Reduce Hand And Wrist Pain With These Ergonomic Mousepads

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Pandemic or not, more people than ever are finding themselves in work-from-home scenarios in 2021. While pounding away at your work laptop or desktop computer doesn’t have too many terrible short-term effects, using a setup that isn’t ergonomic can lead to multiple problems down the line and prevent you from getting work done. In fact, poor support or a total lack thereof can cause more strain than relief.

A common culprit is wrist and finger pain, which can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and other painful issues. An ergonomic mouse pad can offer more support by keeping wrists in a neutral position, around the same height as your mouse. This doesn’t only reduce pressure on your wrists – it can prevent hunching in your back as well.

What makes a mouse pad ergonomic is somewhat subjective, but they often feature wrist support of some kind, and our criteria when judging was based on factors like level of cushioning, materials used, durability, the height of wrist support, size of mouse area, and price.

With the help of hundreds of customer reviews, we browsed the top-rated ergonomic mouse pads available on Amazon, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.


1. Gimars Upgrade Round Ergonomic Mouse Pad


Whether you’re a hardtop gamer or a casual laptop user, this smooth-gliding mouse pad fits a range of needs and stops wrist pain in its tracks. This Gimars model is available on its own, or with a matching keyboard rest pad. Unlike frustrating alternatives, this well-contoured mouse pad has textured grooves on the back, so the edges don’t curl up and deformation doesn’t occur, even over time. Made with a natural rubber material, this mouse pad is completely odor-free and non-toxic.

Gimars Upgrade Round Ergonomic Mouse Pad Image courtesy of Amazon

2. VORNNEX Ergonomi Memory Foam Mouse Pad


This mouse pad supports your wrists for under $9, a price that’s hard to beat. Replace your unattractive old mouse pad with this elegant alternative. This bestseller has over 2,500 satisfied reviews, from users with arthritis to graphic designers who work long hours. The VORNNEX mouse pad’s wrist support has a memory foam material that molds to your natural posture without any discomfort. This pillowy wrist support is described by reviewers as “dense”, which eases worries about investing in a memory foam support that loses its shape.

VORNNEX Ergonomi Memory Foam Mouse Pad Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Soqool 2-Pack Mouse Pad


Need multiple mouse pads for the house but don’t want to spend double? Consider Soqool’s 2-pack, which offer a premium in quality and quantity. Available in four colors, both pads in this value purchase have a gel wrist support and skid-free base. Support bounces back slowly and this product doesn’t lose its shape easily. If you live in a household with sticky fingers, these mouse pads make for an easy cleanup with just a damp cloth.

Soqool 2-Pack Mouse Pad Image courtesy of Amazon

4. VictSing Ergonomic Mouse Pad


Replacing cheap mouse pads will become a thing of the past with VictSing’s resilient offering. The textured fabric on this item can actually improve the tracking movements of your mouse, allowing the cursor to move around with minimal friction and enhanced precision. The cover is made from silk, ensuring optimal softness, while the supports are filling with gel, keeping your wrists cool. Although it’s long-lasting thanks to durable construction, reviewers note that if any problems do arise, VictSing customer service is excellent.

VictSing Ergonomic Mouse Pad Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Dooke Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Support


If the average black mouse pad sounds boring to you, spruce up your space with Dooke’s wide array of printed choices. Our favorite is this stylish white marble as well as their other marbled choices, but brighter options are also available. As one Amazon buyer says, this isn’t your average “cheap mousepad.” Another says that its curved shape has the perfect amount of slant. Dooke’s unique offerings have the ability to upgrade that standard desk set-up to one that’s both sleek and comfortable.

Dooke Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Support Image courtesy of Amazon

6. CandoCraft Mouse Pad Wrist Support Set


This bean bag-style mousepad and wrist rest by CandoCraft comes with ergo-beads rather than foam. This design is well-loved by people who have foam allergies or aren’t satisfied with stiff (and often chemical-filled) gel pads. These bead-based supports come with a breathable and washable cotton pad for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Each set comes in a zip pouch that fits conveniently in most laptop bags, with an overall look that’s simple and minimalistic.

CandoCraft Mouse Pad Wrist Support Set Image courtesy of Amazon

7. Stand Steady Original Desk Potato


For some people, their desk isn’t the right height to use a mouse comfortably. For others, they use a gaming keyboard that doesn’t allow a mouse to also fit in the keyboard drawer. No matter what your issue is, this Desk Potato clamp can be adjusted to the precise height that you need it. It also allows you to put a harder mouse pad on top of it, freeing up desktop space and adding stability and support at the same time.

Stand Steady Original Desk Potato Image courtesy of Amazon

8. LeadsaiL Ergonomic Waterproof Mouse Pad


Nothing is worse than spilling your coffee or tea all over your work area, but we all have our clumsy moments at times. That’s why LeadsaiL created this waterproof mouse pad that reminds you not to cry over spilled milk, and allows you to get on with your workday post-mess. However, a couple of buyers mention that the overall size of the mouse pad is slightly bigger, which is worth noting if you have a smaller desk. Based on the price alone, this pad’s numerous features provide a superb bang for your buck.

LeadsaiL ergonomic mousepad, best ergonomic mousepad Courtesy of Amazon

9. iLeadon Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Set


This set comes with ergonomic support for both a mouse and keyboard. Available in a range of chic colors, this mouse mat set has become a work-from-home savior. It’s multifunctional, and its appearance offers a wow factor as a bonus. The rest pads grip any surface easily with a textured backside, rather than the ineffective removable film that other sets commonly come with. Quality was better than expected.

iLeadon Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Set Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Gimars Large Smooth Ergonomic Mouse Pad


If you find that most mouse pads aren’t comfortable enough for your hand size, look no further than this mousepad, complete with built-in wrist support. The Lycra fabric is non-irritating to most and allows for fast mouse movements and easy gliding. The elongated silhouette, which is about an inch longer than the average mouse pad, allows you to move your mouse more freely. Still, it’s portable enough to carry back and forth from work. A memory foam base keeps your hand in its natural position, hence preventing pain.

Gimars Large Smooth Ergonomic Mouse Pad Image courtesy of Amazon