The Best Face Masks for Kids Are Soft, Secure & Breathable

best face masks for kids
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As the current COVID-19 health crisis continues to progress and states begin to ease restrictions, cloth face masks will continue to be encouraged if not mandatory in public spaces to keep the virus from spreading from person to person. Although the majority of serious infections and deaths continue to take place among older populations, younger adults, teens and children are still at risk. According to the CDC, only 6% of confirmed cases in the US have been in children under 18 years old. Additionally, out of around 2,381 kids who test positive for the virus one is seriously ill enough to go to the hospital. Although rare, the threat is real, and we all need to take precautions. That means making sure your little ones are wearing the best face masks for kids whenever they go out in public.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has specific guidelines for protecting kids from the coronavirus, and they’re worth reading in full if you have little ones to care for. That means everyone over the age of two needs to wear a cloth face mask or face covering. Ideally, everyone in your family will have a few washable masks to rotate between throughout the week. There are plenty of adult face masks and running face masks, but what about children? Because masks should fit snugly around the mouth and nose (without restricting breathing, of course), face masks made for adults won’t always provide a secure fit for our smaller family members.

Luckily, more manufacturers are taking this into account and producing comfortable face masks for kids as well. We’ve gathered a bunch of different options to highlight for all genders and styles so no matter what age your child is or what they’re interested in, you’ll be able to find the best kid’s face masks for them.

When Should Children Be Wearing Face Masks?

The CDC has the same guidelines for adults and children over the age of two. Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Wear face coverings in public.

Anytime your child is outside and within six feet of others, they should be wearing a mask. If you’re going for a walk and your child is six feet away from others and isn’t touching high-touch public surfaces like benches, water fountains and playgrounds, there’s less of a need for a face covering.

What If My Child Is Afraid of Wearing a Face Mask?

Adults aren’t the only ones feeling stressed out. From school being cancelled to not being able to see their friends, this time is stressful for little ones as well. Face masks and face coverings are something all of us are getting used to, and this reaction is quite normal from a child who’s always grown up in a world where you can see someone’s entire face. If your child is afraid of wearing the face mask, put them on at home together and look in the mirror. Explain why they’re important. Put one on a favorite stuffed animal or toy so they can match. Show your child pictures of other kids who are also wearing face masks, and start out wearing them at home for a short amount of time until they get used to it.

Should Babies Wear Face Masks?

The CDC says that anyone under the age of two, or anyone with breathing challenges, should not wear face masks so as to not obstruct their breathing. That means most infants and young toddlers should not be placed in masks, which may be dangerous. Also, if you notice that a face mask or covering makes it harder for your child to breathe, or they are touching their face more because of it, you may want to consider other options.


The Best Face Masks for Kids for Sale Online

Just like face masks for adults, you can find face masks for kids in a variety of sizes, styles and designs. There are fun prints and character-based face masks (yes, there are even Baby Yoda face masks for sale). In addition, there are plain cotton masks that still get the job done.

When looking for the best face masks for kids online, you want to find reusable masks that can be thrown in the wash multiple times. Some of these masks tie behind the head, while others feature an elastic loop that goes behind the years.

Right now, a lot of the best kid’s face masks are only available via pre-order, so read carefully if you need masks right away. You can also make your own face masks at home using old fabric or cool bandanas.

1. MaskClub Face Masks for Kids

MaskClub has a wide variety of face masks for kids that come in a bunch of fun colors and patterns including this Paw Patrol one. They’re all handmade in the USA with double ply, pleated fabric that’s been sewn into a shape to fit most boys and girls. Each mask is made with two layers of 100% polyester with a design on the outside and a softer fabric on the inside. Each mask also has traditional elastic ear loops and is reusable and washable! Their masks are recommended for kids ages 4-10.

maskclub kids face mask, face masks for kids Courtesy of MaskClub


2. Target Face Masks for Kids 2-Pack

Target is making great face masks for kids that come in a 2-pack, so ordering a few at once for your child to rotate between is easy. They’re 6in x 3in and designed to fit over the nose and mouth of most kids. They’re made of 100% cotton fabric for comfort and are held snugly in place by elastic ear loops. There’s no need to tie anything to hope that the mask stays on as your child runs and plays, and the lightweight feel of the fabric shouldn’t bother them too much. The masks can also be machine washed and tumble dried so caring for them is easy.

