Lived-In Review: The Nora Sleep Device to Stop Snoring And Get You Back to Snoozing

Smart Nora sleep setup man sleeping
Courtesy of Smart Nora

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* We tested out this anti-snoring, non-contact device
* An inflatable device that moves your head at night to help control snoring
* A microphone that may help you breathe better

Sleep is a necessary part of humanity that we depend on and ultimately thrive on if we are getting the right amount of high-quality slumber. This means sleeping between seven and eight hours each night with enough deep REM sleep that helps our bodies recover, muscles repair and clears our minds so we wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day. But there are often interferences that get in the way of effective sleep, including noisy environments, and especially, restless sleeping buddies. And if you are on either end of this issue, you know how frustrating it is to have a consistent bother in the bedroom that takes away your beauty sleep—especially if you actually like the person next to you and would rather not have to kick them out in the middle of the night or be the one who gets the boot. We decided to test out one of the solutions on the market that claims to help your breathing while you snooze so you can get back to sleeping, the way it should be.

Smart Nora sleep setup bedside Courtesy of Smart Nora

The Problem

The problem is loud, obnoxious, unhealthy and may even be ruining your relationship. Snoring is caused by a multitude of things, including blocked breathing airways, inflammation of the nasal passages, dehydration, sleep apnea (when your breathing actually stops while asleep) and a handful of others. So, getting a sleep analysis done by a professional is the recommended option for addressing this serious issue and once you can pinpoint the cause, then you can move on to a direct way to solving this annoying problem.

From popular mouth guards to complicated (and rather invasive) CPAP machines and even pillows that aim to help with those who suffer from sleep apnea, there are many potential solutions out there to help with snoring. But perhaps one of the most non-invasive solutions is this machine from Smart Nora that wants to improve the standard devices that can be cumbersome and unflattering, and instead opting for a more natural—and honestly, just a sexier option—to curing your chronic snoring. Trust us, your partner will thank you.

Smart Nora sleep device Courtesy of Smart Nora

How it Works

Smart Nora is a contract-free device that is designed to shift your head during the night so you can breathe better and help reduce your bodies need to snore. The kit comes in a streamlined design that includes a gray felt-lined box that fits all the included tech. I was definitely impressed with the user-friendly design and it was a very approachable device. You begin by plugging in the wall outlet connecting to the box, turning the machine on and hooking up the clear tube from the box to the inflatable pad that slides right under your pillow. Then, you place the small white device (looks just like a computer mouse) next to your head, on your bedside table or via the wall mount included, and that is your secret weapon to communicating with the box itself. Using Bluetooth, the mouse ‘talks’ to the boxed machine that tucks neatly under or near your bed, and actually records sounds while you sleep a.k.a obtrusive snoring. The first night I tested it out (after a very simple set-up following their instructional guide) I noticed that it picked up any nearby sounds, so my music and T.V. programming that played before bed triggered the machine to start kicking in. So, the next night I made sure I was in bed and ready for sleep before turning on the device.

For the sake of transparency, I am not a heavy snorer, but when I am in a deep sleep (the good kind) I tend to snore lightly with my mouth open. The reason I know I was snoring during this review of the Smart Nora is because a few times during the night I was awakened with the movement of my pillow. What happens is when the mouse detects potential snoring, it triggers the machine and causes an influx of air to be sent through the clear tube and into the pad hidden below your pillow, which then puffs up to guide your head to lift up, with the intention of stimulating your throat muscles so you can resume normal and healthy breathing. I am a light sleeper as well and wake up very easily to environmental sounds and physical disturbances, so when the pillow started to inflate, I awoke and was sure to move my head and switch positions. It was surprisingly not an annoying thing to accommodate as it gently rises and suppresses with gentle movements. After a few nights, I noticed the inflation less and less.

Smart Nora sleep setup kit Courtesy of Smart Nora

Why it is Different

Unlike CPAP machines that require you to wear a Darth Vader-resembling face mask that also requires water and makes a decent amount of noise during the night, this product has found a way to initiate a change in breathing without bothering you or your sleeping partner through the night. Unlike more aggressive devices, the Smart Nora makes it clear that they are not medically treating serious sleeping issues like sleep apnea, so, it really is ideal for those who snore intermittently and need a proactive solution to their temporary snoring. I mentioned earlier on that if your snoring is a serious problem and your breathing is being compromised while you sleep then you should consult a doctor for direct advice. The Smart Nora will not cure your potentially life-threatening snoring that could be a condition of something more serious. I had my roommate test out the device as well, who happens to be a serious snorer, the kind that can wake you up from down the hall with your door shut and the kind whose boyfriend may or may not have to resort to the couch during sleepovers. It’s fair to say that it is pretty serious. She tried the machine for a few nights and each night she still snored loudly and often times slept right through the movement of the pillow, thus proving that if your problem is bad enough, this machine may not be able to address the severity of your snoring.

Smart Nora sleep setup kit pillow cover Courtesy of Smart Nora

The Verdict

Smart Nora has had some very successful reports from users over the years. Some testers have said, “I have one of these and it works like a charm. It only woke me up the first week or two. After that, I got used to it and it doesn’t wake me anymore. It just stops the snoring now. Made the mistake of not using it last week and learned real quick, from my spouse, that it DOES stop my snoring.” Don’t be surprised if the machine wakes you up the first few nights as you adjust to it, give it a few weeks and you just might notice that you no longer wake to the moving pillow. And don’t be afraid to ask your partner if they slept well too, as this is meant to solve a problem for both parties involved.

I would highly recommend this for low-grade snorers who need a helping hand during the night because the brand offers a 30-day guarantee. If you are not noticing improved sleep and aid with better breathing during your first month of using it, you can return to the brand for a full refund. That is the type of customer service we look for with products that solve a specific problem such as this one. So, if you have been searching for a low-key design and contact-free product to reduce snoring, this device could be your secret weapon to better sleep—and your partner doesn’t even have to know it’s there.

Smart Nora sleep setup bdeside Courtesy of Smart Nora