If You Think Screens Are Straining Your Eyes, Blue Light Glasses Could Help

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Spending too much time looking at screens lately and feeling the effects on your eyes? If so, you could use a pair of blue light glasses to help relieve the eye stress.

What do blue light glasses do?

Blue light glasses are designed to block blue light from reaching your eyes. In the same way that sunglasses block and filter out UV rays, blue light glasses block blue light.

What’s beneficial about blue light glasses?

Prolonged exposure to blue light courtesy of all the screens in your life has been anecdotally connected to eye strain and headaches. At the same time, there isn’t any hard science supporting the link between extended screen use and eye strain. For example, organizations like the American Ophthalmology Association don’t recommend any kind of eyewear for screen use and instead recommend techniques to minimize the chance of eye strain.

But it’s hard to argue with the thousands of people who spend extended time in front of screens who suggest that blue light glasses singlehandedly reduced their eye strain and headaches. And what’s more beneficial than being able to do something as easy as wearing glasses to minimize tired eyes and the associating discomfort?

For another benefit, with some actual science behind it, blue light can affect circadian rhythms, the biological process that governs your sleep cycle. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, exposure to blue light before bed can make it more difficult for you to fall asleep and stay asleep by stopping your body from producing melatonin, which helps induce sleep. Donning a pair of blue light glasses will block that light and ensure you can fall asleep when you’re ready.

Things to look for in blue light glasses

There’s nothing really too special to look out for here. There’s no secret sauce or proprietary technique or formalized standard to make official blue light glasses. Ultimately, all you need to look for to find a decent pair is blue light marketing and branding because a brand that sells blue light glasses that don’t filter blue light will quickly find itself on the wrong end of angry customer reviews.

All things considered, blue light glasses might be able to minimize eye strain and that’s good, so check out some of the best blue light glasses below. We’ve included a few picks from Amazon as well some picks from other glasses retailers that offer blue light lens options.


1. Zenni Optical

If price is a significant concern but you still want some style, Zenni Optical is the place to go for your blue light glasses. Zenni offers a ton of frames for under $10, and you can add Zenni’s blue light blocking Blokz lenses to pretty much any Zenni Optical frame for $16.95 and up.

For our pick, we like Zenni’s basic square glasses frames in blue. They’re ultra basic and come in four other straightforward colorways for a totally affordable $9.95.

So if you’re looking for a decent variety of cheap, stylish blue light glasses, Zenni Optical has the best blue light glasses for you.

best blue light glasses - Zenni Optical Square Glasses 127916 in blue Courtesy of Zenni Optical


2. EyeBuyDirect

EyeBuyDirect is a great glasses retailer for its fairly priced in-house glasses and its ability to offer some brand-name glasses such as Ray-Ban and Oakley.

In terms of blue light glasses, EyeBuyDirect offers hundreds of frames with its three different kinds of blue light-filtering lenses: EBDBluePlus for $19, EBDBlue360 for $49 and SightRelax for $28.95. All three lenses promise anti-scratch, anti-glare and some UV protection as well as water-resistant coating and the ability to repel dust. The only real differences are that EBDBlue360 offers the most anti-glare protection due to a higher-quality coating and SightRelax offers reading enhancement.

So if you need a pair of readers that also filter blue light or serious anti-glare protection in your blue light glasses, then EyeBuyDirect has the best blue light glasses for you.

We recommend the Alastor round tortoise glasses. They come in three different tortoise shell colorways and have a simple modern design.

best blue light glasses - EyeBuyDirect Alastor round glasses in tortoise Courtesy of EyeBuyDirect


3. GlassesUSA

If you’re looking for endless style possibilities in blue light glasses then you want to head to GlassesUSA. As of this writing, GlassesUSA offers 913 different styles of frames, of which about 500 are for men, that can have blue light-filtering lenses, including plenty of in-house styles and a ton of name-brand glasses. Frame prices run the gamut but tend to be more expensive overall than Zenni or EyeBuyDirect. But one thing that’s consistent is the $19 add-on for blue light blocking lenses. So if you want a ton of variety to choose from, GlassesUSA will have the best blue light glasses for you.

For our pick, we like the Ottoto Mexicali in black and gold. They’re stylish and they’re thin and sleek with all-metal frames and a circular lens shape.

best blue light glasses - GlassesUSA Ottoto Mexicali glasses in black and gold Courtesy of GlassesUSA


4. LNEKEI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Moving on to picks from Amazon, the three-pack of LNEKEI Blue Light Blocking Glasses is a great place to start.

The frames are square, transparent and made from plastic, so they’re about as basic as they come, but that’s what you can expect for blue light glasses as cheap as these. And at the end of the day, if they work, will you even care?

Plus, as a nice bonus, these glasses ship with a blue light testing kit, so for once, you can actually verify on the spot whether the glasses do what they claim to do. If you’re still not sold, just check out one of the 16,000+ reviews where customers actually record the testing process. See for yourself that despite the extreme bargain these blue light glasses are the real deal and actually block blue light from going through the lenses.

So if you or you and a partner want some cheap blue light glasses for around the house, these LNEKEI glasses will be the best blue light glasses for you.

Three pairs of LNEKEI transparent plastic frames blue light blocking glasses Courtesy of Amazon


5. TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you want a little more stylistic flair or are just seeking rounder rims, the TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses will make for a solid pick. The rims are round and the plastic frames come in a brown tortoise colorway. TIJN also makes the bold move of including a blue light testing kit so you can verify they work. (Yup, they work.)

TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses in tortoise Courtesy of Amazon


6. AOMASTE Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If semi-rimless frames are more your bag, AOMASTE has you covered. The AOMASTE Blue Light Blocking Glasses filter out blue light as promised and come in a stylish package: semi-rimless plastic black frames with gold metal for the lower half of the lens.

AOMASTE blue light blocking glasses, semi rimless Courtesy of Amazon


7. Warby Parker

Many of you are probably wondering about Warby Parker. We totally rep Warby for its stylish frames and for pioneering home try-ons, but its blue light blocking glasses add-on is on the pricier side at $50. However, they do offer this add-on with any of their glasses, so if you’re keen on a particular style, you’ll be pleased to know blue light lenses are an option.

If you already have a pre-established relationship with Warby Parker and like the designs it offers, then we’d recommend buying your blue light glasses there. And if that’s you, we love the Durand frames in whiskey tortoise. You can get them in 10 other styles for whatever kind of look you want.

Warby Parker Durand glasses in whiskey tortoise Courtesy of Warby Parker


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