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These Down Mattress Toppers Are the Plushiest Hack to a Better Night’s Sleep

Mattresses tend to be one of those expensive purchases you dread doing all over again. But unfortunately, they do tend to wear out after years of use. But rather than laboriously select a mattress that fulfills all of your sleep needs, try adding a mattress topper instead.

Mattress toppers are additional layers of bedding material that can be added to your mattress to adjust its firmness. It also provides extra cushioning, making a thin or lumpy mattress more comfortable. Down mattress toppers, otherwise known as featherbeds, are a popular kind of topper and are particularly cloud-like with a more pillowy sensation than foam or latex. Down mattress toppers are also more breathable and durable than polyfoam and memory foam.

“Foam toppers might only last you a few years at most before they start to break down,” explains Tony Klespis, a certified sleep science coach. “With great care, a high-quality featherbed can last you double the amount of a foam topper.”

Feather toppers are often made from duck or goose. Not all down mattress toppers are made equal – some have higher concentrations of down, which result in a plusher and softer topper. Others have feathers added in, which make a topper more supportive. Down toppers have cooling effects for hot sleepers and are also responsive during sex.

Alex Savy, a certified sleep science coach and the founder of shares, “Down/feather toppers are usually favored for their soft, cloud-like feel. A topper like that can make a firm mattress more comfortable, providing extra cushioning for the sleeper. Down toppers are also very durable. So even though they cost more than most topper types, they usually last much longer.

“Because down and feathers are soft, they are gentle on the pressure points. This makes down mattress toppers ideal for people with tender joints, painful shoulders/hips/knees and sharp pressure points.”

That being said, some people are allergic to down, while others find that it’s too soft even with a decent feather ratio. They can sometimes get flat over time, though fluffing them regularly will add loft.

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What to Consider When Buying a Down Mattress Topper

  • Materials: Although you might assume anything made from down is high quality, beware of low-quality materials like chicken feathers, which have a prickly feel and aren’t as soft. Down is the softest option and doesn’t have quills. Goose down has larger clusters, making it fluffier, but duck down is still pillowy.
  • Firmness: Toppers with more feather fill offer more support, while toppers with a higher down count have a softer, fluffier feel. A combination of down and feather is the most popular option for a balance between support and softness.
  • Pressure relief: Unlike foam and latex, feathers and down don’t contour to your body. Some may find that it doesn’t relieve as much pressure as other options, while others find its cushiony feel reduces pressure points. Thicker toppers can provide more of a cushioned feel.
  • Sleeping position: Side sleepers may prefer a plusher option around shoulders and hips, opting for a topper with more down than feather. Back or stomach sleepers might like one with a more supportive feather layer to avoid sinking.

Here are the best down mattress toppers to make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.


1. Parachute Down Mattress Topper


Parachute’s down mattress topper is No. 1 when it comes to fluffy, enveloping comfort. With 550 power, this 3-inch thick featherbed has two layers of European white down and feathers in a dual-chamber design. It also features baffle box stitching to avoid shifting and clumping. The outer is made from breathable 100% sateen cotton. Turn your old, too-firm or sagging mattress into a nocturnal oasis with this hotel-quality topper. Savy says, “This is always my go-to pick. Parachute is famous for its product quality, and this topper is not an exception. I also appreciate how generously stuffed this model is.”

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Courtesy of Parachute


2. Canadian Down & Feather Company Down Perfect Feather Bed


If you want a cozy down topper that doesn’t slide around, opt for the Canadian Down & Feather Company’s pillow-top featherbed, which has a 255 thread count and elastic straps to secure the topper to your bed. It’s hypoallergenic and filled with a blend of supportive white goose feather and supple 575 loft goose down, making for a perfectly supportive sleep experience. A luxurious option that cradles you and never pokes with feathers thanks to the down upper layer.

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Courtesy of Canadian Down & Feather Company

3. Pacific Coast Feather Company Baffle Box Featherbed


Although down is often regarded as an expensive material, you can get your hands on a high-quality topper from Pacific Coast, which offers a USA-made baffle box featherbed for under $160.00. Made from Hyperclean® Resilia™ feathers with a cotton feather-proof fabric, this baffle box option features a white corded trim. This hypo-allergenic bedroom accessory gently cushions pressure points and makes a great introduction to down toppers and bedding.

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Courtesy of Pacific Coast

4. Cuddledown Goose Down Baffle Box Featherbed


If you’re willing to invest in a down mattress topper that will last, consider this premium goose feather and down topper made up of 88% small goose feather and 12% responsibly sourced goose down. It adds comfort to mattresses that are too firm, and one buyer confirms that it doesn’t sleep too hot, adding, “We no longer wake up in the morning with the aches or pains as we had previously with just the mattress, and it doesn’t disturb your partner when you move.”

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Courtesy of Cuddledown

5. Puredown Goose Feather Mattress Topper


With five layers of comfort-inducing softness, this 575 fill-down topper is ideal for those wanting a softer sleeping experience. Goose feathers sit at the base and are topped with a breathable fabric layer. On top of that lies a puffy polyester filling, and the addition of a breathable top layer makes this Pure Down topper as airy as possible. It’s one of the plusher options you can find.

