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Review: $95 Might Seem Steep for a Personalized Pillow, Here’s Why It’s Worth It

Up until these past few years, I wasn’t a person who thought about my bedding a whole lot. Sure, I wanted to be comfortable, but my sheets, mattress, comforter and pillows were all purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond without a ton of thought and I slept like a baby each night. Now, in my adult life, things have definitely changed.

I have a very hard time sleeping on any old mattress, and need the room to be between 66-71 degrees or I’ll toss and turn all night. I also recently invested in cooling sheets that have made all the difference, making a great pillow the last piece of the puzzle. I’m happy to share that I’ve found my perfect pillow, and possibly THE perfect pillow, at Pluto Pillow.


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What is Pluto Pillow?

Pluto Pillow makes custom pillows based on your individual body, sleep style and current pillow preferences. You can choose from 35 different variations and build your ideal pillow with the shape, thickness and materials you prefer. When they first reached out and offered a product to try, I was skeptical. Pillows are pillows, right? Not really.

Sure, you can sleep fine on a budget pillow from a big box store. However, once I snoozed for a few nights in a row on the Pluto I felt a difference not just in the quality of my sleep, but the comfort of my entire upper body. It’s a major upgrade, and one I think is definitely worth it, especially if you’re older and your body craves effective support. Keep reading to find my full review.

At a Glance:

  • Temperature regulating
  • Personalized fit
  • Hybrid design with foam core and plush outer layer
  • Built to bounce back

Pluto Pillow

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Courtesy of Pluto Pillow

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Taylor Galla | SPY

Why is a Custom Pillow Worth It?

Pluto Pillow is basically a very well-designed pillow that you make tweaks to during the ordering process based on your preferences. Every Pluto Pillow has a modular design with a foam core for support and a plush outer layer for comfort. That alone would make it a worthwhile purchase, in my opinion, because the pillow’s materials are high-quality and it has excellent durability.

However, several key factors in the pillow’s construction depend on your answers in their customization quiz.


You don’t normally consider the height of your pillows, but it actually can make a huge difference in your sleep experience. If your pillow is too high? Hello neck pain! Too low? Shoulder crunch. The Pluto Pillow takes stock of how you’re currently sleeping on your pillow, how tall it is, and they build a recommendation based on that.


The fibers and materials used to make the pillow also depend on your answers. Some are heavier and more dense, while others are lighter and more breathable. If you’re always a furnace when your sleep? Your pillow should help cool you down! If your upper body needs a ton of support, your pillow should give it to you.

Turns out, a pillow isn’t one-size-fits-all, and Pluto Pillow makes customizing an already great pillow design very easy.

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Taylor Galla | SPY

Am I Actually Sleeping Better?

Yes, I am. This could be due to a variety of factors — including the OOLER Sleep System I installed on my bed a while back, but the pillow is definitely helping.

I usually sleep on my side with an arm tucked underneath the pillow. Without the right support, this position can wreak havoc on my shoulder. I was able to share this during my Pluto Pillow quiz and my pillow’s thickness was adjusted accordingly. My pillow is a perfect size on its own, provides plenty of support and doesn’t need any pillows stacked on top of it to reach an ideal thickness.

I also really love how cooling it is. It’s cool to the touch, and definitely regulates my temperature throughout the night. This is important, as a cooling mattress topper or OOLER doesn’t reach your head through your pillow, so you need a cooling pillow to do the job. The Pluto Pillow is perfect for this.

It’s also larger than your standard pillow, which gives you plenty of surface area for your face neck and upper shoulders. I’ve really enjoyed this feature as well, since you can roll over during the night and not have to adjust your pillow at the same time.

Despite the foam core and larger size, it’s still very lightweight and easy to move around when making the bed, which is another huge plus. It requires a larger pillow case, but it’s the lightest large pillow we have in our home, which makes it as easy as possible to change.


Should You Buy It?

If you love anything that’s personalized and feel strongly about certain parts of your sleeping environment, I’d say 100% yes. It’s a more expensive, pillow, sure, but you can build it based on how you like to sleep and what you want out of a pillow, and rest easy knowing it was made for you.

You can fall asleep on almost any pillow, especially if you’re tired enough, but don’t you want to know your pillow is doing exactly what you want it to? And helping you get the most restful sleep possible? I thought so.


  • Well-designed pillow you can customize
  • Built with supportive foam and comfortable plush
  • Quilted design is cool to the touch
  • Pillow is soft even without a pillow case on it


  • Expensive price tag
  • Larger size needs king size pillow cases

My verdict? Go for it. You won’t be disappointed, and your head, neck and shoulders will thank you.