target kids face masks, face masks for kids Courtesy of Target


3. meakeize Kids Full-Coverage Face Mask Bandana

Keep it simple and give your kids something comfy and comprehensive with this full face mask bandana. It comes in a whole variety of patterns and is made with breathable, 100% microfiber polyester to keep skin healthy. Not only is it protective from air particles and virus-spreading, but it also has UV protection built-in for the warmer summer months spent outside playing. There are 12+ ways for your child to wear it, and they’ll be able to use it on the slopes, hiking and running long after this health crisis is over.

kids face mask bandana covering Courtesy of Amazon


4. Disney Cloth Face Masks For Kids 4-Pack (Pre-Order)

This pack of face masks from Disney is adorable and available for pre-order now. They’re expected to have availability in mid-July, so you’ll need something else before then, but since we’re going to be wearing face masks for a while you might as well invest in a design your kids will love. They can dress up like their favorite characters and protect others at the same time.

These masks come in small, medium and large and are not made for children under four years old. A portion of the proceeds goes towards face masks and coverings for families and communities in need. Check out the Disney Store to find masks featuring characters like Mickey Mouse, R2-D2 and Baby Yoda. If your kids have a favorite Disney character, then they might actually want to wear these masks. For that reason alone, they’re some of the best face masks for kids for sale right now.

Disney Face Masks for Kids Courtesy of Disney


5. Los Angeles Apparel Kid’s Face Mask 3-Pack

Los Angeles Apparel’s face mask set comes sized for children as well in black, heather grey and royal blue. The face masks are made of 100% cotton and have an adjustable nose clip for comfort and a tight fit. They’re also made with two straps you can tie to your exact comfort level behind the head and neck. They’re machine washable and can be put in the dryer so disinfecting between uses is easy. In our testing, these masks provide a secure fit and don’t feel too tight around the nose.

Los Angeles Apparel Kids Face Mask Courtesy of Los Angeles Apparel


6. Gap Kids Face Mask (3-Pack)

Order three masks at once with these Gap face masks for kids. They come in a few different colors including the orange plaid pictured below and are made of soft, lightweight cotton that shouldn’t irritate your child’s skin. They’re made of triple-layer cotton and have over-ear straps that are stretchy and seamless for a nice fit. They also have an adjustable nose that you can adjust to your child’s face and can be machine-washed and tumble dried on low.

best face masks for kids - the gap plaid mask Courtesy of Gap


7. Uncommon Goods Face Mask for Kids 2-Pack

Who doesn’t love sunshine and rainbows? Many of the best face masks for kids feature fun and adorable prints. Even though the world is a little scarier right now for all of us, it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun patterns on our protective face masks. These face masks for kids have a design on them drawn by children and 100% of the proceeds goes towards New York public hospitals. The two layers of tightly-woven fabric are joined with two elastic ear loops that wrap tightly and protect for a snug fit. They’re made for children ages 4-12 and are machine washable.

Uncommon Goods Rainbow Face Coverings Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


8. Sanctuary Clothing Kids PPE Mask 5-Pack (Pre-Order)

This 5-Pack of personal protective equipment (PPE) face masks for kids from Sanctuary Clothing is available for pre-order and comes in some of their signature prints. Make your kids excited to wear face masks with these fun patterns and rest assured knowing they’re protected with a double fabric layer and content filter. They’re made to dispose of after a few uses, or you can hand wash them and let them air dry for disinfecting.

Sanctuary Clothing kids face masks Courtesy of Sanctuary Clothing


9. Avocado Organic Cotton Kids Face Mask 4-Pack

The makers at Avocado are dedicated to using high-quality, sustainable materials in the production of their bedding and home goods, and that applies to their production of face masks as well. They’ve made organic cotton face masks for adults and children that you can order through their website. The face masks have two layers of fabric and tie straps you can tighten or loosen to your child’s liking. They also have a pocket for a filter insert.

Avocado Organic Cotton Face Mask Courtesy of Avocado


10. Shein Toddler Graphic Face Mask

This cartoon graphic face mask is made for toddlers and comes in two different designs to mix and match with different outfits. The face mask fits true to size and comes with two ear loops that will fit snuggly around your child’s ears and won’t slip, slide or cause discomfort.

Shein Toddler Face Mask Courtesy of Shein


11. Cubcoats Face Masks for Kids 2-Pack

These face masks from Cubcoats are the perfect face mask for children as they’re comfortable, protective and themed like their favorite cuddly stuffed animal. Cubcoats is a children’s clothing line who knows what kids like and need, and now they’ve dedicated some of their manufacturing efforts to making these protective masks.

They’re made with two layers of fabric and have a pocket for an air filter if you wish to insert one. They’ve got a shapeable metal nose clip and elastic straps so you’re sure to find a comfy fit.

