These Silk Sheets Are the Definition of Luxury — With Added Health Benefits

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When searching for luxury sheets, silk is a popular choice, as its texture is ultra-soft and smooth. Unlike satin, silk isn’t excessively slippery or sweaty — instead, it actually whips moisture away. Made from the cocoons of silkworms which are separated into strands and woven into the fabric, silk is breathable with a lightweight composition, offering a slinky alternative to the crisp feeling of cotton weaves. One of the most sought-after kinds of silk is mulberry, due to its lavish sheen and comfortable feeling on skin. Other kinds include charmeuse, another common form, and muga, which has more of a coarse feel.

When buying silk sheets, factors to consider before purchasing are price, durability and momme (weight). While cheaper silk sheets are available on the market, these often fall apart in the wash and don’t offer much in terms of durability. While some brands claim that you can put their sheets in a washing machine, hand-washing and air drying can increase longevity and stop fibers from being damaged. Momme is the unit of measurement used when weighing silk. Usually, 19 to 25 momme is ideal, so keep an eye out for this rather than thread count when browsing through different options.

The best silk sheets aren’t just the epitome of comfort and class — they have multiple benefits for your skin, hair and sleep routine. Due to silk’s soft nature, it doesn’t catch on skin or hair, ensuring you wake up with a glowing complexion and shiny, tangle-free hair that makes bedhead a thing of the past. Its moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties prevent acne and blemishes and provide a cleaner (and gentler) sleep surface.

The material is also hypoallergenic, meaning that those with sensitive skin or skin conditions can benefit from it. For this reason, sleeping with silk isn’t just an indulgence — it has health and beauty benefits that cut your morning routine down drastically. Ready for the best bed sheets made of silk? Take a look at our list below!


1. Orose 25mm 4-piece Charmeuse Mulberry Silk Sheets


As we mentioned before, Mulberry and charmeuse are top of the line when it comes to the different silk varieties, and these sheets use both. This four-piece set by Orose clocks in at 25 momme, ensuring a soft-as-can-fee texture. Included is a set of seamless silk pillowcases with envelope (non-zipper) closure, one fitted sheet and a flat sheet. It’s safe to say that these Orose sheets have garnered a cult following of ecstatic buyers, with one calling them “absolutely luscious” and another saying “the 25mm makes the difference.”

Orose 25mm 4-piece Charmeuse Mulberry Silk Sheets, best silk sheets Courtesy of Amazon

2. THXSILK 19mm 4-piece Mulberry Silk Bed Sheets


THXSILK offers prices that are more reasonable than comparable silk sheets, especially if you have a king-size bed, and they also use the coveted Mulberry as a material. Another perk of THXSILK is that buyers claim you can toss these sheets into the washing machine without shrinking or fading — just be sure to watch in cold water, on a gentle cycle. The momme is slightly lower than Orose at 19mm, which decreases durability, but if you’re not ready to splurge, this is a cool and comfy intro to silk.

THXSILK 19mm 4-piece Mulberry Silk Bed Sheets, best silk sheets Courtesy of Amazon

3. ZIMASILK 19mm 4-piece Mulberry Silk Bed Sheet Set


Although they’re very lightweight, silk sheets can sometimes warm up at night, creating a night of tossing and turning for certain sleepers. That’s why ZIMASILK is our pick for a cool night of sleep that’s totally temperature-regulated and ideal for hot summer evenings — as one reviewer puts it: “cool in the summer and just right for the winter.” Surprisingly, another buyer actually prefers the lower momme to a higher number, saying that though it might not be as durable, it offers a softer feel.

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ZIMASILK 19mm 4-piece Mulberry Bed Sheet Set Courtesy of Amazon

4. LilySilk 19mm 4-piece Silk Sheets


A common annoyance when it comes to silk sheets is that slippery factor, though it’s also why we love them. The texture of silk can often lead to sheets sliding off the bed, which can be frustrating as you constantly try to hook the fitted sheet corners back onto your mattress. This problem is even worse if you have an unusually high mattress or use a topper. For that reason, LilySilk is a solid choice that actually stays put throughout the night.

LilySilk 19mm 4-piece Silk Sheets Courtesy of Amazon

5. THXSILK 19mm Fitted Sheet


If you’re not ready to shell out $500 or more on a full set of sheets for your first go, that’s understandable. For this reason, THXSILK sells their 19mm fitted sheet on its own for $179.99, allowing you to test the waters a little more cautiously. This is also a helpful option if you find that loose silk sheets cause your duvet to slide off in the night. However, silk pillowcases do have lots of beauty benefits, so be sure to invest in a couple of those.

THXSILK 19mm Fitted Sheet Courtesy of Amazon

6. Silk Camel Luxury Allergy-Free Comforter


Most silk sheets only come with sheets and pillow covers, but we found the most luxurious silk comforter on the market, made with long-strand mulberry silk. Even some of the best duvets covers harbor dust, mold and bed bugs, which is why we like silk, as its antimicrobial properties can prevent these common annoyances. It even comes with a portable bag for your next hotel adventure; let’s be real, unknown sheets and blankets can be anxiety-inducing, especially in a post-pandemic world. This comforter is even sold in four different seasons, so you can customize it to your exact needs. One consumer calls it “a divine, soft cloud.”

Silk Camel Luxury Allergy-Free Comforter Courtesy of Amazon

7. Brave Era 100% Silk Travel Sleep Sheet


Just because you’re a traveler or camper doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the luxury of silk. Brave Era sells this innovative 100% silk sleep sheet, which acts as a hypoallergenic liner for RVs, camping, or hotels. It weighs as much as an iPhone and doesn’t take up much space in luggage, acting as the perfect assistant to protect you from unknown, unclean bedding or detergents you may be allergic to. They also ward off mosquitos, which is helpful for campers.

Brave Era 100% Silk Travel Sleep Sheet Courtesy of Amazon


8. JIMOO Natural 22mm Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin


If you’re on the fence about the health benefits of silk, spend a night on one of these breathable pillowcases, which for a reasonable price, can bring you better hair days with less styling, not to mention happier skin. Silk pillowcases have been used for years to maintain lustrous hair and combat frizz. One Amazon customer claims, “After sleeping on this for one night even my face felt softer” and updated her review a year later, saying how this life-changing accessory has helped “eliminate damage to my hair tremendously.”

JIMOO Natural 22mm Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin Courtesy of Amazon

9. Coco Beans Fitted Crib Silk Sheet


Babies can experience bald patches because of hormone changes and friction created due to all the time spent on their backs. So why not pamper your little prince or princess with the gift of silk, which can help combat those effects and provide less patchy growth? This fitted crib sheet by Coco Beans is attractive, and most importantly, gets the job done, keeping your infant’s skin and locks safe from allergies, itchiness bald patches and knots.

Coco Beans Fitted Crib Silk Sheet, best silk sheets Courtesy of Coco Beans

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