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Here’s Why Experts Say This Eye Mask Could Help You Stop Snoring

* Millions of Americans snore, and their partners or family suffer for it
* If you’re interested in stopping, try this eye mask from Snore Circle
* It works, via an app, while you sleep

If you snore, you’re not alone – roughly 90 million American adults snore, and 37 million of those people snore on a regular basis. However, snoring isn’t just something that affects you – 95% of snorers bother their partners of a member of their family. Additionally, your snoring could be an indicator of a bigger issue. Experts highlight it as the primary indicator of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, the most common form of Sleep Apnoea, which, when left untreated, can cause health issues such as arterial hypertension and increased risk of coronary diseases.

Luckily, there is an advanced eye mask you can wear at night that can help prevent snoring. Outfitted with advanced sound recognition technology, this handy device can detect snoring sounds, and deliver small, gentle vibrations, providing a physical intervention to help deter you. The thinking: after the vibrations from the mask, your nerves will control your muscles to contract and adjust your breathing, thus reducing number of times you snore — and how loud you’re snoring.

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The device is customizable, and has 36 levels of intensity that you can choose from, making it easy to utilize whether you’re a light snorer or you sound like an oncoming train. This can all be controlled using the accompanying app, which continues to operate even after you’ve fallen asleep. It’s lightweight, making it easy to carry with you when you travel, and is made from comfortable, eco-friendly, soft density sponge.

The mask itself is easily adjustable, and though it may take a few nights of adjustment, it’s ultimately a sleep game-changer. Of course, blocking out the light using this eye mask will also help with prolonged sleep, and it’s way more comfortable than using nose strips or a mouth guard.

This isn’t a cold turkey solution — users say it takes about 3-4 weeks of continued use to see results — but it’s an easy, affordable way to tackle your sleep and snoring issues. Makes a great gift for a loved one you care about — or sleep next to — too.

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