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Lived-In Review: How I Learned To Love White Noise With ‘LectroSound

PROS: The adjustable, loud white noise successfully blocks out distracting sounds to promote sleep
CONS: The machine is not easily portable and the white color doesn’t work with every decor
TAKEAWAY: If you struggle with sleep or live in a noisy location, this will definitely create a relaxing environment

I used to be a great sleeper. I could fall asleep almost anywhere, regardless of the surrounding noises or how uncomfortable my position was. Unfortunately, that has completely changed this year.


For months, I’ve been finding it impossible to settle down my mind or block out distractions to get even five or six hours of sleep on a good night. I’ve been constantly exhausted, irritable and unmotivated because I’m not getting enough rest. Plus, my immune system has been totally shot. I’ve tried everything from drinking calming teas to taking melatonin to doing nightly stretches, but nothing was really working until I decided to test out the Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc. ‘LectroSound white noise machine.

I’m going to be completely honest with you: I didn’t expect this to be a miracle worker. Why would I, when everything else I tried had failed? Before using the ‘LectroSound, I knew absolutely nothing about white noise and expected it to be just one more jarring sound to keep me awake at night. As it turns out, it did the exact opposite. Let me explain how.


The ‘LectroSound has one job: to produce white noise, which is what you get when you blend together all of the sounds that humans can hear. Our brains can only understand a couple of sounds at one time, so using white noise basically overpowers our senses. Since white noise is made up of thousands of sounds at different frequencies, our brains are unable to pick out any in particular to focus on. Everything besides the white noise gets drowned out and our brains are better able to relax, focus or wind down for sleep.

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There are three types of white noise created on the ‘LectroSound: traditional white noise, pink noise and brown noise. Traditional white noise is the highest-pitched of the three and sounds most like hissing. Pink noise is deeper, more like the sounds of rainfall or wind. Brown noise, the deepest of the three, is a little rougher and sounds more like a roaring river. I found my sweet spot around the pink noise since I’ve always been relaxed by soft sounds, but the ‘LectroSound makes it easy to experiment with the noise at different levels.

The device is very simple to use with just an on/off button and two dials. The first dial lets you move along a range of noise from brown to white (deep to high-pitched), while the second dial lets you increase or decrease the volume level.

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Image Courtesy of Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc.

Even though the ‘LectroSound isn’t too big, it has powerful volume capabilities. My room is sandwiched between our bathroom and the bedroom of an aspiring musician. The walls are incredibly thin, so I’m constantly surrounded by the sounds of flushing toilets, running water, an electric guitar and loud voices. Turning the ‘LectroSound up even just halfway blocks all of that out. Since it’s powered by a USB plug, all I have to do it connect it to any wall outlet or my computer to keep it on for as long as I want. I’ve definitely gotten to the point where I’m so relaxed by the white noise that I completely forget it’s on until I leave my room and am surprised by different noises of our apartment.

As far as design goes, I don’t see anything particularly exciting. This was no surprise, as most noise machines aren’t very modern or sleek. Unfortunately, most of my home décor is black or silver, so the machine tends to stick out like a sore thumb. I do wish it was available in black, like the rest of ASTI’s offerings, rather than just white. That being said, it fits easily under my bed, so I am surrounded by white noise as I sleep, and my room design scheme isn’t visibly thrown off.

As I mentioned before, the ‘LectroSound is fairly compact, only about 4.5” in radius and 2.5” in height. It’s also super lightweight, which is a huge plus. The disappointment I found lies in the fact that ASTI markets this model as “travel-sized,” which might be a bit of a stretch. On one hand, it won’t have much, if any, of an effect on your checked bag or carry-on luggage weight. On the other, this is definitely bigger than what first came to my mind when I thought “portable” or “travel-size.” I had originally planned to take it with me on a trip to Hawaii a couple weeks back, but I couldn’t find enough room in my luggage. I did find the size and shape to be awkward to try to fit into my carry-on or purse. I think that something half this size (like ASTI’s ‘LectroFan Micro) would be more appropriate to label “travel-sized.”


At $24.95, the ‘LectroSound is a fairly-priced white noise generator. Some of ASTI’s more expensive models also provide fan noises, Bluetooth speaker capability or nature sounds, but those capabilities are unnecessary for a sound minimalist. The ‘LectroSound is a great basic model that does exactly what it says it will: block out sound and aid in relaxation.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve definitely become a white noise convert. The ‘LectroSound removes the plethora of distracting sounds that take over my room day and night. Not only has it helped me sleep again but it also makes my room a relaxing escape during the daytime, finally free from the music playing from next door 24/7. Reclaiming my sleep has been huge for my health, and it was something I wasn’t able to accomplish before using the ‘LectroSound. Now, I’m not nearly as exhausted, which means that my mood is elevated and I’m able to put effort back into the things I love, like exercising and going out with friends.

Even though I was skeptical at first, I can honestly say that anyone struggling with sleep should give the ‘LectroSound a try. So many sleep aids are completely ineffective, but the ‘LectroSound successfully creates an environment void of distractions that keep your mind awake at night. Plus, the wide-reaching benefits of a good night’s rest are worth far more than the price you’ll pay getting there. It’s a win-win.

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