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Courtesy of Puredown

6. Italic Loft Feather Down Mattress Topper


If you want a high-quality down topper but don’t want to spend upwards of $400, consider going with a direct-to-consumer brand like Italic that cuts out the middleman and provides you with a premium product minus all those pesky branding and marketing costs. It’s the same quality as favorites from reputable brands like Brooklinen, featuring down with a 600-fill power and a 4.9 average in ratings. Its cotton and Tencel cover offers a cooling finish on a soft-as-can-be topper.

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Courtesy of Italic

7. Serta Down Illusion Pillowtop Mattress Topper


This Serta mattress topper will have you fooled; although it feels like a down topper, it’s filled with cushiony polyester instead, providing that same pillowy goodness at a lower price tag and with hypoallergenic benefits. It also has an antimicrobial treatment. The top fabric on this 2-inch layer is lightweight and buttery at a 300 thread count, and the polyester filling makes the topper itself a lot lighter than its down and feather competitors.

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Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

8. White Noise Goose Bed 2″ Down Feather Mattress Topper


If you find a 3-inch topper too plush, you may want to choose one with a slightly lower loft like this 2-inch goose-down topper by White Noise. Straps hold it in place on your mattress and buyers love the pressure-relieving quality that it brings. One shopper says, “It adds a little height to my bed but not so much that my elderly dog isn’t able to jump up.”

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Courtesy of Wayfair

9. Brooklinen Down Mattress Topper


Due to the unique layering of the down and the feathers, this is one of the most supportive yet cloud-like options on our roundup. One of the reviewers even commented that this topper removed their neck pain.  If you’re confused by some of the low reviews about feathers poking people during their sleep, this is due to the fact that many don’t realize the top is down while the bottom is composed of feathers – if you’re experiencing feathers poking you, you probably just need to flip the topper upside down. 

Courtesy of Brooklinen

10. Quince Down Featherbed Mattress Topper


As much as the Brooklinen down mattress topper is on everyone’s wish list this year, it’s unfortunately not in the budget for many buyers. That’s why we recommend this as a cheaper dupe – it’s not every day that you’ll find a down featherbed starting at $149.00 – this one is packed with hypoallergenic feathers and comes in a 100% cotton twill shell. With a baffle height of three inches and a stitched construction to keep fill evenly distributed, this will transform your mattress into the fluffy hotel bed of your dreams.

Courtesy of Quince

11. West Elm Featherbed Down Mattress Topper


You can always count on West Elm for reliable, quality home essentials, and this featherbed mattress topper is no exception. Covered in brushed organic cotton that’s suitable for even the most sensitive skin and filled with 100% feathers, this responsibly sourced feather bed is a great introduction if you don’t want to spend big bucks on a topper with a higher down composition.

Courtesy of West Elm

12. The Company Store Legends Hotel™ Down Alternative Mattress Topper


Have a down allergy or just want a topper that’s easier to clean? Forget flimsy, barely-filled faux down alternatives. This recycled polyester down alternative mattress topper is lofty and nothing short of luxurious with its baffled surface and thick, plush surface. A four-inch gusset maximizes loft and helps you slowly sink into the surface for the most comfortable experience possible. Ideal for those looking for a down alternative that uses recycled materials, this eco-conscious choice might even convert those who aren’t allergic to down. 

Courtesy of The Company Store

13. Cuddledown 700 Fill Power White Duck Down Super Featherbed


Due to the unique layering of the down and the feathers, this is one of the most supportive yet cloud-like options on our roundup. One of the reviewers even commented that this topper removed their neck pain.  If you’re confused by some of the low reviews about feathers poking people during their sleep, this is due to the fact that many don’t realize the top is down while the bottom is composed of feathers – if you’re experiencing feathers poking you, you probably just need to flip the topper upside down. 

Courtesy of Cuddledown

14. Bluestone Down & Duck Feather 4″ Gusset Topper


Amazon has plenty of viable down toppers that perform just as well as more famous bedding brands. Take this Down & Duck Feather topper from Bluestone, for instance. It has all the qualities we’re looking for in terms of baffling, content and loft with a thick four-inch that won’t flatten out over time. At just over $100, it’s one of the more budget-friendly down toppers that you can get your hands on and the reviews alone will convince you to invest, even if you do have to fluff it once in a while to retain loft.

Courtesy of Amazon

15. Down and Feather Company Snuggle Soft 800 Goose Down Topper


This is one of the highest fill powers you can get at 800+, and the top quality of this luxe Hungarian Goose Down will keep you cozy all night long. It’s not exactly the best choice for those on a tight budget, but if you’re looking for a certified 800 fill and some serious pressure point relief all over, this is one of the most luxurious down toppers that money can buy.

Courtesy of Down & Feather Co.

16. Feather & Loom Triple Chamber Down Topper


By using a unique blend of cotton and down, this is one of the most breathable down toppers that doesn’t get hot throughout the night. The skirt is designed to fit up to 18” mattresses and the topper itself contains a 100% cotton fiber fill on top with a white down middle layer and feathers on the base. The perfect blend of plush and sturdy, this is the best way to make your bed a little softer without sinking. 

Courtesy of Bed, Bath & Beyond

17. Allied Home Featherbed Down Topper 


Some people shy away from buying bedding on Amazon because they’re not sure of what they’ll get, but the many reviews on this Allied Home plush featherbed topper assure potential shoppers that this topper is made with high-quality goose down and the result is a hotel-like feel. At two inches thick, it won’t sink as much as alternatives with a higher loft, but still provides a substantial cushion and doesn’t need to be fluffed as much.  And according to the product info, it’s machine washable. 

Courtesy of Amazon

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