Cubcoats face mask for kids Courtesy of Cubcoats


12. Athleta Girls Face Mask 5-Pack

Athleta is making their athletic fabric face masks for kids as well with this stylish 5-pack. They’re made of soft breathable material that’s perfect to wear during physical activity and comes with an assortment of colors to mix and match with different outfits. The mask is made of a blend of polyester and spandex and has a cotton liner on the inside for comfort. Air flows easily through the garment to keep your child cool and the mask will feel lightweight against their skin. Machine wash them and lay them flat to dry.

athleta kids face masks, face masks for kids Courtesy of Athleta


13. Sock It To Me Reusable Face Masks

The best face masks for kids are easily washed and reused, like this mask. Sock It To Me is a popular sock and under garment manufacturer who has created fun, whimsical masks that come sized for adults and children alike. The outer layer of the fabric is knit with copper-infused fibers for their protective anti-microbial properties and the whole mask is breathable and adjustable for fit. Each one has an adjustable wire sewn in above the nose for a contoured fit and a portion of every purchase goes towards Meals on Wheels volunteers.


Sock It To Me face mask, kids face mask, face masks for kids Courtesy of Sock It To Me


14. StrawberryAvocados Kids Face Mask on Etsy – 2-Pack

These comfortable masks are made for young kids — anywhere from 18 months to three years old. They’re made of super soft cotton and have ear loops so the mask will attempt to stay on as your child moves and plays. You can wash these masks along with your delicates either by hand or on the delicate cycle of your washing machine. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns including oranges, bunnies, sheep and apples. Like all of our picks for the best kid’s face masks, they’re comfortable, breathable and feature a fun and kid-friendly design.

best face masks - etsy Courtesy of Etsy


15. Onzie Mindful Masks for Kids 2-Pack

Onzie makes cute face masks for kids in Los Angeles with up-cycled fabrics from their yoga clothing and donate face masks to local hospitals alongside their efforts. The face masks are made with their Full Flex Spandex fabric that’s high performance and perfect for activities. The fabric is stretchy and quick-drying and come in a variety of colors and patterns suitable for kiddos.

Onzie Mindful Kids Face Mask, face masks for kids Courtesy of Onzie


16. Vistaprint Face Masks for Kids

Vistaprint has made some very high-quality face masks for kids that come in vibrant, unique patterns your child will actually want to wear. They’re made with layered filtration and a replaceable filter system for added protection. They have adjustable ear loops for a tight fit and come in a variety of styles including Sunrise, pictured below.

Vistaprint kids face mask, face masks for kids Courtesy of Vistaprint


17. Zazzle Shark Teeth Smile Kids Face Mask

Zazzle also has a variety of fun face masks for kids designs including this shark teeth one that’s perfect for summer. Their masks are made with comfortable 100% polyester fabric that’s decorated on the front and made with microfiber in the back. One size fits most kids and each has a slot for a replaceable filter or surgical mask if one wishes to layer.

Zazzle shark teeth face mask for kids, face masks for kids Courtesy of Zazzle


18. Janie and Jack Oxford and Check Mask 2-Pack

Janie and Jack, the adorable toddler brand, has also come out with their own face masks for kids. Make sure to order them ASAP as these tend to sell out quickly. This Oxford and checkered pattern is perfect for either a boy or a girl and a portion of every purchase gets donated to Baby2Baby, a nonprofit that helps clothe children living in poverty. These masks are made with soft cotton that won’t irritate your child’s face and is machine washable so you can reuse it again and again.

Janie and Jack face masks for kids Courtesy of Janie and Jack


19. Etsy Kids 3D Animal Face Masks

Inspire or encourage your child’s love of animals with these fun, incredibly lifelike animal face masks on Etsy. You can choose from a variety of animals including cats, dogs and pigs. The masks are machine washable and triple layer for protection of your child and others. The masks are made with adjustable elastic ear loops that provide thorough face coverage and allow for more movement and less restricted breathing so your kid can play while staying safe.

Etsy 3D animal face masks for kids Courtesy of Etsy


20. happyfins Etsy Washable Kids Face Masks

These face masks come in bright, colorful patterns for kids that match the rest of their toys, clothes and general belongings. We love the variety of cartoon characters and patterns you can buy on these masks, and each one comes made for protection as well as fun. They come sized for different age groups ranging from 2-10 years old, 2-13+, 7+ and more. The soft poly fabric mask and ear loops provide long-term comfort and your child will love getting to pick from their favorite characters.

happy fins washable face masks for kids Courtesy of Etsy