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This Wooly Mattress Topper Is the Comfiest Thing I’ve Ever Slept On

Let’s be real: we live in a country obsessed with sleep. And why wouldn’t we be? In the land of hustle culture and burnout, we’re never getting enough rest, and if you’re like me, you’re on a constant quest to get a full night of proper sleep to improve both mental and physical health.

A couple of years back my husband, who has chronic back pain, convinced me to get an ultra-firm mattress. While I preferred it to the too-plush soft and silky foam mattresses of my past, it didn’t provide as much pressure point relief as I had hoped. As a side sleeper, I felt the bed digging into my hips and shoulders nightly. I knew that replacing it with a softer mattress would re-introduce my partner’s back pain, and since it was still a relatively recent purchase, that wasn’t an option for my budget.

And so, like many unsatisfied with their current sleeping situation, I began searching for the perfect mattress topper. As a chronic insomniac, I’m no newbie to mattress toppers. Still, finding one that provided that perfect balance between cloud-like and supportive felt impossible. After trying options like latex, down, and foam, even the toppers marketed as firm ended up having a sinking sensation, trapping heat throughout the night and ultimately flattening out. As a highly sensitive insomniac, sleep has always been a Princess and the Pea situation for me. My bed is always either too hot, too cold, too soft, or too hard. In short, it’s tough for me to get comfortable. Plus, the off-gassing period for foam toppers and that gross, chemical smell that comes with it doesn’t exactly make for an inviting room to sleep in. 

Then, I came across wool mattress toppers, which I didn’t know was a thing. I’d never seen one in a store, and due to years of not being impressed by even the most luxurious toppers, my expectations were low. But after scrolling through thousands of reviews and ultimately investing in Wool Room’s innovative Wooly Topper, It’s not an exaggeration to call this bed life-changing.

Available to the US as of October 202, Wool Room is the UK’s best-kept secret. With a fairly deep pile, it differs from other wool toppers in that the coils inside prevent the wool from over-compressing like 100% wool toppers can. 

Based on a study done by researchers at the University of Leeds, Wool mattress toppers can improve sleep quality by up to 67% and can even help us get 25% more stage four regeneration sleep, which is the phase when our bodies repair themselves overnight. 

Benefits of Using a Wool Topper

  • Temperature-regulating
  • Flame-retardant
  • Hypoallergenic/protective against allergens
  • Organic & Sustainable 

Sleeping on the Wooly Topper

This topper promises to extend the lifetime of your mattress while giving it a slightly softer feel, and that’s exactly what it did. I also wake less throughout the night, have significantly less shoulder and hip pain, and overall feel like I’ve been upgraded to a cozier and more luxurious bed. Soft yet resilient is the perfect way to describe this topper. As a sensitive sleeper who frequently deals with sneezing and stuffiness before bed, I also found that the hypoallergenic nature of this topper was even more effective than I expected, blocking out allergens and letting me breathe more clearly throughout the night.  

It’s a fully organic barrier between your bed and your body that you can sleep on immediately after unwrapping. It’s been about four months now, and I haven’t experienced any negative effects. In fact, I find that I recover from workouts faster and get more REM sleep on a nightly basis.

No matter the season (and I live in Central Canada, where seasons differ drastically) Wool Room appears to get the job done. That makes the Wooly Topper an ideal choice for hot sleepers and cold sleepers that share a bed because, unlike man-made fibers, it offers unrivaled breathability and temperature control. I may be fully converted to the wool lifestyle, and I am considering replacing my allergy-inducing down duvet with one of Wool Room’s popular wool comforters. Here are all the reasons you should switch over to a wool topper and a breakdown of why I think it’s the best mattress topper on the market right now.

Design of the Wooly Topper

It arrives vacuum sealed in a rectangular box, similar to a boxed mattress. Unlike most foam and latex toppers, the Wooly has thick straps to wrap around each corner of your bed, securing it so that it never moves around during the night. Unlike other wool toppers, which compress after less than a year of usage, the addition of 1000 posturfil coils in this topper prevents this compression and maintains long-term support. 

But what exactly are posturfil coils? One of Wool Room’s in-house experts, Ed Tattersall, shares, “The posturfil coils are micro coils around the size of a coin that sit within pockets. These sit in between the wool layers within the topper to provide comfort and support. The coils within the topper adjust to small body movements throughout the night and keep the body supported and aligned, taking pressure off the high-pressure point areas in the body (lower back, hips, knees, and shoulders). This layer within the topper is probably the most important and is what sets it apart from other wool toppers available.”

The quilted cover on the topper has a durable feel and is made from a Merino blend. After a small spill, I was able to remove a stain with a Tide pen. Channeled stitching keeps the filling and coils in place while you sleep to avoid shifting, while a  wool insulator pad protects the underside of the topper and adds even more support for micro-coils. The three to four inches of wool filling itself is 100% organic, fully traceable British wool that’s been produced responsibly and directly supports local farmers.  Plus, the UK has the best environment for wool due to its variable climates and lush grass to feed on. In the image below, you’ll see that even when I exert maximum pressure with my hand, the topper is still surprisingly supportive and resilient, refusing to sink.


Will a wool mattress topper soften my bed?

It has a fairly deep wool pile that’s a few inches deep, making it feel like a plush pillow top with a little more resistance and support. It provides some supportive softness so that you get a little cushioning for pressure points, but it isn’t super fluffy.

Still, softness and pressure relief are both very subjective factors. Some people find that latex provides more of the cushion they desire. However, if you’re like me and have tried every material out there and everything still has that sinking or too-soft feel, the Wooly Topper will provide a desirable softening effect. They also have a new topper that blends latex and wool if you want a softer feel. 

Is a wool mattress topper ok for hot sleepers?

Yes – wool is one of the best non-synthetic, temperature-regulating materials that are way more breathable and cooling than foam, down or latex. I usually sleep warm, and for that reason ive never been able to sleep with foam or latex toppers. I slept like a baby through the night with the Wooly Topper without any shivers or sweats, leading me to believe that it really is ideal for both hot and cold sleepers and is one of the best wool toppers for temperature regulation.

Will a wool topper compress or change shape over time?

It won’t compress, flatten or clump, unlike other wool toppers, due to its unique construction, which was created specifically to combat the compression frequently happens with wool toppers. If you do experience any unevenness over the years, flipping it can help. However, this probably won’t happen with the Wooly Topper since it’s supplemented with posturfil coils for added support. These added coils also help justify the price point. 

Tattersall shares, “Our recommendation is simply to air every time the bed is changed and shake if required. When changing the bed, we also recommend rotating from head to toe, so you switch the area where your body sleeps on the mattress. Apart from that, the mattress topper will hold its shape extremely well and requires very little maintenance to ensure it lasts for many years to come.”

Wool Room Wooly Topper