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Create a Calming Zen Space Using an Aromatherapy Diffuser With Sound Therapy

Yoga studios, independent retail stores and small offices often welcome members and customers in with an inviting and relaxing aura. Sure, it could be the design aesthetic and friendly staff, but if you find yourself leaving these spaces feeling a newfound peace, there’s a good chance an aromatherapy diffuser with sound therapy was involved. No, you weren’t imagining the scent of lavender and the sound of wind in the trees. Even better, you can recreate that zen setting for your home.

Essential oils are often used as a way to create a calming environment. Some users find they sleep better when using essential oils, while others feel that their chronic health issues are improved. Those dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression sometimes feel more at peace and centered while using essential oils and there have been some studies that found positive results between the use of aromatherapy and dementia and pain management. But one thing we do know for sure is that essential oils smell great, which is exactly how we want our home to smell.

Sound therapy, whether it’s using white noise to block out sounds while sleeping or streaming your own playlist of calming and relaxing music, can also help to relax the mind and improve mood, two things that have a positive trickle-down effect throughout the body. That’s why we love using an aromatherapy diffuser with sound therapy to reduce stress and promote calmness.

1. iHome Zenergy Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Bluetooth Speaker

For a three-in-one relaxation center that will keep you feeling relaxed and calm for hours, we recommend the iHome Zenergy Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Bluetooth Speaker. No water or heat is needed to power the iHome, which has seven relaxing light color therapy modes designed to elicit feelings of calm, energy, glow, breathing and aurora. Customers can also select a candle flicker effect and colors can also be put into a hold mode. Match the light to your preferred soundtrack and choose from the six built-in sounds of Zen, Dream Tones, Storm, Ocean, Nature, and White Noise. An aromatherapy fan allows user to add their own essential oils to complement the soothing sounds and light display and each iHome comes with three replaceable aroma pads. A remote control makes it convenient to change the settings from across the room.

Pros: The iHome has a sleep timer that gradually reduces the light and sounds, helping you fall asleep peacefully.

Cons: The iHome has a big price tag. The aromatherapy fan is not strong enough to push the scent around a large room and the remote can be cumbersome to use.

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2. Gratia Naturals Essential Oil Diffuser

One of the most versatile relaxation centers available is the Gratia Naturals Essential Oil Diffuser. The Gratia is a one stop shop for all your relaxation needs, starting with its role as an aromatherapy oil diffuser. Each Gratia machine comes with four bottles of essential oil (lavender, orange, lemongrass and chamomile). The oils can be added to the machine and released consistently on a timer that can be set between one and eight hours. The Gratia will automatically shut off when the timer ends or if the unit runs out of water. A band of light around the wood-designed Gratia has seven light changing colors. Customers can connect their Bluetooth device to the Gratia to use the machine as external speakers for playing a relaxing soundtrack.

Pros: The Gratia also works as a humidifier, filling a 300 square foot room with puffs of cool mist that can help to decongest during allergy and cold season.

Cons: Many of the Gratia units are delivered without the four bottles of essential oils.

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3. PriBuy Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser with Bluetooth Speaker

Play music, relax with essential oils and enjoy a soothing light show with the PriBuy Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser with Bluetooth Speaker. The PriBuy can instantly connect to a smartphone or tablet, giving customers an external speaker to play their calming playlist or high energy dance tracks. Oils can be added directly to the PriBuy for a soothing scent experience. The top of the PriBuy lights up with seven LED light colors and can be set to cycle or remain on one color. Made with safety in mind, the PriBuy uses BPA free plastic, anti-corrosion material and has an automatic shut off for when it runs out of water.

Pros: The PriBuy is one of the quietest aromatherapy oil diffusers available. Using Ultrasonic Technology, the working noise is only 35dB.

Cons: The Bluetooth device must be within three feet of the PriBuy in order to use the speaker function. The PriBuy can only hold 200 mL of water compared to Gratia and ArtNatural’s 300 mL capacity and has a max run time of six hours.

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4. ArtNaturals Essential Oil Diffuser & Baby White Noise Sound Machine

Sleep like a baby with the ArtNaturals Essential Oil Diffuser & Baby White Noise Sound Machine. The three-in-one unit is an aromatherapy diffuser, a noise machine and a night light. Essential oils can be added directly to the water container in the unit for a pleasing and relaxing smell. Seven LED color changing lights can act as a soothing night light. Kids and adults will sleep better thanks to the noise-blocking sound options, including white noise, gentle rain, song birds, harbor swell, Caribbean surf and gentle surf. Made with BPA-free plastic, the unit can run for eight to 10 hours and will automatically shut off when the 300 mL tank is out of water.

Pros: Users can customize their ArtNaturals to their preferences by choosing dim or bright mode for the lights and adjusting the mist to strong or weak.

Cons: Unlike the PriBuy and Gratia, the ArtNaturals cannot be used to stream Bluetooth devices. The sound loops every 20 seconds, which is jarring, and the sounds shut off after only two hours.

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