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Amazon Has Its Own Secret House Brand of KN95 Face Masks — Now Just $0.35 Each

Cross fingers, knock wood, do whatever, but lately the pandemic news has been… well… not the best. Mask mandates were lifting as omicron numbers began to fall, which was obviously some great news after the mishap we had around the holidays, but numbers are on the rise again as a multitude of variants sweep the nation. Thankfully, these variants don’t seem as brutal as variants we’ve seen prior, but it’s just a reminder that we are still in the middle of a pandemic.

But lucky for all of us still masking up out there prices on this once-scarce KN95 mask have never been lower.

So if you’re shopping for KN95 masks and are worried about counterfeit respirators — and you should be — then we recommend sticking with Amazon’s little-known house brand of face masks. These under-the-radar Amazon KN95 face masks are produced under the brand names HUHETA and FGCCJP, and as of April, these KN95 masks are discounted a whopping 79%, bringing the total price down to just $0.35 per mask.

We’ve got all the details and ways to save below, and you can head to Amazon now to buy FGCCJP KN95 Face Masks (30-Pack) for just $10.59, the kind of price that seems like a mistake but definitely isn’t.

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Find More Deals on Amazon Brand KN95 Face Masks

In addition to these FGCCJP masks, you can also find tons more deals on KN95 masks at Amazon right now. HUHETA is another Amazon house brand producing face masks, and we’ve collected the best discounts from these two brands below.


FGCCJP KN95 Face Masks (30-Pack)

FGCCJP might not have the most dynamic brand name, but it is one of Amazon’s house brands. As of April 18, the black FGCCJP KN95 masks have been discounted to just $17.99, which brings the price down to just $0.60/mask. Only weeks ago these were normally priced at over $30 per 30-pack, so stocking up while the prices are this crazy-low is a good call.

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HUHETA KN95 Face Masks (10-Pack)

Usually, you find the best discounts when buying in bulk, but thanks to a recent price drop, the opposite is true when buying HUHETA KN95 masks. Amazon’s face mask brand is currently offering a 30% discount on 10-packs, which brings the price down to just $6.99 (or $0.70/mask). That’s one of the lowest prices we’ve been able to find for these popular products, but not quite as cheap as the FGCCJP masks featured above.

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HUHETA KN95 Face Mask (30-Pack)

You can also buy 30-pack boxes of HUHETA KN95 face masks for under $20. These masks are available in a few different color options including black and multi-color packs. Designed for non-medical uses, each of the masks is individually wrapped for added protection. Each face mask features a 5-layer design, an adjustable nose bridge, and comfortable ear loops. After a recent price drop, the black masks are priced as low as $0.60/mask.

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HUHETA KN95 Face Masks (60-Pack)

Finally, if you really want to stock up for the future, then spring for the 60-pack box of HUHETA KN95 masks. Thanks to another new discount, these masks are currently priced at just $0.50/mask, one of the lowest prices you’ll find on HUHETA masks on a per-item basis.

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Editor’s Note: COVID-19 products such as face masks and home test kits are going in and out of stock quickly. We regularly update this page, but the prices and availability of the products above can change at any time. This article was last updated on Sunday, March 13 at 12:30 p.m. ET.


Where Can You Buy KN95 Face Masks for Kids?

Amazon’s HUHETA brand does produce small KN95 face masks for kids, but these popular products have been sold out for a couple of weeks. Remember that any masks marketed as N95 masks for kids are counterfeit, as the NIOSH does not approve N95 masks for kids. However, you can find KN95 masks for kids, although we recommend using caution and common sense to avoid counterfeit products.

If you’re looking for protective face masks for kids, then we recommend ordering one of the products below.

Shop Vida KN95 Face Masks for Kids


Shop Vida makes KN95 face masks for kids and adults, and it’s one of the only online retailers we trust that still has KN95 masks in stock in kids’ sizes. Shop Vida face masks are available in a ton of fun colors and can even be purchased in bulk. Best of all, these kids’ face masks are made in America in an FDA-registered facility.

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Courtesy of Shop Vida

FGCCJP Disposable Face Masks for Kids

These disposable masks for kids are not true KN95 masks, but they do come from Amazon’s FGCCJP brand. These single-use masks are also extremely affordable now that they’re on sale. For a limited time, you can buy 100 of these kids’ face masks for just $16.99, or $0.17 per mask.

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How To Avoid Counterfeit Face Masks

Counterfeit N95 and KN95 face masks are a growing problem right now. Not only are the fake masks becoming more convincing, but the sheer volume of face masks for sale online can make it hard for consumers to tell the difference. The New York Times reported in November 2021 that “fake masks are still sold everywhere,” and the Times report specifically cited popular mask brands on Amazon such as Boncare and ChiSip. Recently, we spoke with several experts, including an Amazon spokesperson, to understand how to spot counterfeit masks when shopping through online retailers such as Amazon.

Despite the potential for risk, we know that many shoppers are going to buy N95 and KN95 face masks from Amazon. How do you compete with that free, 2-day delivery for Prime members? For shoppers who are planning to purchase PPE on Amazon, how can you be sure that the PPE you’re ordering is from a legitimate company and not an overseas counterfeiter?

Our top recommendations for Amazon shoppers are simple:

In addition, an Amazon spokesperson told SPY: “We remain committed to serving our customers through the pandemic, in part by providing the personal protective equipment they need. For face masks marketed as N95 and KN95, we have implemented a rigorous seller vetting and product review process to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and Amazon policies… Before listing N95 and KN95 masks in our store, we verify that they are sourced from a trusted manufacturer by inspecting supplier invoices to trace inventory, reviewing packaging and product descriptions, and comparing against the CDC’s counterfeit mask list.”

Most shoppers don’t realize that Amazon has its own house brands producing KN95 masks — HUHETA and FGCCJP — and these products are safe bets when shopping for masks. Like a generic cereal at the grocery store, these products are part of Amazon’s owned and operated product lines.

Best of all, Amazon’s house brands are offering several discounts on KN95 masks right now, so it’s the perfect time to stock up on PPE to protect yourself from COVID-19. You can head to Amazon to take advantage of this deal, and you can also read Amazon’s guide to KN95 masks for more information on buying PPE online.