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The Upgraded Casper Element Pro Mattress Helps You Sleep Cooler and More Comfortably at an Affordable Price

Attention sleep enthusiasts, Casper’s at it again, introducing their latest sleep mattress, the Element Pro. An enhanced version of the original Casper Element mattress, this three-layered Casper Element Pro is designed with dual foam for responsive comfort and support that helps you get a better night’s sleep.

Casper has consistently been rated as a favorite of SPY editors. We recently named the Casper one of the best places to buy mattresses online and also ranked the Casper Sleep Essentials Mattress number one on our roundup of best bed in a box mattresses.

If you tend to sleep hot, you’ll definitely love the air-filtering quality of the new Element Pro mattress, which is designed to prevent overheating. With Caper’s proprietary AirScape foam, you’ll never have to worry about breaking your rest because of night sweats. While the first two layers of the Casper Element Pro mattress provide comfort and stability, the top layer offers hundreds of perforations that help air circulate throughout the night, allowing you to sleep cooler and more deeply.

If those specs aren’t enough to convince you, take a moment to consider the brand and reputation that Casper has built within the sleep space in recent years. Through the continuous studies in sleep science done in their Casper lab and real customer feedback, they’ve consistently created a range of comfortable mattresses and products that consumers trust and love.

Casper Element Pro Mattress

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Courtesy of Casper


Starting September 14, you can purchase a queen-size Casper Elements Pro for just $995. Other sizes are also available to suit your needs — all at affordable prices and quality that’ll last forever. 

Check out the specs and details of the Casper Element Pro below:

  • Supportive and durable foam layers prevent sinking while supporting your body alignment throughout the night.
  • Dual-foam layers work together to create responsiveness and support.
  • Never traps heat, thanks to its air-perforated design keeps air circulating.


  • Twin: $595 
  • Full: $895 
  • Queen: $995 
  • King: $1395

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