Screen Time Skyrocketing During Quarantine? Save Your Eyes With These Blue Light Blocking Screen Protectors

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With all of the uncertainty surrounding each of us during 2020, one thing is for certain — our screen time has shot up. Now that everything possible has been moved to a virtual space, meetings, conferences, family and friend gatherings are all happening on a screen, and that excess time is taking a toll on your eyes.

According to some sources, screen time has increased 30% worldwide during the COVID-19 health crisis, and 65% of American adults are reporting symptoms of digital eye strain. The blue light given off by our beloved gadgets and devices penetrates all the way to our retinas, and can cause damage to our vision over time. Thankfully, there are blue light glasses that can protect us, and now there are screen protectors as well.

EyeJust is a brand that’s created ophthalmologist-approved blue light blocking screen protectors for smartphones, tablets and laptops that you can use to reduce digital eyestrain and keep your eyeballs healthy as you stare into the pixel-y abyss all day long.

Blue light is damaging not just for our eyes, but our sleep as well. We spend an average of 7.3 hours per day starting at a screen, and 26% of adults say they’re looking at a device within five minutes of going to bed, yikes. However, throw one of these babies on there and the effects will be less severe. Parents, these screen protectors can give you peace of mind if you’re concerned about your child’s screen time due to virtual schooling. Pasting one of these clear protectors on their computer will eliminate the blue light effects on their eyes as they spend all day in class.

EyeJust has partnered with doctors and other care providers to bring you a shatterproof shield for your screen that also doubles as a blue light blocker. The screen protectors are invisible, won’t mess with the clarity of the images and the anti-shock technology gives you ultimate protection.

Their screen protectors are also anti-microbial so your phone stays germ-free, scratch-proof, smudge-proof and the bubble-free installation is super easy. Check out their variety of screen protectors below, and protect yourself and your family from the potential optical effects of the lives we’re all living on screens. Each one comes in a variety of sizes depending on your screen size and will help restore your zzz’s and your peace of mind.

Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector for iPhone

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Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector for iPad

blue light blocking screen protector Courtesy of EyeJust


Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector for Laptop

blue light blocking screen protector Courtesy of EyeJust