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The Modern Stoner’s Guide To Buying Bongs Online

Once upon a time, bongs were a smoking tool that you stored secretively around the house or masked as an innocent vase. But with the semi-legal cannabis industry flourishing as more states decriminalize marijuana, bongs have crawled out from the shadows. Today, a whole variety of bongs (otherwise known as water pipes) are available for sale online, including ones that resemble modern art and make a stunning coffee table centerpiece.

The answer to the question, “Can you buy bongs online?”, is a resounding yes, but we know that many smokers have an independent streak and prefer to patronize local smoke and glass shops. However, if you prefer to shop online or don’t have a local smoke shop, buying bongs online is perfectly legal. Most bongs are made from glass, so you’ll want to make sure they’re shipped carefully.

To break it down for beginners, a bong consists of a few parts: a tube with one end closed off to hold water, a removable bowl, and a down-stem, which is a separate piece used to connect the bowl piece to the main tube. Users pour water into the tube until the stem is covered, and fill the bowl with cannabis. That’s illegal in many countries and states, as you know, but people do it regardless!

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To smoke a bong, the smoker holds the lighter over the bowl, and as the cannabis burns, the smoke is sucked through the bowl and stem and into the water, which helps to filter the smoke and cool its temperature. The resulting “bong hit” is often quite intense due to the volume of smoke that gathers in the bong chamber. Often, people choose to smoke bongs because they’re a smoother alternative to smoking cannabis cigarettes or pipes. Some people believe they are also a healthier alternative due to the water filtration, but we won’t speak to the health aspects of these pipes. Another benefit is the flavor of your cannabis coming out more clearly, thanks to the cooler temps and less harsh smoke. 

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There are many different types of bongs available, from beaker-shaped to straight silhouettes. Some bongs are extremely utilitarian in design, while others are elaborate glass pipes with multiple chambers, ice catchers, percolators and decorative elements. The best bongs are typically made from glass, and the more complex creations resemble works of art. With so many options, the best bong for you is a subjective matter based on your budget and preferences.

To help you out, we’ve selected a variety of different styles to curate the best bongs for sale online. In this bong shopping guide, we’re going to cover it all, from stress-free beginner devices to the more extravagant and elegant options. Of course, we are most definitely not encouraging our readers to break the law! However, if you’d like to buy a water pipe, there are some great options to consider.


Green Bear 8-Inch Thick Beaker Bong


For a budget-friendly $59.99, this beaker bong by Green Bear is a classic and uncomplicated option for those just starting out. The high-quality glass is thick, making it a resilient option for those with clumsy tendencies. This 8-inch model is tiny but packs a punch for the low price, especially with its dense borosilicate glass. Beginner bong users, we urge you: always opt for a humble glass model like this instead of a plastic alternative, as chemicals can leech into the bong water and smoke.

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The Hemper Beast Bong 12-Inch


The debate between straight and beaker bongs is a popular one in the world of weed. A beaker style has a sturdier base, delivers a larger amount of dense smoke. Additionally, a more tapered tube at the top means you won’t get a taste of dirty, ashy water. The foot-long Hemper Beast bong is as classic as you can get for beaker models, with additional filtration systems and an ice catcher that works to deliver you perfectly chilled hits every time.

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Mav Pro Bestie Bong


Nothing bonds two people more than smoking together. Why not elevate that experience further and smoke at the same time? This bong is great for couples or BFFs — after all, a duo that tokes together, stays together. This double-headed beaker bong by Mav stands 11 inches tall and allows for simultaneous pulls. One reviewer mentions that they use it for competitions on who can get a bigger rip. Ideal for social smokers, and completely unique, you’ve never had a bong like this before. A larger version is available on the Mav site for $100 more.

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Summerland Chongo Ceramic Bong


This hand-made, one-of-a-kind model is a gorgeous addition to any living space and is made with completely natural materials. Available in white or charcoal, this minimalist model is lead-free and made with a food-safe glaze. Silky pulls and the luxurious aesthetic are what make this bong so popular. For those turned off by trashy stonerware, this definitely passes our home decor check. Even when you’re not using it, guests will be sure to compliment your minimalist ceramic pipe.

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Diamond Mini Bong with Perc


Mini bongs are efficient, space-saving, and portable, but they often lack the bells and whistles that full-sized models have. This option has multiple percolators, often referred to as percs. These tubes do the same thing as the main water chamber, cooling and filtering smoke even further to give you a superior hit. With a smaller water pipe, multiple percolators makes up for the lack of size, delivering you a flawlessly filtered hit each time, without taking up extra shelf space. Just be careful — it looks small but packs quite a punch.

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LA Pipes Straight Tube Double Showerhead Perc 14″


If you prefer a slimmer look to the beaker style models, this straight bong by LA pipes is everything you’re looking for, with additional double showerhead percolators. The tube shape allows for a steadier and more controlled hit thanks to smaller bubbles. It offers more filtration options as well, such as the double perc feature here. Users call this sturdy creation “the best piece of glass I’ve ever owned” and appreciated how carefully and discreetly it was wrapped. Plus, it looks really, really cool.

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GRAV Gravitron Gravity Bong


Gravity bongs are an old school, homemade creation done by creative DIY stoners. Usually, you need one or two plastic bottles, which are used to funnel smoke through water before inhaling. This is traditionally done by partially submerging a smaller container or jug with a bowl into a bigger plastic bottle or bucket that’s filled with water. GRAV’s affordable version upgrades outdated DIY gravity bongs to a customized, easy to clean glass water pipe that delivers seamless pull for the well-seasoned smoker.

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Sessions Goods Bong


We love this designer bong by Sessions Goods for its clean look. Although it’s a gorgeous example of modernism, it’s also a lesson in functionality. The body is extremely thick, holding a water line that’s concealed by the matte silicone footer. All included accessories are silicone and a breeze to clean or swap out with other colors. An extra replacement down-stem and bowl are also included in premium packaging, adding to the value. A bong for the utilitarian with a sense of style, this is one of the best bongs you’ll find online.

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Eyce Silicone Beaker Bong


If your bong is prone to breakage or you travel frequently, going with medical-grade silicone over glass might be a sensible option. It’s less fragile and can take more abuse when going the rounds at a party or falling into some slippery hands. In terms of durability and price, this flexible material has the advantage. Eyce’s beaker bong is the best of the best when it comes to silicone, and comes with a removable silicone tray that holds lighters and spare nugs.

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Bushmaster Glass Water Bong Recliner


Once you hit your bong, you might dissolve into your couch. But what if you didn’t have to get up to smoke that bowl in the first place? Bushmaster created an s-shaped twist on the straight bong by bending the upper half so that it can be smoked while the user is reclining. Stop hunching over with this well-priced and innovative creation, which is perfect for those with back problems or lazy tendencies — no judgment over here.

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