are several faded color options, and they immediately have that washed, lived-in feel that makes your bed feel extra cozy.

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Courtesy of Parachute

3. Brooklinen Classic Pillowcases


Percale is that cool, crips and classic material that probably comes to mind when you think of traditional sheets and pillowcases, like what you’d expect on a nice hotel bed. These Brooklinen pillowcases are made from a breathable 270 thread count percale weave to help you stay cool all night long. The hidden envelope closure also ensures that you never have any pillow spilling out of the case.

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Courtesy of Brooklinen

4. Amazon Basics Super Soft Easy Care Microfiber Pillowcases


If you want the best deal on a good set of pillowcases, these may be the way to go. They’re lightweight, super soft and under $10 for a set of two. They’ve received thousands of five-star reviews from satisfied customers, so you can trust that they’re not too good to be true.

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Courtesy of Amazon

5. Coyuchi Organic Jersey Pillowcases


For pillows that feel as soft and comfortable as your favorite super worn-in, old T-shirt, jersey is the best fabric to look for. These jersey pillowcases from Coyuchi are made from a dense organic cotton knit that will help you create the coziest bed possible. They’re also low maintenance, resist pilling and perfectly breathable for year-round warmth.

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Courtesy of Coyuchi

6. Supima Cotton No Iron Sateen Sheets


Supima is a rare cotton that helps make these 400 thread count sateen sheets extremely indulgent. It’s not as flashy as silk, so it works well if you want to go for more subtle bedding that looks and feels just as luxurious. The best part about these pillowcases is that they don’t wrinkle, so you can take them straight from the dyer onto your pillows and your bed will still look beautifully put together.

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Courtesy of Lands End

7. Silvon Anti-Acne Silver Infused Pillowcase


People don’t always associate pillowcases with their skincare, but they should. You lay your head on the same pillow night after night, so it’s absorbing all of the oil and bacteria from your face and holding onto it unless you find the right pillowcase. If acne is your biggest skin concern, you need an antimicrobial pillowcase, like this super-soft Supima cotton option. It’s breathable, hypoallergenic, and clinically tested to eliminate nearly all acne-causing bacteria so you can rest easy on a clean surface.

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Courtesy of Amazon

8. Buffy Eucalyptus Pillowcases


All Buffy products are made from 100 percent earth-friendly eucalyptus for some of the softest, most breathable bedding on the market. Since it’s so breathable, it remains constantly cool to the touch, so you never have to flip your pillow for a cooler sleep. The fabric is also naturally resistant to dust, mites and mold, and it’s eco-conscious as an added perk.

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Courtesy of Buffy

Sensitive Skin Sufferers, Do Yourself a Favor and Buy a Silk Pillowcase