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Stick It to Stress and Back Pain With an Acupressure Mat

Back pain and headaches at the end of the day can be a result of stress. A solid self-care routine may help melt away that tension, so you can finally relax. And when it comes to at-home wellness, some care products are well worth the buy.

Acupressure mats have become a popular tool for relieving stress and body aches. These mats include several thousand spikes that are arranged in small circles. By standing, sitting or lying on the mat, you can mimic the effects of an acupressure massage.

While each user will have a different experience, the results can be a release of endorphins, less tension in the muscles and an overall feeling of calm. Some people will benefit from using their mat to soothe sore muscles from exercising or sitting all day. Just keep in mind that the effects may take time to appear. Consistency is key.

If you’re interested in the many benefits of acupressure mats, here are some products to consider.

1. NAYOYA Acupressure Mat And Neck Pillow

This acupressure mat had 6,210 acupressure spikes, which target tension in the back. The included neck pillow has 1,782 points. You can place the mat behind your back when sitting upright or use both pieces while lying down. Users can also stand on the mat for headache relief. This product is lightweight and portable, conveniently rolling up for storage or travel.

Pros: The acupressure spikes are durable and keep their shape. The company recommends 10-30 minutes of daily use, so the product won’t take up much of your time.

Cons: The foam in the mat and neck pillow may flatten with time. The product may also have a slight smell when you first take it out of the package.

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2. Ajna Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set

With an elegant design, this acupressure mat is available in a variety of pastel and neutral colors. This set includes over 5,000 acupressure spikes to massage the body. The mat is made of 70% linen and is filled with coconut husk instead of foam. The product also comes with minimal packaging, making it a great option for the sustainably-minded consumer.

Pros: The company plants a tree for every product sold. The carrying bag is well-designed and includes a cross-body strap

Cons: The mat may be too small for taller people. This product may have a musty odor initially, so you might have to air it out before use.

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3. ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat And Pillow

This acupressure mat and pillow are made of 100% cotton and eco foam. Users can enjoy thousands of acupressure spikes that release tension and boost circulation, both on the back and neck. This boost in circulation can aid in muscle recovery, so this mat is great for fitness enthusiasts. The product works best when used for 10 to 30 minutes. It’s also available in seven bright colors.

Pros: You can easily remove the cotton cover for hand washing. The wedge shape of the neck pillow comfortably fits the whole neck.

Cons: This product set doesn’t come with a carrying bag. The spikes on this mat may be sharper than those of other brands.

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4. TimeBeeWell Acupressure Mat And Pillow

TimeBeeWell’s acupressure mat and pillow set includes a 100% cotton cover and a recycled foam base. The half-moon shape pillow soothes the hard-to-reach muscles in the neck, while the mat covers 28.5 inches of the back. The spikes are made with HIPS medical-grade plastic. This set also includes a spacious bag for storage and travel.

Pros: The product also comes with a free e-book, so you can learn to use the mat.

Cons: This mat is only available in purple and orange and teal. The product can leave impressions on the skin if you use it without a shirt.

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5. Spoonk Acupressure Mat With Bag

Spoonk’s acupressure mat features 6,200 spikes for pain and stress relief. The smaller travel-size mat doubles as a neck pillow, and each pack comes with a massage ball. You can remove the cotton cover for washing using the built-in velcro panels. The product also includes fabric hanging loops for drying or storage.

Pros: The set rolls up into a compact bag, which includes a shoulder strap. The eco-foam is both comfortable and durable.

Cons: The travel mat may be stiff, making it tricky to roll up and velcro. This 26-inch mat is a few inches smaller than some of the alternatives.

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