Dream Data: The 3 Best Sleep Tracker Devices for Rest Reform

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* Analyzing your sleep provides a number of useful insights
* Sleep trackers monitor important factors like your heart rate and oxygen levels
* Each device is well reviewed and integrates into your bedroom with ease

You may think going to sleep is as simple as laying down, shutting your eyes and forgetting your troubles, but the reality is a little different. There are plenty of external factors which affect the quality of your night’s rest including things like light levels, the last time you looked at a screen and what position you choose. Luckily, there are plenty of options when it comes to assessing how you sleep, from answering questionnaires to using advanced technology.

These sleep tracking devices monitor and record a number of factors throughout the night, including your heart rate and oxygen levels. Using this information, the technology is able to assess the quality of your rest and give you easy-to-view analysis using accompanying apps. The trackers also come in a variety of options including devices which fit under your mattress and others you can wear during the night.

Take control of your sleep and ensure you enjoy the best night’s rest possible.

1. Withings Sleep Tracking Pad

The Withings Sleep Tracking Pad fits under your mattress to seamlessly integrate into your life without any disruption. It uses a range of information including your heart rate, breathing and sleep cycle to analyze what you’re doing and give you clear and concise analysis. The sleep report can be easily read using the accompanying Health Mate app, which can also provide coaching to help you improve your nightly rest. Furthermore, the advanced tracking pad can be used to control your sleeping environment by switching on lights, adjusting temperature and making sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

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2. Lookee Ring Sleep Monitor

For a more “on hand” option, look no further than the Lookee Ring Sleep Monitor. This ring-style monitor fits onto one of your fingers to constantly monitor your oxygen levels and heart rate overnight. The smart device delivers a gentle vibration when it detects low levels of oxygen, encouraging you to adjust your body for a more oxygen-friendly position. It sports an advanced design which remains comfortable and won’t fall off your finger during the night. The accompanying app also makes it simple to assess your previous night’s sleep using handy visuals. This in turn makes it easy to assess areas to be improved.

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3. Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor

The Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor is another under-mattress sleep monitoring option. It tracks your heart rate, breathing patterns, body movements and any significant interruptions during the night. You can see visual reports of your sleep pattern on the Beautyrest Sleeptracker app as well as by asking Alexa (if you own Amazon Alexa). The analysis includes a scoring system as well as pointers on how to improve in the future. In addition, the device comes with a second monitor, meaning it’s possible to track your partner’s sleep at the same time.

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