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The Best Bedtime Teas to Lull You Into a Perfect Night’s Sleep

* Sleep can be elusive due to stress and anxiety
* Teas can help calm your body and mind, preparing it for bed
* These teas are herbal in nature, containing things like chamomile and valerian root

For some people, sleep is tricky. Falling asleep and staying asleep can be difficult due to external noise, light pollution, stress and anxiety. Yet a lack of sleep only exacerbates stress and anxiety during the day. It’s a never ending cycle unless you turn to a sleep aid.

Some people take sleeping pills prescribed by a doctor to help. But before you take such drastic measures, it’s worth trying natural remedies like bedtime teas. These herbal drinks work to release stress and anxiety, allowing your body to calm down and relax. Once your body is relaxed, it’s ready for bed and a good night’s rest.

These five night time teas are great for lulling you into a perfect night’s sleep. Try one or all of them to find a flavor and herbal combination that you adore.

1. Twinings Nightly Calm Tea

Twinings is one of the most recognizable names in tea, so it only makes sense that the company produces one of the best sleepy time teas. The

contains an herbal blend of chamomile, spearmint and lemongrass for a tea that is both flavorful and effective at putting you into a relaxed state. The smooth and mild taste makes this one of the best tasting nighttime teas on the market.

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2. Bedtime Bliss Lipton Herbal Supplement

You likely have a box of Lipton black tea hiding in your cupboard, but this tea giant does so much more than the standard cuppa. This

contains chamomile, orange peel and mint for a caffeine free treat. As an added bonus, this drink can be enjoyed both hot and cold depending on your preference. Plus, this pack contains four boxes of 15 tea bags each, making this an affordable nighttime tea option.

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3. Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra Wellness Tea

Celestial Seasonings has cornered the nighttime tea market with its

. This popular caffeine free tea contains valerian root and chamomile for a double dose of sleep-inducing herbs. It induces relaxation and has a calming effect, ensuring you’re ready for the perfect night’s sleep. In addition, this tea has no artificial ingredients and is made from only all-natural products.

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4. Yogi Tea Bedtime

Unwind before bed with the spicy-sweet

. This herbal tea blend has more ingredients than most of the teas on this list and therefore has a more complex flavor. In each tea bag, you’ll find passionflower, chamomile, licorice, cardamom and cinnamon for a naturally relaxing drink. And if you’re worried about the specific ingredients used in your tea, you need not be. This Yogi tea is USDA certified organic and non-GMO product verified.

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5. Hey Girl Tea Bedtime Tea

“Hey girl. It’s time to sleep and dream of tomorrow.” That’s the line you’ll find on every bag of

. It might be clever marketing, but the tea itself lives up to its tagline. The herbal mix contains passion flower, chamomile, lemon balm, orange peel, catnip herb, stevia leaf and valerian root extract, and the tea works to combat insomnia, stress and anxiety.

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