This $15 Bamboo Eye Mask Is Changing the Way We Sleep

Infinity Travel Bamboo Eye Mask
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It’s Wednesday afternoon and you’re about to sneak in a quick on-the-clock snooze at your work from home desk before the Zoom meeting. You kick up those legs, grab the elastic eye mask, stretch it around your head and… it snaps. You think to yourself, “What the hell do I do now?” You just wish there was a better light-blocking option you could use to catch some quick z’s in the daytime.

Well, we’re here to tell you that Infinity Travel’s Bamboo Eye Mask is the answer to your sleep needs. Whether you’re sensitive to light at night or love to take mid-day naps, this eye mask is amazing.

Within weeks, any ordinary sleep mask becomes so stretched out that it never lasts the whole doze. The snap is coming, you can sense it. On top of that, the cheapest sleep masks aren’t super comfortable around your face, which can be incredibly distracting. And during the summer, you need something that’s as lightweight and breathable as it is cozy. Infinity Travel’s popular sleep mask offers all of that and more, with a 360-degree wrap-around design and super-soft material.

We’ve been loving the way this mask feels, and it’s absolutely helped block out distractions when we’re trying to sleep.

Infinity Travel - Bamboo Eye Mask Travel Sleep Mask Courtesy of Amazon
Infinity Travel - Bamboo Eye Mask Travel Sleep Mask Courtesy of Amazon

Draped in silky bamboo fabric, the mask stays cool to the touch and offers three times the amount of breathability cotton has for your skin, so no more sweaty mornings. The material is also so gentle that it will leave the tender areas around your eyes feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom.

Once the mask is on, total darkness is promised, meaning no more light leaks. Drifting off during the middle of the day is easy once you pop on this gamechanger of a sleep mask. No matter where you need to sleep, whether it be a plane, train or the comfort of your own mattress, keep this mask close at hand.

When it’s feeling a bit crusty, cleaning is really easy, too. Simply throw it in with your socks and undies the next time you do laundry. Available in six different colors, you can purchase this must-have sleep aid directly on Amazon.