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We Found a Super Stylish Bracelet You’ll Actually Want to Wear to Bed (To Help You Fall Asleep Faster)

By now you’ve probably heard about starting a nighttime skin care routine and applying a face mask before bed to help you relax. Or maybe you’re using an actual sleeping mask in bed to try and catch some zzz’s. With everyone looking to maximize their time in bed, there are no shortage of products — and supplements — that promise better, longer, more restful sleep.

The latest entry in this competitive market is something completely different. Meet, the Sleep Bracelet. From noted watchmaker, Philip Stein, the Sleep Bracelet is a slim, unisex band that promises to help improve your sleep cycle by sending natural, subtle frequencies that help your body relax.

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It’s a non-invasive sleep aid that emits subtle frequencies that the body picks up on, helping to increase its production of delta waves (sleep frequencies). Using electronics throughout the day disrupts the body’s natural frequencies, making sleep harder to attain, but by stimulating the body’s natural sleep frequencies, the thinking is that you’ll be able to fall asleep faster and deeper. It’s kind of like exercising: if you don’t activate certain muscles, you’ll never get them to work for you.

Wear the Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet 15-30 minutes before you go to sleep. The hypoallergenic strap is “pajama soft” (their words, not ours) and features breathable holes so the strap won’t get sweaty or stick to your skin. It sits comfortably on either wrist. The band holds a metal disc containing a blend of natural frequencies to help put the body into the right sleep state. The Sleep Bracelet acts as a “resonator,” channeling these frequencies to your brain and body, so they know it’s time to put everything aside and focus on wellness and rest. There are no batteries required and you never need to charge the bracelet, so it’s always ready to use.

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The company says users are more well-rested and refreshed the morning after sleeping with the bracelet, with less tossing and turning through the night. You’ll wake up feeling more energized and with more focus, rather than getting out of bed with that dreaded groggy feeling.

While many of us use fitness and activity trackers, those devices only monitor our sleep patterns, rather than correct them. The Sleep Bracelet actively works to improve your sleep so you have more energy, less stress and feel more in control when you wake up in the morning.

And unlike supplements, which you have to refill, and eye masks, which can often be uncomfortable, the Sleep Bracelet is a thin, soft device that you’ll quickly forget about. With no batteries required and a 10-year warranty, buy it once and (hopefully) never have to resort to other sleep aids again. Just slide it over your wrist, slide into bed and let your body naturally fall asleep.

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