Amazon’s Secret Brand of KN95 Face Masks Is On Sale Today for $9 Off

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Counterfeit N95 and KN95 face masks are a growing problem, both because the fake masks are becoming more convincing and because of the sheer volume of them on the market. The New York Times reported in November 2021 that “fake masks are still sold everywhere,” and the Times report specifically cited popular mask brands on Amazon such as Boncare and ChiSip. Recently, we spoke with several experts, including an Amazon spokesperson, to understand how to spot counterfeit masks when shopping through online retailers such as Amazon.

Despite the potential for risk, we know that many shoppers are going to buy N95 and KN95 face masks from Amazon. How do you compete with that free, 2-day delivery for Prime members? For shoppers who are planning to purchase PPE on Amazon, how can you be sure that the PPE you’re ordering is from a legitimate company and not an overseas counterfeiter?

Tips for Making Smart Face Mask Purchases

Our top recommendation for Amazon shoppers is simple: stick to N95 masks made in the USA (such as these Kimberly Clark N95 masks) or shop with Amazon’s house brands. The same way that your local grocery store has generic versions of popular food and beverages, Amazon has its own line of brands that it owns and operates. Some of these brands have names like Amazon Basics, but others have totally generic names and are harder to spot. Amazon’s house brands include two face mask companies: HUHETA and FGCCJP, both of which make KN95 face masks. These face masks aren’t typically promoted by Amazon, but you can find them by selecting “Our Brands” when viewing Amazon search results (we’ve also included links below).

In our guides to the best places to buy face masks online and the top KN95 masks for Omicron, we specifically recommend these two brands. And right now, HUHETA face masks are 28% off, letting you save $9 on 20-packs of adult KN95 masks. HUHETA KN95 masks for kids are also discounted, and parents can save 43% for a limited time. We think this is a smart purchase for protecting yourself and others from the spread of the highly contagious Omicron variant.

Head to Amazon to take advantage of this deal, which includes a few different varieties of HUHETA KN95 face masks. You can also read Amazon’s guide to KN95 masks for more information on buying PPE online.

1. HUHETA KN95 Face Masks (20-Pack)

Instead of shopping via third-party sellers, stick with Amazon’s own brands, like these HUHETA KN95 face masks. While this 28% discount is available, you can buy this 20-pack of protective KN95 face masks for just $22.99. These masks are available in black, blue and multi-color packs. Like all legitamte KN95 masks, they’re designed to filter 95% of particles 0.3-microns in size.


huheta-KN95-face-masks Courtesy of Amazon


HUHETA KN95 Face Mask (Multi-Color)

This 30-pack of HUHETA KN95 face masks features five different colors in a single box. Designed for non-medical uses, each of the masks is individually wrapped for added protection. Each face mask features a 5-layer design, an adjustable nose bridge, and comfortable ear loops.

HUHETA KN95 Face Mask Courtesy of Amazon



FGCCJP KN95 Face Masks

FGCCJP is another one of Amazon’s house brands that sells KN95 masks. This brand isn’t currently on sale, but the value pack featured below contains 30 masks priced at just $1.10/each. These masks are designed with a 3D shape to match the contours of the human face.

kn95 face masks for omicron Courtesy of Amazon


HUHETA Kids’ KN95 Face Masks (30-Pack)

Finally, this box of 30 KN95 face masks for kids is discounted by 43% for a limited time. For young people who are required to wear protective face masks during school or when traveling, this is a fantastic option. While the sale lasts, the masks are priced at just $1.15/each, which is one of the lowest prices we’ve been able to find anywhere on N95 or KN95 face masks.

kids-kn95-face-masks Courtesy of Amazon

Editor’s Note: Since we originally published this story, the HUHETA brand kids’ face masks have sold out at Amazon. You can shop for in-stock HUHETA masks at Amazon. We’ll update this page as soon as the availability changes. In addition, you can check out VIDA KN95 Kids’ Face Masks, which are made in the USA.


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