11 Unusual CBD Products You Didn’t Know Existed

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Over the past few years, CBD (otherwise known as cannabidiol) has exploded into the mainstream. Cannabidiol is the active ingredient in cannabis that won’t get you high but is a big part of medical marijuana and the remedies that it can bring.

Since then, lots of developments have followed in the cannabis industry. You may have heard about CBD oils and CBD skin creams, but in 2020, we have everything from inhalers to CBD-infused toothpaste. Beyond basic infusions and topical treatments, we’re beginning to see this potentially miraculous ingredient’s real benefits in ways like never before.

Unfortunately, many products on Amazon don’t contain high-quality CBD since it’s still technically a regulated substance. Instead of paying top dollar for hemp seed oil that’s low in potency, invest in the trustworthy brands making strides in the market today. Whether they’re a gift to a loved one or part of your self-care routine, explore the most exotic CBD products breaking boundaries and bringing wellness into people’s lives.


1. Vertly CBD Infused Bath Salts

These CBD-infused bath salts by Vertly provide the ultimate way to melt away your daily stress and knots. One packet can be used in a bath, but it can also be used as a scrub or exfoliator on dead skin. Fragrances are derived from essential oils and culminate in an aromatic combination of lavender, clary sage and lemon. Create a DIY luxurious spa experience at home with these salts that can help rejuvenate exhausted bodies.

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2. Pure Ratios CBD Transdermal Patches

These transdermal patches fortified with phytonutrients can provide nearly 100 hours of CBD relief. Each patch contains 40mg CBD and is a more effective way to deliver cannabidiol under the skin’s surface than other topical applications. This patch is ideal for bringing targeted relief in one area, due to either an injury, skin issue or chronic pain. One user found it reduced her sciatica, while another appreciated that the adhesive stayed on wet skin.

best cbd products, pure ratios transdermal cbd patch Image courtesy of Made By Hemp

3. Life Elements CBD Bath Bomb

Bath salts are cool, but there’s just something so calming about watching a CBD bath bomb fizz away into oblivion. Life Elements’ best-seller is available in different strengths, from 50mg to 200mg, allowing you to customize according to the ailment. The brand compares a 50mg option like a Swedish Massage and the 200mg dosage to a Deep Tissue rubdown. With calendula, goat milk, and other calming ingredients, reviewers are obsessed, with one describing the bath bombs as a “mini-vacation”.

best cbd products, cbd bath bomb Image courtesy of lifeelements.com

4. Cannuka Calming Eye Balm

Pretty much everything that Cannuka comes up rules. This brand perfected their formula with a combination of CBD and Manuka honey, which is exclusive to New Zealand and Australia with unique health benefits. Suitable for the most sensitive skin, users of Cannuka products claim to be cured of skin conditions that other medications couldn’t successfully treat. They offer cleansers, creams, and more, but the real celebrity is the Calming Eye Balm, which moisturizes delicately makes dark circles magically vanish.

best cbd products, cbd eye balm Image courtesy of cannuka.com

5. Joy Organics CBD Face Mask

This sheet face mask by Joy Organics contains 10mg of lab-tested, full-spectrum CBD. They’ve earned high ratings across the board for this mask, which reduces signs of aging and wrinkles. For those who live in cities, black licorice extract and rosemary work to decrease the effects of pollution, inflammation and dehydration, leaving skin with a plumped glow. It comes in the form of a sheet, which is useful if you travel or don’t want the mess of a cream mask.

best cbd products, cbd face mask Image courtesy of bestcbdbalms.com

6. Infinite CBD Beard Flux Oil

Who knew that the benefits of cannabidiol could extend to beard grooming products? If you’re always searching for a hydrating, softening, and well-formulated beard oil, look no further. Infinite CBD engineered the ultimate in taming facial hair with their lab-tested Beard Flux. Containing 100mg of CBD isolate and jojoba, tea tree oil, and peppermint, this product reduces beard flakes and moisturizes dry patches. Amidst pages of five-star reviews, one reviewer calls it “perhaps my favorite beard oil I have tried” due to its anti-itch power and soothing, minty scent.

best cbd products, cbd beard oil Image courtesy of infinitecbd.com

7. CBD Daily Massage Candle

A well-scented candle can transport you to another place, and this 60mg CBD daily massage candle definitely does that with its rejuvenating menthol and cedarwood scent. Just lighting it releases naturally calming, de-stressing ingredients into the air. But whereas most cannabis candles turn into a burning wax, this one melts into a pleasantly heated massage oil that can be applied to skin. It glides on smoothly (no stickiness) to reduce pain, and is fantastic for both intimate moments and self-massage.

best cbd products, cbd massage candle Image courtesy of shop.earthlybody.com

8. Emera CBD Shampoo

If your hair is feeling brittle or frizzy, it might just be missing a little CBD to provide the necessary nutrients. This shampoo delivers healthier hair that looks thicker and grows stronger than before. Many shampoos strip their natural oil hair, but not Emera’s, which cleanses in a gentle but effective manner. It’s safe for colored hair, unlike many store-bought competitors, and protects hair from damage that the environment causes. Reviewers (even professional salon workers) love its ability to control dandruff provide unbeatable silkiness.

best cbd products, cbd shampoo Image courtesy of shop.earthlybody.com

9. CBD Luxe Hand Sanitizer

In the age of Coronavirus, it’s safe to say that hand sanitizer is something most of us have stockpiled, as access to soap and water isn’t always possible. Although it keeps our skin clean, overusing hand sanitizer can dry out your skin severely. This organic sanitizer by CBD Luxe blends anti-septic tea tree oil and aloe vera to make sure hands remain as soft as they are clean with every use. Consumers appreciate that it doesn’t leave skin with that raw feeling that other alcohol-based disinfectants do.

best cbd products, cbd hand sanitizer Image courtesy of cbdluxe.com

10. Pendy CBD Infused Incense

Candles can help set the mood, but nothing says ambiance like CBD incense. The smoke it creates envelops you in calm, thanks to high resin, hemp-extracted cannabidiol. These bamboo incense sticks have earned almost 40 ecstatic reviews, all mentioning and complimenting the range of delicious scents. One user claims that it helps with her insomnia, and another mentions that it helps her go “deeper in her mind” during meditation sessions.

best cbd products, cbd incense Image courtesy of pendy.co

11. WLDKAT Ginger and Kombucha Bubbling Skin Tonic

On those hot and sticky days, you want to avoid using heavy face creams. Instead, consider a liquid-based “skin tonic” like this one by upscale CBD skincare brand WLDKAT. By using ginger and kombucha, a refreshing tingle is created upon application. Using broad-spectrum CBD (aka, it’s not stripped of its terpenes) and a pH optimized formula, this liquid tonic can remove makeup, exfoliate dead skin, and provide an overall glow. Consumers adore how different it is from other toners on the market, which strip moisture and leave skin dry.

best cbd products, cbd skin tonic Image courtesy of wldkat.com

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