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Bamboo Is Better: Here’s Why More and More Guys Are Switching to Bamboo Sheets

* These bed sheets are made from bamboo and are softer than Egyptian cotton
* The thermo-regulating properties keep you at just the right temperature
* They’re available in a range of sizes, including king and queen options

Move over Egyptian cotton, there’s a new sheriff in town. These bamboo bed sheets are here to stay, and they mean business. But by business, we mean they’re soft to touch, temperature regulating and add a classy new look to your bed.

It may come as a surprise when we tell you bamboo, which is a tough stick-like plant favored by pandas, can actually be made into one of the softest and most delicate fabrics on earth (and possibly the universe). These Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets offer a softness greater than that found in 1,000-thread-count Egyptian cotton and have been designed and constructed specifically with comfort, softness and functional durability in mind.

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Image courtesy of Cariloha

The sheets boast thermo-regulating properties, which are designed to keep you at your most comfortable at all times. During cooler weather, the sheets help you stay warm, while during warmer periods, they’ll allow you to get rid of heat and remain comfortably cool. Plus, this Cariloha bamboo helps you reach temperatures of 3 degrees lower than competing non-bamboo fabrics.

You also don’t need to worry about bad odors and allergens when using these sheets as the advanced technology features both odor and allergy-resistant properties. This allows them to not only smell fresher than your normal cotton sheets but also to last longer, making them a much greater investment. They’re also machine washable and easy to care for.

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Image courtesy of Cariloha

As an added bonus, your environmental conscience can remain clear as these bamboo bed sheets are produced in a completely environmentally sustainable way. Each material is manufactured and harvested in a specific and careful way. Plus, as bamboo is fast growing, it’s a highly renewable source of material.

Inside each bed sheet set, you’ll find a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillow cases. The sheets are available in 4 different sizes: Queen, King, California King and Split King (2 fitted sheets). You’ll also love the accompanying lifetime quality guarantee.

So if comfort is your deal, what are you waiting for? We’re telling you these bamboo bed sheets are the definition of comfort and a simple way to make sure you enjoy every single one of your forty winks.


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