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Amazon’s Secret Brand of KN95 Masks Are Now Just $0.42 Each – Lowest Price Ever

Did you know that Amazon has its own brand of KN95 face masks, which are sold under the brand names HUHETA and FGCCJP? SPY readers know, and that’s because we’ve been sharing the news far and wide. These unassuming face masks can be hard to find amid the Amazon search results, and most shoppers have no idea that these under-the-radar brands are actually affiliated with Amazon itself. You can find them by searching for “KN95 masks” on Amazon and selecting “Our Brands” under the search options. Amazon actually operates lots of different brands, which sell everything from dog treats and face masks to mid-century modern furniture.

This week, you can save even more than usual on one of Amazon’s owned and operated face mask brands, FGCCJP. At these prices, Amazon is pretty much giving away its remaining KN95 face masks, which are now priced at less than 50 cents each. This is the lowest price we have ever seen on Amazon brand KN95 masks (as in ever, ever).

Seriously, it’s the perfect time to stock up and purchase what will hopefully become the last face masks you ever need to buy. We’ve been seeing discounts on these FGCCJP KN95 face masks go up and down in recent days, and we’ll update this post as the discount changes. Most recently, Amazon is offering a 58% discount that lowers the price to $12.46, but as of Wednesday, March 16, these face masks are priced at just $0.42/each.

These masks are available in both white and black, although the white masks are currently cheaper.

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About FGCCJP Face Masks from Amazon

Look, we’re not going to lie to you: we wish we never had to see another face mask for as long as we lived. Unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet. Unless you want to get placed on the no-fly list, there are still some situations that require a face mask. And for high-risk individuals worried about breakthrough infections from the Omicron variant, there are situations that still call for a face mask. Per the CDC and virtually every health organization in the world, the only types of masks that actually offer valid protection are N95 masks, KN95 masks and KF94 masks.

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When shopping for these face coverings, you shouldn’t simply buy the first or cheapest KN95 masks you find on Amazon. Remember: counterfeit face masks are everywhere, and it’s getting harder and harder to spot them. Because we’re about to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the pandemic, counterfeiters have had plenty of time to hone their craft. In our guide to the best places to buy N95 masks online, we recommend that shoppers shop only with trusted retailers and exercise caution when buying unknown brands on sites like Amazon.

However, most people don’t realize that among all the other search results, Amazon actually has its own brands selling face masks. By selecting “Our Brands” in the Amazon product search results, you can make sure you’re only buying face masks produced and owned by Amazon itself, which lets you avoid the sketchy third-party stores where you might find counterfeit personal protective equipment. Amazon has two brands producing KN95 masks — HUHETA and FGCCJP. Recently, Amazon has been slashing prices on these masks, but we’ve never seen the price drop as low as $0.42 per mask before.

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  • These face masks are designed to filter 95% of airborne particles 0.3-microns in size and larger.
  • The masks have an adjustable nose bridge for a tight seal on your face, and the 3D shape offers a comfortable fit.
  • This is one of the best-reviewed face mask products on Amazon. After more than 3,200 customer ratings, these respirators have an overall 4.5-star rating.

Head to Amazon to stock up on these face masks (hopefully, they’re the last face masks you ever need to buy!) for just $0.42/mask. If you prefer black masks, the black-colored version of these KN95 respirators are on sale as well — just be sure to clip the 10% off coupon on the product page.

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Courtesy of Amazon


Editor’s Note: As of Wednesday, March 16, these masks were priced at $12.46, or $0.42 per mask; however, this price is subject to change. 


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