Here Are 11 Medical Gloves to Protect Yourself from the Coronavirus

coronavirus latex gloves
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As the coronavirus crisis continues to rage, it’s important we all take the most effective measures to help flatten the curve. That means, of course, to stay home and social-distance. However, there are going to be times in which people need to venture outdoors. Whether it’s just for some sunshine or to go grocery shopping, making sure you’re accomplishing those tasks as safely as possible is critical. In addition to cloth face masks, many people feel more safe wearing safety gloves, and for good reason.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is not necessary to wear coronavirus gloves when going to the grocery store or going for a walk. Rather, they recommend wearing gloves when cleaning or disinfecting clothing or surfaces that may have been contaminated. You should also wear gloves when caring for someone who is sick.

The CDC does not advise wearing gloves at the grocery store, for example. However, very recently, the CDC also told the public it was not necessary to wear safety masks, guidance that was recently reversed. So it’s understandable if many people feel safer wearing gloves and masks. Whether or not they provide another layer of protection against germs, they can provide peace of mind when handling countertops, food items, doors, and so forth. When combined with a face mask or a keychain touch tool, the best coronavirus gloves can ease your stress when venturing outdoors.

Initial demand for gloves spiked when stay-at-home orders were issued around the country, but many online sites have seen their stock slowly replenish. We’ve rounded up 11 different sets of coronavirus gloves that will give you another level of safety during these unprecedented times. As more products become available, we will update this post.


1. Green Direct Disposable Plastic Coronavirus Gloves

At a staggering 500 count, these coronavirus gloves from Green Direct are bountiful enough to last you for a long, long time. Clear and powder-free, the gloves are actually ambidextrous in their design, making it incredibly easy to just grab two on your way out the door and swap them around to fit your hands accordingly.

Green Direct Disposable Plastic Coronavirus Gloves Amazon


2. AMMEX Medical Vinyl Gloves

These vinyl disposable gloves come in boxes of 100, which should last you and your family for a long time. Both latex- and powder-free, these medical gloves protect your hands from high-touch, germ-filled surfaces. The surface of these gloves are smooth and clear.

disposable medical gloves Courtesy of Amazon


3. ANDSTON 24-Count Coronavirus Gloves

Not only are these safety gloves from ANDSTON rated Amazon’s Choice (with almost 100 ratings for an average of 4.5 stars), but they’re also completely machine washable. Thanks to their cotton construction you can just toss them into the wash with your other clothes just as normal. While they’re meant to be used as inspection gloves for nice jewelry, you can just as easily inspect other items with them as well.

ANDSTON 24-Count Coronavirus Gloves Amazon


4. DEX FIT Coronavirus Gloves

While these gloves from DEX FIT are far closer to work gloves than medical gloves, they’re not any less useful when protecting your hands during this time. An ergonomic fit makes it so the gloves sit snug around each finger for a near second-skin-like texture, while the breathable construction keeps your hands cool and sweat-free. We especially like these for more rugged tasks, light taking out the trash or breaking down boxes.

DEX FIT Coronavirus Gloves Amazon


5. Cleanbear Coronavirus Gloves

While these vibrantly-colored gloves from Cleanbear are definitely meant to be used for professional kitchens, they can be easily refitted to coronavirus-related purposes. The extended cuff is actually helpful to ensure the protection of your wrist and can be easily hidden under a long-sleeve shirt or sweatshirt if needed — and makes it easy to remove the gloves after you’re done. With a sturdy grip throughout the fingers and palm, you can accomplish any task with ease.

Cleanbear Coronavirus Gloves Amazon


6. KINGLAKE Plastic Coronavirus Gloves

These clear, food-service-style plastic gloves from KINGLAKE come in two packages of 100 each to provide plenty of safety gloves for everyday use. Capable of being used on either hand, they’re disposable so you can just toss them in the trash once you’re done. Additionally, the covering extends a little past your wrist in order to yield a bit more protection.

KINGLAKE Plastic Coronavirus Gloves Amazon


7. Chef’s Star Vinyl Coronavirus Gloves

With four different sizes to better fit you (small, medium, large and extra-large) these vinyl gloves from Chef’s Star are powder-free and comfortable to keep your hands protected. Designed to be used in conjunction with food and food prep, they’re as close as you can get to having gloves that are tailor-made for grocery shopping. Safe to dispose of, a single box yields 50 sets of gloves.

Chef's Star Vinyl Coronavirus Gloves Amazon


8. HHPROTECT Chemical Resistant Gloves

These industrial latex safety gloves are chemical-proof, waterproof and tear-resistant. Basically, they’re the perfect gloves for germaphobes. These gloves offer a little bit of elasticity for an easy fit. They also have a textured surface on the palms to improve your grip on shopping carts, door handles and other high-touch surfaces.


9. CARA Cotton Coronavirus Gloves — 24 Pairs

If you’re looking for a thin, somewhat disposable glove that’s a bit more comfortable than your standard latex these cotton gloves might do the trick. They’re made to make moisturizing cream more effective but can also be worn in other contexts, like in public spaces where you’re trying to social distance and protect yourself and others from germs. They’re made of 100% cotton and hypoallergenic so they shouldn’t irritate your skin even after being worn for a while. They’re a great value at this price and are machine washable so you can sanitize and wear them again and again. Each glove fits either hand and are easy to get on and off.

CARA cotton gloves, coronavirus gloves Courtesy of Amazon


10. Wostar Nitrile Diposable Coronavirus Gloves, Pack of 100

This pack of disposable gloves from Wostar has 100 pairs so you’ll be stocked up for a bit with one purchase. They’re made of high-quality nitrile material that’s strong and won’t tear or pinch your skin. These gloves also have bare hand sensitivity so your touchscreen phone or tablet should still react to your touch even when you’re wearing them. They’re biodegradable and come in a few different colors so you can rock protection in style.

Wostar nitrile gloves, coronavirus gloves Courtesy of Amazon


11. Framar Midnight Mitts Disposable Gloves, Pack of 100

These gloves are perfect for protecting yourself from the coronavirus and are long enough to cover your wrists and forearms as well. They’re 12 inches long and come in an intimidating black color that’s stylish and functional. They’re powder free and fit on your hand like your own skin while also being thick and protective against liquids, sharp objects, grease and germs. They’re ambidextrous, meaning they can fit on either your right or left hand, and are easy to put on and remove.

Framar Mightnight Mitts disposable gloves, coronavirus gloves Courtesy of Amazon


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